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4theplayer Review – Explore Innovative Slot and Table Games

4theplayer Review

4theplayer is an award-winning casino game provider created back in 2018. Even though it is a relatively new provider in the gambling world, we have to note that customer engagement has been impressive so far. It was launched by a team of luminaries of the gaming industry – Chris Ash, Andrew Potter, and Henry McLean. All of them have enormous experience in this sphere that really paid off since their games have gained huge popularity ever since their release in November 2019. The main objective of this provider is to develop exciting and player-centric games for gambling platforms and the developers have definitely served their purpose. 

4theplayer carries a UK Gambling Commission License with the number 53858, which means that we are dealing with a completely reliable company. The headquarters of this studio is located in London, England and it offers top-class games consisting of 100% adult designs as well as innovative marketing kits with memorable characters. We would like to describe every quality of this game provider down below, but before we start an in-depth 4theplayer review, let’s explain what factors are important for every provider to become one of the best in the market! 

How We Rate Software Providers

First of all, it is essential for every company to provide a variety of games including slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and so on. The more game sections they include, the more gamblers will play their games, so every provider should make sure to expand their portfolio. 

Also, it goes without saying that graphics and visuals are extremely important aspects of every casino game, especially slots. So, they have to develop an eye-catching visual side in order to make the playing process enjoyable for players for a long time. Lastly, it is also essential for game providers to carry a license from trustworthy regulators and provide games that will have a suitable playing interface for every type of device! These factors define the reliability of every casino game provider and we have to say that 4theplayer is certainly among the top in the market!


We would like to start by describing customer feedback of this company. After operating for nearly 4 years in the gambling industry, 4theplayer has earned a highly reputable name and as a result, we are seeing tons of positive reviews from its customers. This is especially important because the majority of newbies choose providers based on other people’s experience, so they read a lot of reviews before opting for certain companies. Hence, you will come across many five-star reviews about 4theplayer which means we are dealing with a top-class platform that offers the highest quality to every visitor!

Selection of Games

4theplayer Slots

As for the game library, you will run into a variety of titles here. The most frequently played games are obviously slots and it comes as no surprise that 4theplayers focuses on creating slots first. There are a total of 13 4theplayer slots here with highly innovative features and some notable mentions include 2 Gods Zeus vs Thor, 123 Boom!, 1 Left Alive, 9k Yeti, 6 Wild Sharks, and several others. 

These games include several attributes that you will not see anywhere else, and what’s more, they don’t use stories or designs that people usually see as childish since all 4theplayer games include mature looks. Besides, 4theplayer has established creative marketing kits consisting of various characters that will be memorable for a lot of players. 

Apart from slot games, this provider also includes two table games called 1000x Busta and 100 BIT Dice. So, you have the possibility to enjoy not only 4theplayer best slots but table games as well and we want to note that they contain the same high-quality graphics making your gambling time pretty memorable here.

Visuals & Graphics 

4theplayer Casinos

When it comes to graphics and visuals, 4theplayer is one of the best providers in the market. Here, you will encounter familiar classic designs as well as innovative elements and a lot of new characters. Most importantly, the straightforward and easy-to-understand gameplay will be noticeable for every gambler further enhancing their experience here. 

As we have mentioned above, you will not see childish themes in these slots, so you have to approach each of them responsibly and maturely. Delightful graphics and visuals will make sure to make your gambling time extremely enjoyable even when you play for hours. This is an important aspect of every slot game since when players don’t like the visual side of the game they usually lose interest in gambling there. Therefore, 4theplayer has taken this fact into consideration and established great graphics for every game. 

Special Features 

One thing worth mentioning is that 4ThePlayer has a collaboration with Yggdrasil, which allows them to take part in the YGS Masters and as a result, they are able to provide free games 4theplayer to their platform. This is beneficial for them since Yggdrasil is a very popular company and by partnering with them 4theplayer has a chance to gain even more popularity. There are a total of 8 games provided on their platform and currently, those games are the most frequently played ones in 4theplayer casinos! 

High Security 

It is also crucial for every provider to develop a safe playing environment in every game. 4theplayer utilizes provably fair technology in order to ensure safety and fairness for every player, which means it is impossible to manipulate the result of the round. By doing so, punters will have a completely safe playground and they don’t need to worry about anything when playing 4theplayer slot games!

Additionally, the software provider owns a license from the UK Gambling Commission, which is one of the biggest guarantees of high security.   

Device Compatibility

We want to talk about another important aspect of the 4theplayer provider. They develop games that are suitable for every type of device which is an essential attribute of every casino game. Due to the fact that smartphones are the most popular devices in the world, it is necessary to provide suitable gameplay for them. So, the developers at 4theplayer understand this aspect very well, and therefore, they have established all the games in a way that will be suitable for smartphones as well. This means that you have a chance to enjoy their games with any kind of device comfortably, be it a laptop or a mobile. 

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, we can say that 4theplayer is one of the top casino game providers in the market. There are a lot of arguments supporting this statement, but most importantly, you will come across a variety of games here consisting of high-class graphics and visuals. The innovative gameplay will be enjoyable for every visitor, and what’s more, you have a chance to play with every type of device including smartphones!