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CryptoGames is a Curacao-based gambling website that has been on the market for a good number of years now. The casino has been offering some of the highly efficient modern casino systems and engaging games on the market. The website is built with a user interface that has no ads or pop-ups. MuchGaming B.V. currently owns and runs CryptoGames. There are many reviews about the casino already and so players from around the world can already have an idea about what to expect from the casino in terms of service. On the website, the players can make payments using both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. This means the players can enjoy and use modern transaction systems to splurge on the games. The casino offers diverse entertainment space for gamblers around the world. All the games that have been developed and offered at CryptoGames have low house edges and worthy architecture. homepage

Transaction Methods

CryptoGames is a purely cryptocurrency-based casino that offers classic gaming services for both virtual currency and fiat currency. The casino also consistently offers currency-to-currency conversion services. The players can use the 10 available cryptocurrencies or deposit fiat currencies for playing the games. The users can exchange other cryptocurrencies through ChangeNow for any cryptocurrencies that are not on the list presented at CryptoGames. The casino also has enabled fiat currency deposits through credit cards. If any player wants to deposit their funds using fiat currency or credit cards, then they can make the deposits through Onramper. Onramper is a third-party fiat-crypto gateway aggregator that players can use to buy their preferred cryptocurrencies. The aggregator however is not officially connected with CryptoGames. Therefore, if a player wants to use the system for the credit card deposits, then they must pass the KYC process and verification at the Onramper website and then move to make the deposits. The players at CryptoGames also have the access to the exchange platform called ChangeNOW, a widely reputable crypto to crypto exchange platform. The exchange platform has been active since 2017. ChangeNOW completes instant exchanges without any additional complications. This way, players can exchange their cryptocurrencies without going through any hassle of registering at the website or creating an account. Players of CryptoGames can easily exchange any cryptocurrencies of their choice. The modern system supports exchanges of over 250 cryptocurrencies and gives unlimited access to the players of CryptoGames for exchanging their cryptocurrencies. Players meeting the age requirements will be allowed to fully register at the casino and they will have full access to start playing at the casino using their crypto funds. If any player violates the rules and regulations of the casino, then their accounts will be banned from the casino.

Transparency For Every Bet

It is an unavoidable requirement for every gambling spot to ensure complete transparency when it comes to relishing the casino experience. To make the casino completely legal and transparent, CryptoGames has been operating under the license of the Curacao Government. It has also been providing utmost transparency through fair policies for gambling and advanced technology. The whole system is equally fair for everyone and is open for any verification or rechecks. Two of the highly visible measures taken by CryptoGames to provide full transparency are: Enabling Provably Fair technology in every bet processing and using Random Picker for all Lottery draws.

Coins CryptoGames Supports cryptocurrencies

CryptoGames casino supports multiple cryptocurrencies including cryptocurrencies like Solana, Dogecoin, and many more. The list of cryptocurrencies include:



Bitcoin Cash



Ethereum Classic





There is a wide range of payment methods available on the casino, with which players can deposit or withdraw their crypto funds. Flexible options like Credit cards, digital e-wallets, well-known cryptocurrencies, and traditional alternative payment methods can be accessed at the website. CryptoGames is up to date in this matter as they try to offer all modern payment options the players can expect.

Classic Entertainment

The game list at CryptoGames is excellent overall and has been entertaining the players since day one. The players get to enjoy card games like Blackjack, Video Poker. They get to even enjoy table games like Roulette. There are also demonstrably bonus parts in the offered games. Like progressive jackpots, royal flushes, etc.

CryptoGames is the product of many skilled software developers’ hard work. This is why all its elements are at their most efficient versions. The casino’s overall service is hence always up to the mark. The entertainment is not at all similar to the ones you will be able to find anywhere else. This plays a huge role in serving the players who are always seeking to explore new things. The compact list is also great for the overall casino experience since there are not any heavily designed games and any scope of lagging in devices.

Dice Dice

On the front page of the website, the game’s board displays Dice as the first game for anyone visiting the website. Anyone clicking on the Play Now button will see Dice as their first game on board. Dice is available for all cryptocurrencies. The use of Play Money can also be used for Dice. The game offers the players an excellent winning range along with highly lucrative jackpots that players can aim to win. In Dice, bet amounts are placed either manually or by using the “Auto Bet” feature. For running bets for multiple rounds, the Auto Betting option is always available. In the smart feature, players place multiple bets for many rounds in one take.


Out of the two card games offered at CryptoGames, Blackjack has to be played with caution up against the house using their cryptocurrencies. In Blackjack, every player builds their hand to be better than the dealer’s hand all while they try not to cross the points threshold. The house starts the deal when players set up the customization for the bet. The deals begin as soon as the player hits deal, and the player draws the first two cards. If the two cards sum up to be 21 then the winner is declared. The main goal of the game is to earn 21 points or to simply beat the house dealer. The players must form their hand without letting the total exceed 21 points threshold. The moment someone’s total score goes above the limit, they will lose the game and the other player will be declared the winner. The hands can be formed using 4 different options.

Lottery Lottery

Although all other games at CryptoGames’ casino can be accessed using all of their available coins, Lottery is an exception. The game is played using only one of these four: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. To participate in the games, the players have to purchase the tickets from the dedicated tab that can be accessed from the game’s board. The game offers the simplest rules and unbiased lottery draws. From the dedicated tabs, tickets can be purchased in any one of the given cryptocurrencies. Since there are no house edges for the game, all cryptocurrencies will have a 0-house edge policy for the players. Tickets are drawn on different days based on the cryptocurrencies players had used to buy the tickets. The third-party application known as Random Picker will be used to verify the fairness of all lottery draws.


The game is played on a wheel that represents the French word, ‘little wheel’. The wheel is built based on the European version that consists of 37 numbers and one 0. The wheel spins as the players hit SPIN after customizing their bets. As soon as the wheel is made to spin, a small ball gets thrown on the wheel. The players wait for the ball to land into a neighbor bet that they have chosen on the betting table. The bet is fruitful if the ball lands on the chosen neighbor bets. When the balls land on a neighbor bet, the players get compensated for their wins. The beginners understand the ins and outs of the game through helpful guidelines and by using the automatic “Neighbour Bets”. The feature displays 4 neighbor bets that are automatically placed on the betting table when chosen.

Plinko Plinko

Plinko is a classic game of luck from the 1980s that has now been presented in its digital crypto version. The game has always had a loyal player base that enjoyed the entertainment it came with for everyone. The game has its forever known classic design that includes a classic pegged pyramid and four different colored balls. The digital and crypto version of the game however has all the available colors displayed on the pegged pyramid along with their payout multiplier. All colors have their house edges and are available to choose from at any time during the bet. Beginner-level gamblers can also play the game without worrying about the guidelines as they are very straightforward and clear. The pyramid however may seem a little tricky to comprehend.


The developers of Dice have introduced DiceV2 as a game that has a completely new design but a similar objective as Dice. In the objective of the new version, upon a correct prediction, the player’s Dice will roll into a green zone located on the slider. Dice must be rolled over or under two certain numbers. If the bet result is correct for the round, then players win their rewards according to the payout multiplier they had chosen at the beginning of the game. The cool new slider bar is also able to display the payout multiplier, the winning chances, and the result. There are manuals for the games, auto betting functions for the games. Multiple bets can be run by the players if auto bets are enabled. In DiceV2 players will also have the chance to participate in the lucrative jackpot that Roulette and Dice also have for the players.


The iconic puzzle game has turned the whole casino experience to be better by being offered in a crypto version. The game is loved by all for its lucrative options that allow the players to withdraw their winnings easily. Unless a move ends up hitting on a mine, the players will be able to withdraw their rewards at any time and in any amount. The game’s difficulty level can also be changed according to the player’s choices. They can opt to play the hardest level or the easiest level. They can choose how many mines they want to clear from the field. They can even play the hardest level that has only one mine on the field. The players must clear the entire minefield to win the most from the field.

Video Poker

Along with the other card game, 21, Video Poker enhances the gambling experience of the players. At the casino, the game appears with 3 other versions. The versions can be played directly from the game’s page. By clicking on the switch tab at the top left corner, the three variants can be accessed and played at any time. When a player chooses to play Video Poker, they find Jacks or Better as the first variant displayed to them. From the tab, they can choose Tens or Better, and Bonus Poker as well. All variants come with their individual and different house edges. A player is free to pick any variant they want to begin with. There is a great payout table, smart feature, and the opportunity to earn Royal Flush at Video Poker. Only for Video Poker, there is a feature called Smart Hold. During the deals, this feature is used to keep or discard the cards in the hand.

Slot slots

At the happening casino of CryptoGames, a slot machine is built to offer easy entertainment for its players. On the Slot machine, the players spin 5 reels where a row of colorful symbols line up in the middle after spins. Slot is one of the games that always represent casino culture and is loved especially by beginners who have no prior experience in gambling. The version at CryptoGames comes with 7 winning combinations. If the reels line up in the middle, then the lineup can be a winning combination. There are clear guidelines on the game and the combinations.

Sign Up at CryptoGames

With zero chances of going through the lengthy sign-up processes, CryptoGames’ easiest registration process will let you in the casino within the shortest minutes. The casino will set up a basic account for all the new players so that they can check out the features of the games, the free Play Money feature, and its rewarding Faucet. The games are all accessible using Play Money and are presented with the easiest guideline. A player is free to practice the steps and rules as many times as they want using the free currency given from the casino. At the casino, no player is bound to be fully registered before they are confident. This is why the Faucet hands out free Play currency to everyone. After knowing how the games work or the reward system works, players are free to choose any one of the available crypto coins and begin their deposits. Steps for the Sign Up:

  • Click on any game and it will lead you to the home page of the game. If you are new then the pop-up for Registration will appear as soon as you click on the page.
  • Then simply register for your account by providing a username.
  • You have to agree to all the terms and conditions stated by the casino. This will take less than 5 minutes given how fast you can come up with a name for your ID. The username can be altered or changed later on. You will have the opportunity to complete the full registration from the beginning.

It is preferred that all players complete their full registration if they wish to play with their real funds.

Lucrative Features and Rewards

Rainbot, Faucet

Since the beginning, CryptoGames has offered many advanced features on its casino. They have built a smart rewarding system that has many different features. Their reward system also includes many exciting events. The rewarding systems enhance the fair gambling experiences, and also attracts curious players to their system. The two most known rewarding features are, the Rainbot and the Faucet feature. The first one is a crypto reward feature. The unique feature hands out crypto rewards in small amounts to the players. The players earn the rewards for being active and engaging in the casino selflessly. For every action of thoughtfulness, the players earn loyalty points that come in small amounts of cryptocurrencies. The second mentioned reward system was the Faucet feature. The Faucet is responsible for rewarding the players with the casino’s built-in Play currency. This one allows the players to earn an amount of Play currency to practice their strategies and learn the rules thoroughly before they place any of the bets using their own money.

Promotional Codes, VIP Memberships

On the website, the players can find many promotional events as well as referral codes that encourage the players to earn more rewards in a fun and engaging way. Players can share their experiences through their reviews and referral codes. The latter is the most common since many eager gamblers will have the opportunity to know about the casino in-depth when they get to know about it from experienced players. The players can check out the free options to share referral codes or promotional links. The referral codes bring the players an opportunity to earn lifetime rewards. When new players use a code (while creating their account or playing at the casino) that someone has given them then the referrer gets to earn 15% of the house edge from every bet placed by their referred players. This means that every time a referred player places a bet, regardless of the bet size, the referrer will still earn their rewards. Besides the guaranteed rewards from the referral codes, there are many promotional events hosted every week. The casino provides promotional banners and on the promotional events page, a player can find many games to participate in during the promotional events. CryptoGames also encourages the players to show off their best gambling potential through monthly contests. To increase the level of competitiveness, the winners have the opportunity to win month-long VIP memberships. The players securing their positions at the leader board are rewarded with the following month-long facilities:

  • 8% house edge on Dice for all VIP players.
  • Uninterrupted and high priority on all bets regardless of how big or small they are.
  • On all bets, there is a chance to enjoy high exchange limits.
  • Chatting privileges with the managers of the casino.
  • Birthday gift as $100 worth of Bitcoin for all players holding tier 3 verification (KYC) or higher rewards.
  • Faucet levels give more Play Money rewards to the VIP members for an entire month.

Trustworthy Space for Crypto Gambling

The list of traits that make CryptoGames a well-arranged casino also includes their strong presence on the internet. The casino is not only constantly updating their systems but is also keeping themselves up to date about every need of their gamblers. Starting from their presence on the social media platforms to their thoughtful measures taken to prevent gambling addiction, every small trait hints towards how great of a gambling platform it is. The casino offers all the resources to have a loyal community of engaged gamblers. It is noteworthy to mention that CryptoGames’ multiple initiatives like Responsible gambling policies help many at need to ensure they are not under any negative impression in any way. With that being said, it is sure that gamblers spending their crypto funds at this very casino will remain to be impressed with the safe gambling experience that is always offered to them.

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