Affiliate disclosure is an affiliate website, which means that we get paid every time someone decides to register on the casino website that we are reviewing through links we provide. This may raise some concerns in our readers, however, it is important to note that all the information provided on our website is completely true and honest despite our affiliate partnerships. 

Our best interest is to be at the top of this highly competitive market, which will not be possible without us being true to our readers. We believe that honesty is something that is highly valuable to us and our readers, that is why we will not risk our reputation for anything. We only list casinos that are worth your time and money and are top-quality in the gambling scene. Nowadays, the digital world is developing at very high speeds and so is the gambling industry. Because of this, we renew our content all the time, so people who visit our platform are updated about every important news of the online casino industry. 

Transparency is guaranteed

We guarantee that everything you find on our website is correct and transparent, as we do personal research of all the products you might find here. Transparency is essential for any online business, as things can be re-checked very easily. If you ever come across something that you believe is incorrect, or you’re uncomfortable with, please feel free to reach us and we will try to answer you without delay.

How do Affiliates work?

The way affiliates work is very simple. In the referral links, tracking codes are embedded and every time you decide to click on the link on our website, the gambling site knows that you visited them through our page and pays a commission – a percentage of their revenue to us. 

Why Affiliates?

Affiliate links are something that helps us fund our projects and keep our main mission – being fair & honest alive. If you find our articles informational, feel free to use the links we provide you with, that way you will show your support and help us create better and more educational content. Becoming a contributor is completely free and gives you the ability to avoid ads and still get the influence you desire for. We feel the need to mention that if you visit a casino through our webpage, it will not affect your gaming or change any consequences. In addition, you don’t need to provide any personal information and there is no requirement for future commitment.