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100% matched deposit bonus up to 5 BTC


Cloudbet is one of the most authentic and reliable bitcoin sports betting sites on the market. With their powerful tools, easy-to-use interface, and multiplicity of features they have accomplished quite a lot. The company’s products are top quality much like their customer support team.

Eight years after their establishment the company is going strong. It is constantly up to date with trends and statistics of the industry. Cloudbet has one of the highest betting limits and withdrawals are processed immediately. There are multiple betting markets to choose from, including many live betting options.

All three features of the Cloudbet are for cryptocurrency users. They have a great selection of casino games, sports betting has never been easier than now with the multiple leagues and championships like NFL, NBA, and UCL just to name a few. All available for live betting.

As the sports world changes and evolves, the best sportsbooks follow. That is why the company also offers its consumers a wide range of tournaments in esports. Make bets on over fifty different games like Dota and League of Legends.

Cloudbet sportsbook main page

Cloudbet license: are they legit?

The company was founded in 2013 and already has a great reputation in the community. Critics and users can’t get enough of it.  At most other Bitcoin sportsbooks, you have total anonymity, you won’t even have to sign up, it will just automatically generate a profile. With Cloudbet this is not the case.

There are multiple ways to notice a scammer in this industry. It’s a matter of common sense. Never do your betting with a newly established company that offers an unheard number of promotions. It’s a red flag.

These types of companies pop up every year when major championships like the NFL are in place. Another red flag is when a betting company is unregulated and is very vague about everything including the matter of qualification itself.

Cloudbet license information

Cloudbet is the antithesis of the upper mentioned qualities. As a regulated gambling company, they follow all the protocols and offer transparency and safety. It’s noteworthy to mention in our Cloudbet review that they use a two-factor authentication process for all their user accounts. Which is a good option to secure your funds with. Especially knowing about the volatility of the crypto market.

As for the specifics of the actual permits, know that Cloudbet operates with a Montenegro and a Curacao license. The company is ever-changing so it’s no surprise that as of now they have applied for multiple licenses as they are a very international company.

Games You can bet on at Cloudbet

The selection of the game on the site is impeccable. More than 37 sports are in the catalog, waiting for you to bet on them. Choose wisely. All are distinctive and hard to pin down. Cloudbet has common games like football, basketball, and boxing. But also, here, you have access to water polo, futsal, snooker, and many more relatively unknown sporting activities.

Live betting offers a wide range of options. The term refers to wagering on games or sports that are currently in progress. The odds are constantly shifting, making betting more frantic and exciting. If you enjoy fast-paced action, live betting might be for you.


Arguably this is one of the most in-demand and popular sports bet options. As there are countless teams and leagues and even more championships it seems like there’s always a game to look forward to, especially with the Cloudbet bonus scheme being so good. Make it interesting and bet on all your favorite teams.

With the wide selection of betting options available on the site one can find a perfect fit. Especially on the upper-mentioned live betting section of the platform.

Cloudbet football betting options


Betting on tennis is relatively cheap. It gives you a unique experience and is extremely exciting to watch. Tennis by nature and structure is more psychological than any other games available on the site.

If you choose to gamble on it, you must do a deep dive on the specific tennis players of the given match. You must consider multiple factors like the relationship between the opponents, their health, the surface of the tennis court, and many more.

Cloudbet tennis betting options


Cloudbet is one of the few platforms that offer extensive services and bets on a variety of e-sport related games. The definition of a sports activity these days is more flexible. Esports is a new lucrative opportunity for the gambling market.

League of Legends betting with Cloudbet

Cloudbet Bonuses – Are They Good?

Much like an ecosystem, every company has its ways of doing business, specifically promotional offers. At Cloudbet one gets bonus offerings by collecting loyalty points. To get them, you must place sports bets or play from the huge selection of crypto casino games.

  • One must activate the bonus before depositing funds.
  • After activating the bonus, you have 2 days to use it.
  • You need to request your bonus from the customer service team.

Welcome Bonus

100% deposit bonus is available for all newcomers to the Cloudbet website. You can win up to 5 BTC. which is quite a lot. The company has the biggest deposit bonus among the crypto-based sportsbook platforms.

We are talking about thousands of dollars, which can be won and cleared out within a year. This is unheard of in the gambling sphere because most of their competitors only give the user a week or a month to clear up their bonus winnings.

Cloudbet welcome bonus

Zero Margin Sports Bets 

This is a great way to maximize your potential chances of winning. This promotional offer is for distinctive sporting events like championships on one’s loved games like soccer, tennis, basketball, and many more. 

Zero Margin Sports Bets promotion on Cloudbet

About a thousand lucky customers are chosen for this initiative. If you are one of those people you won’t have to pay a commission fee like you usually have to do. This means that one can be focused on possible odds.

In order to participate in zero-margin sports bets promotional offer, one has to be an active member. The minimum deposit should be no less than one mBTC. Also, note the fact that this activity won’t bring you any loyalty points.

Basketball Bingo

If you love watching or betting on basketball this might be a suitable promotional offer for you. This initiative combines basketball and bingo.

The way it works is simple: One can bet their spread on zero-margin NBA games and in return get back your initial deposit on a selected game if any of the players score the same amount of points as written on their jersey.

Basketball Bingo on Cloudbet

Bigger the deposit, the bigger the odds. If you deposit somewhere between twenty and a hundred dollars, you only need one player to get a specific score that is equal to the player’s jersey. If the deposit is between one and two hundred dollars, then one needs two players to do so. And if you place between two and three hundred dollars then you need 3 or more players to score their jersey number.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposits are almost instantaneous, and they are approved until the deposit has been verified on the Blockchain. Withdrawals can be rendered in the same amount of time.

Bettors will withdraw their winnings after their deposits have received three confirmations. Although the vast majority of withdrawal requests are automatic and immediate, some larger requests can require management approval.

There are no deposit or withdrawal fees at Cloudbet, however, keep in mind that third parties like Moonpay could charge you on some of your transactions. That is why it’s highly recommended to do a bit of research about it beforehand.

Does Cloudbet Crypto Sportsbook Only Support BTC?

No, it supports many cryptocurrencies. Cloudbet understands the nature of the crypto industry and its fast-paced so it constantly updates the payment options.

As of now, you can fund your bets using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, and many more. You can also purchase them using credit cards through MoonPay.

Cloudbet balance information

Deposit BTC on Cloudbet Sportsbook – Step-by-Step

Depositing Bitcoin on Cloudbet is super simple, all you have to do is just click on a few buttons and in a matter of seconds, the process is complete.

  • Sign up and log into your account
  • Click on the “Deposit” symbol
  • Choose Bitcoin from the list of currencies
  • Click on the “Cashier” text
  • Copy the address and paste it into the payment window

Depositing BTC on Cloudbet

Customer Support System – What are the options?

Cloudbet knows exactly what you are looking for in a crypto sportsbook. The platform itself is very user-friendly and compatible with all types of devices. With a crisp and clean design pattern, it’s truly a pleasure to skulk around the website to look for a thrilling bet.

The company is the oldest crypto sportsbook in the history of the industry so quality service is a guarantee. With them, the years of experience and market analysis are put to good use.

Cloudbet Customer support team works around the clock in multiple languages. So, you can get in contact with them at any given time through various methods.

You can use the live chat option which can be found in the list that pops up when you click on your Cloudbet account. This is a fast and efficient way to get your point across and receive a proper explanation for any given topic.

If your questions are general, there’s a good chance that the site’s FAQ section has already answered them. Nevertheless, don’t be shy and ask away.

Something similar you can do is just type an email where you can emphasize the topic you want to discuss. You will receive a response within a few hours or one business day. It’s a bit old-fashioned but it never went out of style to do so.

If you like to keep things personal just call the company’s multilingual hotline where you can get answers to any question you might have, or maybe you would like to complain. Nevertheless, calling their numbers is a good option to have.

Sing Up on Cloudbet

According to Cloudbet reviews on the internet, the company has great media visibility and is constantly updating on all the major social platforms.

They have utilized all their resources to put further emphasis on their promotional offers and their constant developments. Go to their website and see it for yourself.

Cloudbet is a trustworthy Bitcoin betting platform that also offers Bitcoin casino games. Even when compared to their competitor, the first deposit bonus is extraordinary. Many similar businesses do not have any promotional offers at all.

Another factor we like about Cloudbet is the user interface. They recognize and value the feel of a clean, crisp, and modern design, impeccable branding, and, most importantly, easy access to their favorite sports.

Even though there are a few drawbacks, it is obvious that Cloudbet provides consumers with the best crypto sportsbook experience. We highly recommend keeping an eye on their promotions page as it’s constantly being updated.

Currently, they don’t have an app for their platform but there’s no trouble when using it through a mobile browser. the pages react very smoothly with any mobile device. It also has a rather appealing appearance. All the images are context-aware, and the layout, text, and buttons all match well.

Cloudbet, in addition, allows players to bet live or schedule events from the comfort of their own home or on the go. This is a huge advantage for everyone who wants to be flexible with their sports betting.

The ability to watch favorite sporting events is an anticipated and very desirable quality. In this way, Cloudbet Bitcoin bookie performs perfectly.

All in all, this platform is the perfect place for casino games and sports betting. The company has multiple qualifications and as a bonus has a huge history and eight years of experience which you can’t artificially construct.

The depositing and withdrawal process is fast and smooth and there are a variety of cryptocurrencies to start betting with. Cloudbet is the place to be for gamblers of all walks of life.

Get the bonus from Cloudbet and place bets on your favorite sports!