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BCH.games is an online casino that shies away from traditional methods casinos use. Founded in 2021, BCH.games crypto casino was built to create the most entertaining, intuitive, and frictionless BCH gaming platform.

When we say friendly interface we are talking about BCH.games, Their website is as straightforward as it can get. When you go to the website, the account is automatically created for you, all you need to do is to add your email address to better secure it. Also, the site layout is also pretty direct. When you go to the website you are not shown promotions or other stuff that online casinos usually do and you are shown what games you can play from the get-go.

BCH.games Welcome

We mentioned that BCH.games shies away from traditional casinos. Here you won’t find slots, table games, and live casinos. Games on BCH.games are fun to play simple games, which will bring more enjoyment than traditional slots, where you just look at the screen and press one button.

Also, you might have guessed from the name, BCH.games is a crypto casino that uses Bitcoin Cash as a currency. You deposit BCH, you play with it and you withdraw it, there are no other currencies available.

As we said before, there is no registration required on the website, but there are some regulations that we have to follow otherwise we might get our accounts blocked.

  • Using a website while being under the age of 18 (or below the allowed age in your country of residency);
  • Accessing the website from jurisdictions that do not allow online gambling or crypto;
  • Using a bonus Faucet system to farm BCH. 

These are some of the examples of actions that might get you banned or in legal problems.

If you are not breaking any laws and regulations and are ready to enjoy a fun and creative crypto casino then follow this BCH.games review to find out everything you need to know about.

Is BCH.games Legit?

When we hear online casinos that do not require registration and verification, red lights start going off for a lot of people and they start questioning the legitness of the website. When people join BCH.games they see that there is no registration requirement and because of this they always ask, is BCH.games scam casino?

BCH.games should not turn on those lights as they are as legit as they come. They are a relatively new casino, as they just started their operations in 2021. Currently, they do not provide information about ownership of the company and if they possess any licenses, which might be a drawback for some people. But from our experience, while doing research for this review and reading other reliable online sources we can say with confidence that they are legit.

The only games you can play here are provably fair games. What this means is that they use an open-source algorithm which we can check anytime to make sure that the results of each game played were fair and were not manipulated in any way.

Some people might also be concerned about withdrawing their winnings. We can make sure that you will be able to withdraw from the website within minutes. After the crash of the whole crypto market earlier this year, some of the online crypto casinos stopped withdrawals, but BCH.games made sure to give each player their winnings without any problems. BCH.games Bitcoin Cash withdrawal system is always up and running.1

Games You Can Play On BCH.games

Almost all the online casinos are filled with thousands of different slots and live casino games. This might get boring and repetitive for some as everywhere they go, almost everything is the same with just a different website design and some minor tweaks.

On BCH.games you won’t find these traditional games and you are welcomed by more provably fair and fun games to play. Games on BCH.games are designed for players to enjoy playing and not just look at the screen and only press one button.

Let us take a look at available games on BCH.games and how to play them.


BCH.games Tower

The Tower is a fun and enjoyable game to spend time playing. Here you are given an option to make a bet of your choosing and the difficulty level of the game. When you place a bet you are given four squares and you have to choose one of them. 

Behind each square is either a BCH token symbol which means that you guessed the correct square or the skull symbol which means you lost. Whenever you guess correctly you go higher and choose from different squares. But keep in mind that when you guess correctly and win some BCH it is not deposited into your balance and you have the option to continue playing for a bigger payout or to cash out your winnings.



Roulette is a really common and traditional casino game. But here at BCH.games, they make it more simple and fast-paced. You are given an option for three different bets Black, Red, or Green. When you make the bet roulette is spun and if it lands on the color that you bet on you win, otherwise you lose. So unlike traditional roulette where you can also place bets on each number, BCH.games makes it more simple and fast-paced by removing that option.


BCH.games Crash

The Crash is a really popular game that has many different iterations, but the basic gameplay is always the same. Here you place a bet of your choice and what a graph that has a line that starts to go up when the game starts. As the line continues to grow so does the multiplier, whenever you feel that line is going to crash or the multiplier is good enough for you, you are able to cash out and win your bet x multiplier amount at the time of the cashout. If you fail to cash out and the line crashes you lose your bet and a new round starts.


BCH.games Dice

Dice is one of the most simple games on BCH.games. Here you make a prediction as to how big of a number will be rolled. Whenever you place a bet, you are given an option as to how big of a payout you want. Then the game gives you two options, will the total be higher or lower than the set number, and the higher the payout you choose the harder guess options you are given.


BCH.games Mines

Mines are another simple and enjoyable game. Here you are given a minefield that consists of 25 squares. Whenever you are making a bet, you can choose how many mines there should be, more mines mean a higher payout. When you start playing, you start unlocking squares. If you can unlock as many of them as you want and withdraw whenever you feel like it. But if you open a square and there is a mine you will lose all of your winnings up until that point.


BCH.games Target

Target is a straightforward guessing game. You place a bet and try to guess how high the multiplier will go. It is like a crash but here you don’t watch the multiplier go up slowly and are able to cash out whenever you want. 

You place a bet and for example, predict that multiplier will be 2.3x, then the game will randomly generate a multiplier between 1.01x and 9,900x and if your guess is within the generated multiplier your bet gets multiplied by the amount you guessed and not the amount game generated. So when you bet that multiplier will be 2.3x and it went to 50x, your bet will be multiplied by 2.3x.

Bonuses on BCH.games- Are They Worth Giving a Try?

BCH.games does not offer any big bonuses, but they have one bonus system which is really good for newcomers. They have a Faucet system, which at the time of writing this article gives users 0.00000200 BCH every 10 minutes or so. This bonus system is not in place for players to make money. It is used to give newcomers opportunities to try out different games and decide if they want to deposit money and play any of them.

BCH.games – Available Payment Methods

You might have guessed from the name that BCH.games is a Bitcoin Cash casino. This means that they only use Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as an available currency. So if you want to make a deposit, the only way to do so is to own BCH and deposit it to a wallet that the website gives you. 

These deposits usually go through really fast and you don’t have to wait a long time for funds to appear on your account.

Sign Up for BCH.games

BCH.games don’t require any formal sign-ups. This unique feature makes people ask, is BCH.games legit? But rest assured that it is as legit as they come. Whenever you log in to the website you are automatically given a generated account. If you want to further secure your account you can add email addresses for verification. When you add your email to your account you are then able to log in to your account from different devices.

If you encounter a problem on the website, there is a live chat where you can chat with other players and mods who are ready to help with any problem.

Play fun games and earn crypto + cashout in less than 3 seconds!