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Hacksaw Gaming Review – Highest Jackpots On Every Step Of The Game 

Hacksaw Review

Hacksaw is a young game provider company, which was founded in September of 2018. During the short period of operating in the gambling industry, the provider soon became one of the most popular which was oriented to improve the portfolio with different types of game suggestions.

Firstly, they began offering digital scratch card games. Then after 2019, they switched to online slot games and released the first slot machine. Today, the company’s products are on the top list of many online casinos and have a strong reputation with their high-quality options and safe system. 

Hacksaw free games offer users higher payouts than other slot games. Specifically, the amount of money a single player can win is up to several million USD. It is called fixed prizes which bring more motivation to users.

They are also providing users with realistic and high-quality graphic designs on each game to create a unique and different atmosphere. Hacksaw is oriented to maximize entertainment and it is very successful in that. 

Because of high demand and popularity, Hacksaw very quickly became a partner of several well-known and prestigious online casino companies. So the level of availability is quite high and most users worldwide can have access to Hacksaw games from anywhere using any device. 

During the operation, the software developer has created strong collaborations and increased the quality of security with several licenses and certificates. They also have won awards in several nominations where Hacksaw can truly be considered as one of the innovative game providers in the industry.

Hacksaw game portfolio offers a quite high variety of different games. Currently, they have 75 games, which mainly include scratchcard and slot games. We also have to mention that they have different collections of slot games and offer the users premium titles with dozens of million USD winning awards. That is a great option for everyone who wants to experience the diverse game journey with many bonus features and the highest payouts.

How We Rate Software Developers

We are considering all the detailed aspects while recommending the game provider. To guarantee that using the provider is safe and worthy, we are using the following indicators:

  • Selection of games
  • Reviews
  • Special features
  • Graphics and visuals
  • High security
  • Device compatibility

Selection Of Games

Hacksaw is well-known for its exclusive and unique game suggestions and diverse portfolio which includes 75 video slots and scratchcard games. They are unique with their bonus offers and innovative features which makes them very different from each other.

Hacksaw Slots

As we already said, they have a premium slot collection with the jackpot offers but the general collection is also special with the high amount of payouts. Down below we will outline the top 5 games from Hacksaw:

  • Wanted Dead or a Wild  – is a brand new game that was released in 2012 but soon became one of the most played slot games. The theme is inspired by western culture and creates an adventurous atmosphere for players. The game has 5 reels and 5 rows, with 15 paylines in total. The RTP ratio is pretty high and equals 96.83%, which is over the average level. The special feature of the game is several types of wild symbols that multiply the payout. These include sticky and classic wilds which give the user the chance to win a maximum payout of 1.25 million USD.
  • Chaos Crew – is another popular slot game that has won the award. The game theme is unique and colorful with the two original characters called Cranky and Sketchy. The game is a 5×5 type slot with a maximum payout of x10 000 the stake. For more winning opportunities, the game suggests wild symbols to multiple the payout by collecting matched symbols. There is also a bonus round available with the top prize.
  • Stack ‘Em – the slot is special with its great fun animated theme with original characters and great payouts. The game includes several features such as re-spins, bonus rounds, and wild symbols, which multiplies payout with an x30 stake. The minimum bet amount is 0.2 USD and the top prize for that game is x10 000 stake. 
  • Hop ‘n Pop – is a sunny and fun-themed slot game with a 7×7 grid. The winning is depending on the cluster pay mechanic principle. Hop means getting a new position on each spin whereas Pop means earning free spins. The amount of payout is pretty high and equals x64 of players’ stake. But the top prize as a jackpot is x12 500 stake. 
  • Xpander – this is a slot game that is full of multiplier bonus options. The symbols and design are not special and include classic fruit symbols from slot games. The betting amounts are starting from 0.20 USD and the top prize is x10 000 of the players’ stake. Each multiplier that can be earned from matching the symbols gives the player an x128 multiplier, which increases the chances of you winning more. 


During the short period of operating in the gambling industry Hacksaw has won several awards from international gaming commissions. Most of the nominations were for the specific games which were considered the innovative product of the year. This outlines the high quality and security of games that Hacksaw suggests to the players. Around the users, the company has a great reputation and its game portfolio is considered to be fully oriented to maximize the satisfaction of the player. 

The high-quality visual elements, accessibility for every device user, secure system, and an increasing variety of different games which are special with high payouts, make a great reputation and reviews about Hacksaw. 

Special Features

Hacksaw suggests players high quality and exclusive card and slot games. Each game is special with high-definition graphics and unique animations with different themes and symbols. With the bonus features, players have a real chance of winnings. The best thing about Hacksaw slot games is that with the minimum betting amount, players can earn several multipliers very easily. 

Hacksaw Best Slots

So the main specialty about Hacksaw is super high payouts and a realistic chance to win them. Also, Hacksaw has a created insurance concept that makes it available to earn high payouts with regular video slot games too. Each game is featured with a high level of RTP and volatile level that brings more guaranteed chances of winning for every user.

With many winning opportunities, another specialty of Hacksaw’s best slot game designs is that each game theme is unique and the structure is suitable for any device screen size. The structures are simple to understand and even for the new users create a very comfortable and enjoyable gaming atmosphere.

Graphics And Visuals

To create an exciting and fun gaming atmosphere, Hacksaw uses high-quality technology, creates games with unique theme inspiration, and makes different characteristic symbols for the playing board. The provider aims to create more fun and maximize entertainment using diverse animations and many colors in visuals. 

The main focus is on 3D visuals and animation-inspired themes, which bring the players back to childhood. Symbols are mostly different TV show animation characters, which are used in both types of games.

High Security

As we already mentioned during the short period of operating in the industry Hacksaw already has received several certificates and awards from different security commissions. The software provider has won several industry awards and is licensed by Malta Gaming and UK Gambling Commission. That lets us recommend the Hacksaw platform with guaranteed safety for every user.

Device Compatibility

Hacksaw began operating with scratch cards which were available only for mobile devices at first. After 2019, when they added several video slot games to the portfolio, they started increasing accessibility for other device users and today, you can experience these incredible games from any device such as a phone, tablet, or desktop. 

High-quality visuals guarantee that on all devices the game visuals are maximally well-customized and bring an exciting gaming experience.