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Igrosoft Review – Explore The Cartoonish-Styled Games With Jackpot Prizes

Igrosoft Review

Most game provider companies are paying more attention to suggesting gamers realistic aesthetical games. Different from them, Igrosoft tries to create unique-styled games which will be different from other competitors. With the simple graphical visuals and diverse playing conditions, they are making a special gaming atmosphere with joyful backgrounds and cartoonish-style animations. So for those who are looking for a very colorful and simple-designed gaming experience, Igrosoft games are the best choice for you!

Igrosoft is a game provider with great experience and high popularity. It was founded in 1999 and its main office is located in Moscow, Russia. They actively started releasing slot machines in 2003. Even though they are most popular in Russia, are pretty well-known worldwide too. With online games, they are releasing land-based slot machines too. 

Their main popular games, Island 2, Keks, and Pirate 2 were released in 2006. In 2007 they released 6 different games and got the players’ attention around the world. During the next few years, they haven’t increased their game portfolio significantly. In 2020, all games from Igrosoft were certificated by iTechLabs. Currently, they are still working to increase the game variations and release different slot games. 

Even though they are pioneers of the gambling market, their portfolio only includes 20 slot machines. With their unique visual style and diverse winning opportunities, they remain a prestigious company in the industry.

There is not much to say about Igrosoft’s official website. With the simple designs, they are publishing detailed information about their actions. With the accessibility, their games are available on most online casino platforms. 

How We Rate Software Developers

Rating provider companies require consideration of different indicators. Several factors determine the satisfaction of each player. No matter whether the gamer is experienced or not, the company should provide the most reliable and customized gaming atmosphere for everyone. To rate the effectiveness of Igrosoft, we will use the following criteria:

  • Selection of games
  • Reviews
  • Special features
  • Graphics and visuals
  • High security
  • Device compatibility

Selection Of Games

All you should expect from Igrosoft games is extraordinary designs and very comfortable features for playing. You will enjoy colorful aesthetics and a very positive gaming atmosphere. Even though the game portfolio is tight, each slot is different from the other with visual effects and gaming features. To show you a clear picture of the joyful journey from this provider, here are Igrosoft best slots:

Igrosoft Games

  • Crazy Monkey 2 – this is a very colorful game that brings you into the magical jungles. Funny monkey animations and diverse elements are creating very exotic and joyful space. The deep jungle with colorful flowers and giant trees, snakes, mushrooms, and jungle animals brings more excitement to the gameplay. With the structure, this is the game with 5 reels and 9 betting ways. The volatility level is medium. Crazy Monkey 2 includes two special symbols. The wild which is the ancient wooden facemask substitutes regular symbols on the reel to create better winning opportunities. The monkey symbol which acts like a bonus activates high multipliers where the maximum is x5 000 of the stake. 
  • Fruit Cocktail 2 – this is the improved version of the very popular slot of Fruit Cocktail which includes better bonus features and provides games with better visual elements. This is a classic fruit slot with bananas, pears, watermelons, lemons, and apples. The main special symbol is a joker symbol, which acts like a wild and increases the winning chances. Similar to the other Igrosoft games, this slot machine is special with high payouts. The amount depends on the matched fruit type. The maximum you can get is x5 000 of the stake which will be activated after collecting the 5 grape symbols. 
  • Island – this slot machine is the interpretation of the famous story of Robinson Crusoe. So you have to expect a pretty tense adventure with Robinson waiting for the ship. The symbols are relevant to the theme and include bottles with letters, birds, islands, and food cans. The game includes a single special symbol. This is the dolphin that acts like a wild. The total number of paylines is 9 and the maximum win can be activated by wild symbol matching. The game also suggests a bonus symbol which gives you better winning chances compared to the regular symbol landing multipliers. 
  • Lucky Haunter – this is a very funny game with a sad main character. If you love drinking alcohol, you will enjoy game aesthetics. You will see many beer jars, cans, and bottles in this game. Under the main playboard, you will find the main character, an old and sad man with a full beer cup. This tipsy aesthetical game includes 9 betting ways and the main bonus feature is Super Bonus Round. This bonus game includes a 50/50 chance of winning a high cash prize or losing everything. So, if you are looking for a dynamic and risky game, you need to try this slot. 
  • The Heat – from the title, it is not hard to guess that we should expect high-temperature aesthetics while playing this slot machine. The Heat was inspired by the summer aesthetics and you will enjoy the tropical landscapes with giant palm trees and ocean waves. The symbols include flip-flops, cocktails, ice-creams, charming young ladies, and beach ball symbols. Each of them can raise the total winning amount significantly because they can give you payouts from x2 to x5 000 of the stake. The highest-paying symbol is the lego which can give you multipliers from x10 to x5 000 placed bet. With the bonus features, there is the special wild symbol which helps you to land more winning combinations. With the general conditions for playing, the game includes 15 paylines and the RTP level equals 92.92%.

Player Reviews

Igrosoft has been operating on the market for 23 years. This is a long period to build a strong reputation as a provider as well as a partner company. Reviews about Igrosoft are pretty positive which is caused by their unique style and gaming features. This company suggests to players different experiences. It is not only about quality or amazing visual atmosphere but also uniqueness. With the simple structure, this company remains very popular among the players despite the great competition. 

Special features

The main special feature of Igrosoft is simpleness. The company uses different styles of visual effects and you can recognize their games easily. Their quality is not very high and the effects are not realistic but a different and unique style is the key to their success.

Another main thing that should be mentioned is high payouts from each game. Even though the bonus system is not much diverse, the high cash prizes make the gaming process enjoyable and exciting. As you can see from some slot reviews, players have a high chance to win multipliers with several thousand of their stakes. So, if you are gaming for high cash prizes, you need to play Igrosoft free games.

Igrosoft Slots

Graphics And Visuals

The Igrosoft team of graphic designers uses simple 2D animated, cartoonish-style elements to make each slot different and unique. You can not find slots with a high-quality and realistic atmosphere. Every visual effect including boards, backgrounds, and symbols is designed with simple animations and bright colors. The outlined contours and colorful atmosphere brings more positive vibes to the gameplay.

When it comes to inspiration themes, Igrosoft expresses a huge diversity. There are no similar themed games in their portfolio. You can enjoy jungle themes, tropical islands, police adventures, and winter aesthetics. In addition, most of the slots have two variations whereas the newer one is featured with improved visual effects.

High Security

Igrosoft is a popular game provider company and has a great reputation with a great experience. They have built strong partnerships with prestigious provider groups which outline their safety and high-quality services as a partner.

Because the company was based in Russia and is mostly popular in CIS countries, the provider company is under the regulations of the Russian Federation’s local gambling authorities. Also,  In 2020, their games were certificated by iTechLabs. In addition, if we look at their official website, they are transparent with addresses as well as information which ensures us that trying Igrosoft slots are safe.

Device Compatibility

With the increasing game portfolio, Igrosoft works on different programming boards and releases Flash technologies. They are considering high-quality technical access as one of the significant priorities. That is why the company uses different technologies which make Igrosoft games available for different device users. You can enjoy Igrosoft mobile versions directly from the browser.