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Petersons Review – Explore The Eye-Catching Games With High Payouts

Petersons Review

Most of the providers suggest to players different games with similar designs. They are mostly oriented to create realistic visuals with human-being characters and impressive natural landscapes. But to find a game portfolio that includes different and unique stories with fictional characters is quite difficult. If you are looking for a different gaming experience and unique adventures, we have a tremendous and quite prestigious game provider company called Petersons. The short but original game portfolio will bring you a different journey with strange-styled animations and storylines. 

With the innovative design, this new company quickly got the players’ attention around the world. It was founded in Armenia and offers slot fans different 21 games. To guess that the game is from Petersons is very easy. That is because the company uses different colors and contours for symbols and they have chosen specific themes for each game. Mostly they are oriented to create a virtual journey to the past with mythological creatures, empires, and European culture. 

The unique style is perfectly expressed on their official website too. When you visit the page, you will be excited by the unique animations, visual elements, and easy structure. Their priority is transparency. So they publish every needed information about their conditions, legislation, etc.

The team of Petersons claims that they are oriented to create fresh-new vision games for players. They want to spread unique experiences in the gambling industry. Because of the mission, they are trying to be as accessible as possible. Their games are available in different languages in most countries. 

Because the main focus is on creating immersive experiences which exceed every gamer’s expectation, they actively collaborate with other prestigious providers and online casino platforms. In total, Petersons games are available on 41 different platforms. In addition, they recently released new games in collaboration. They actively work with Relax Gaming and Yggdrasil provider groups. 

As a user-oriented platform, the company tries to provide high-quality customer support service. If you have any questions about the gaming issues, you can send them an email via the official website. They will give you answers back as soon as possible. 

How We Rate Software Developers

We aim to give you the real information and expectations about the provider company. That is why during this Petersons review, we will discuss the conditions, game portfolio as well as winning opportunities. To decide is Petersons trustworthy enough or not, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Selection of games
  • Reviews
  • Special features
  • Graphics and visuals
  • High security
  • Device compatibility

Selection Of Games

Petersons’ game portfolio includes 21 slot games. Each of them is unique and special with winning opportunities, payouts, and designs. If you love spooky animations and mysterious stories, you are going to love Peterson’s suggestions. To give you a more clear picture of game expectations, here are Petersons’ best slots:

Petersons Slots

  • The Mafiosi – the interpretation of the ‘Godmother’ in the 1920s New-York city. This is the story of Giovanni’s family which is full of mysteries, secrets, danger, and murders. Amazing characters with luxurious symbols and magical red flashes of lightning create a very exciting gaming atmosphere. The game has 5 reels and 4 rows. The volatility level is high and RTP equals 96.01%. This video slot suggests regular symbols with a high amount of payouts where the maximum win is x3 957 of the stake. The number of paylines is 243. This dangerous family story becomes more interesting with bonus features such as wilds, scatters, and the free spin bonus game. Wilds give you high winning combinations whereas scatters give you a maximum of 10 free spins. Better winning chances you can get from Mega free spin bonus round.
  • Zombies At The Door – another creepy but interesting story from Petersons. This is a cartoonish-style video slot game with impressive zombie characters. If you want to experience what the apocalypse feels like, then this game is for you. Spooky green zombies and human characters are creating a very exciting gaming atmosphere with a medium volatility level and a 96.50% RTP ratio. The winning prize is pretty high and equals x9 500 of the placed bet. The number of betting ways is 20 and with the bonuses, the game includes scatter symbols that give you free spins and wilds with better winning chances. You can get higher multipliers if you activate the bonus round with scatter symbols. 
  • Water Blox – this is a brand new slot with a dangerous underwater journey. This is not a harmonic experience with calm seascapes and colorful fishes. All you see in the game are giant sea creatures with creepy-looking faces. These cannibal fishes can give you great payouts where the maximum win is x7 500 of the stake. The RTP level equals 96.07% and the volatility is high. With 50 paylines, the game includes 6 reels and 6 rows. Similar to other slots, players can get high winning opportunities with wild and scattered symbols. They give the user different numbers of additional spins and respins. The bonus list also includes roaming wild symbols which can be activated during the free spin round.  
  • Valkyries – this is a different journey in the world of Vikings. Unique characters with impressive-looking, wooden decors, and golden aesthetics are creating a magnificent atmosphere for playing. This is the game with a 96% RTP level and high volatility. The game would be a great choice for those who love playing for high cash prizes. The maximum amount of payout is x20 000 of the placed stake. The game has 10 paylines in total and offers adverse bonus features such as respins, free spins, bonus buys, locking and dropping wilds, and power bonus reels. The special featured wilds only appear during the bonus round and give the player a random amount of multipliers from x1 to x10. Additionally, there are scatter symbols that activate 10 free spins and unlock the bonus round called Power reel. This round is full of dropping wild symbols which is the main way to get closer to the highest prize.
  • Robin – Nottingham Raiders – This is a cartoonish game with middle-century aesthetics. You will travel in the period of knights and kings. The impressive graphic artwork includes the amazing cityscape of Nottingham with old wooden houses and narrow streets. The main characters are three knights. With the conditions, the game has a high volatility level and the RTP which equals 96.07%. The highest win amount is x121 500 of the placed stake. The game was created with the collaboration of Yggdrasil and includes 20 paylines in total. There are wonderful bonus opportunities such as special wilds, respins, free spins, and panel multipliers. With the special wilds, the player can get random prizes. The amount of bonus spins is depending on the number of collected special wild symbols. 

Player Reviews

Petersons is considered a fast-increasing provider company that creates a unique gaming experience. In a short period of time, they instantly got the players, casinos, and other providers’ attention because of their unique style and user-friendly gaming conditions. That is why two most of the prestigious providers Yggdrasil and Relax Gaming are active partners and release the new video slot games with Petersons. 

Among the players, they have to build a very positive reputation. They are providing high-quality visual games with even better winning opportunities which makes Petersons slots attractive to new and already experienced gamers.

Special Features

The main specialty of Petersons is the unique visual style of the games, but on the other hand, we have to outline what great winning chance each game includes. As you saw from the game portfolio review, each game is special with high winning payouts. They suggest you win several thousand multipliers with pretty simple rules and diverse bonus features. So by playing Peterson free games you have an amazing opportunity to win high cash prizes.

In addition, in this tight but very diverse game portfolio, every type of gamer can find the best slot which will be relevant to their interests as well as experience level. The provider company releases games with medium and high volatilities. This is a great option for those who want to play with lower risks and more frequent winning combinations.

Graphics And Visuals

As said earlier, the best and most special thing about Petersons is the impressive and very different graphic designs. They use different styled contours, and colors and create very unique aesthetics. You will simply recognize that the game is from Petersons because it has a specific style of cartoonish animations, title shifts, and colors. 

Petersons Games

The main inspiration with themes is mythology and middle-century European people. But additionally, here you will see games inspired by a zombie apocalypse, underwater world, or Aztec mythology. The main common feature is that each game brings a very dangerous atmosphere with kind of creepy characters. You will experience diverse emotions and an unforgettable journey by playing eye-catching Petersons games.

High Security

Petersons is a new and small company in the gambling market. They try to do their best and create great games for every player. Because of the short time of operating period, they have not got any international licenses from authorities but they are collaborating with top leading providers, which makes Petersons games safe to try.

The great partnership with prestigious companies such as Yggdrasil, Relax Gaming, and others means that Petersons is considered a company with fairy games and a high level of security system. They are increasing their operating aerials and are getting closer to the international licensing requirements.

Device Compatibility

As a company that is focused on graphic design and high-quality visual aesthetics, Petersons provides a high accessibility level for every device user. They are a mobile-friendly team and you can play Peterson’s slots from your browser. No matter the device type, by using HTML5 technology, you will get a high-quality visual experience.