1 Reel Panther Slot Review – Experience The Unique Jungle Adventure With Jackpot

July 21, 2022

1 Reel Panther is a newly released video slot game from one of the top software companies called Spinomenal. This is one of the leading game providers because of its impressively realistic designs, comfortable gaming atmosphere, and unique structured games. 1 Reel Panther is not an exception and we expect a pretty diverse gaming experience compared to the other classic slot game journeys. 

The title already shows that the game includes only one reel. So things already look pretty impressive from the start. 

The RTP of 1 Reel Panther equals 91.55% whereas the average RTP is 96.00%. Even though the RTP is low, players should not be scared and take this as a disadvantage, because with the game’s special features, players can experience a unique and unforgettable gaming journey. This level of RTP means that if the total betting amount was 100 USD, the player will get 91.55 USD back on average. 

1 Reel Panther Review

1 Reel Panther is oriented to minimize the risk level for every player. That is why the slot machine is featured with a low amount of betting requirements. The minimum betting amount you must place is 0.01 USD. On the other hand, the player can place 10 USD maximum. As we saw, the betting ranges are pretty low but it still gives you a very good chance to win a maximum 5 000 USD by playing 1 Reel Panther. That is because the highest payout equals x500 of the total stake. 

This jungle-themed slot game was released in June 2022. It had instant success and popularity because of its unique structure. During the playing, the multipliers and wild bonuses will bring more excitement.

In addition, 1 Reel Panther mobile mode is available for any device user, with the original high-quality visuals. More specifically, iOS, and Android device users as well as desktop and tablet users can have access to 1 Reel Panther from their browser.

Because this slot game is very different from the classic ones, you should know how to play 1 Reel Panther. To find out everything you need, check out our 1 Reel Panther guide, and then you will be able to enjoy this adventurous journey.

A Better Look At 1 Reel Panther’s Design Aspects

What we should expect from 1 Reel Panther is the jungle and tropical adventure during the game. From the title, we can already guess that the main character is the mysterious black panther. Impressive visuals and 3D elements illustrate the main character with a very realistic view and bring more excitement to the game. 

1 Reel Panther Real Money

The game is inspired by the jungle theme. When you start playing, behind the impressive playboards, you will see the fascinating and amazing landscape of the tropical jungle. Beautiful green trees, sunny sky, and an impressive river with a waterfall create very adventurous emotions and vibes. 

Because of the different gaming structures, you will see two main playboards. Both of them are designed with wooden frames and grass. The first playboard is divided into three parts with three different tropical fruits on the top. In the main section, you can see the number of multipliers which are colored green, blue, and red, according to the fruit type.

Another playboard includes only one reel and lands different symbols randomly. We have to outline that the symbols are unique because they do not consist of any letters and numbers. Here you will play with a black panther, three juicy tropical fruits, and snakes. 

1 Reel Panther Audio – How Does It Feel?

The perfect aesthetic design becomes more exciting with the impressive soundtrack. Spinomenal uses natural jungle sounds and calm music rhythms which perfectly merge with the theme. While playing, you feel like you are in a jungle forest and feel the aesthetic deeply. All in all, you will definitely enjoy natural sounds and dynamic rhythms.

1 Reel Panther Game Mechanics Explained

Even though the game mechanism is very different from others, it is pretty simple to understand. During this one-reel game, all you have to do is to click on the button ‘Spin.’ The 1 reel playboard randomly lands the symbol. If the symbol is one of the fruits, the relevant part on the second board will be colored.

Coloring the board begins from below to up and the colors are different according to the fruit. If it’s red fruit, the section will be green, if it is green, the section will be blue, if there lands mango, the section will be red. The multipliers are increasing from the first section. In total, each fruit includes 5 parts. The closer you are to the fruit symbol, the higher your multiplier gets. 

1 Reel Panther Mobile

If you land the red jungle fruit, you can get multipliers from x1 to x12. If you land the green fruit, you can increase the total amount from x3 to x100. The highest paying symbol is a mango which gives you multipliers from x10 to x250. The main playboard also can land the empty part which means that you did not get any multipliers. 

After clicking the ‘Collect’ button, your collected multipliers will be added to your total amount of bet. If you won’t collect it and the next reel will show an empty part, you will lose all collected multipliers. The black panther symbol acts like a wild, whereas the blue snake will reset all collected prizes.

1 Reel Panther Bonus Game At A Glance 

1 Reel Panther with these impressive multipliers offers quite interesting bonus features too. As we said, the black panther is a wild symbol. If the player matches the panther, it will increase the game level and the amount of the bet. On the other hand, the game includes a negative bonus feature which is the blue snake. If you land this symbol on the reel, your collected amount will be reset back to zero.

1 Reel Panther How To Play

The main adventure and extreme in playing 1 Reel Panther is a special win feature. When the player will reach at least one final level on the specific fruit section, the player will activate the final level and increase the total bet significantly. If all sections are filled, the player will get the jackpot on which the blue snake reset symbol is not working. 

Wrapping Up

To conclude, 1 Reel Panther is a very different but also an exciting game at the same time because the unique rules and features make the gaming process more adventurous and exciting. It includes risk because of the reset symbol but also includes great possibilities of winning. 

With the impressive graphic visuals and soundtrack, you will experience an unforgettable gaming journey. Unique bonuses and game mechanism lets us say that for adventure lovers, the 1 Reel Panther slot game is the best option!