1 Reel Reef Slot Review – Explore The Underwater World With Huge Bonuses

July 27, 2022

If you are looking for a magical underwater adventure with unique winning possibilities, then you should definitely try 1 Reel Reef slot game from a very prestigious game provider called Spinomenal. This is a brand new game that was released at the beginning of June 2022 and is already frequently played. The reason is the unique structure and great visual aesthetics which makes the gaming princess more enjoyable and magical. During the 1 Reel Reef guide, we will outline the main aspects which will help you maximize the excitement during playing.

From the title, it is not difficult to guess that the game includes only one reel and has a different structure. Even though it is different from classic slot machines, it is very easy to understand how to play 1 Reel Reef. The game comes with an x500 maximum payout and a little bit lower RTP compared to the industry’s average. The RTP for 1 Reel Reef is 93.61% which means that you will get 93.61 USD back on average from the total of 100 USD bet. 

1 Reel Reef Review

The betting requirements are pretty low and create perfect conditions for new players who want to minimize the level of risk. The minimum amount you can place is 0.1 USD and the maximum amount is 10 USD. This means that by playing 1 Reel Reef real money you can win 5 000 USD as the maximum cash prize.

1 Reel Reef mobile version is available for all kinds of devices, so you can play the game from anywhere at any time. 

A Better Look At 1 Reel Reef’s Design Aspects

If you love underwater worlds, this game is the perfect choice for you! You will be amazed at the realistic views and seascapes which will bring more excitement to the gameplay. The highest quality visual elements, as well as realistic views, are creating the perfect atmosphere.

1 Reel Reef Mobile

When playing, you will be impressed by the realistic backgrounds. You feel like you are traveling in the underwater world. Behind the main playboard, you will see the deep dark underwater landscape with colorful ocean plants and corals. The water bubbles are moving and create a magical environment. Every button, as well as the playboard, is framed with golden ornaments. 

There are two playboards. The bigger one is the main 1 reel board which is simply designed and outlines the matched symbols. Next to the main board is the golden framed, semi-transparent, and black-colored board which is divided into three parts. On each part, you can see a different amount of payouts which will be colored after winning bonuses. The symbols as well as the background are 3D animated and illustrate realistic views. You will play with ocean stars, magical blue fishes, and seahorses.

1 Reel Reef Audio – How Does It Feel?

The journey to the underwater world becomes more magical with the harmonic and calm melody. The audio effects are perfectly chosen and ideally merge with the visual aesthetics. While playing, you will enjoy low rhythms and calm melodies with the natural ocean sounds. 

1 Reel Reef Game Mechanics Explained

As we said earlier, the game includes only one reel and three different symbols with different amounts of multipliers. All you need to do is to spin the single reel and the symbol which appears on the board will fill the relevant column with the one step on the second board. Each symbol includes 5 different levels of multipliers. The parts will be filled after each landing on the main playboard. For higher winnings, the player needs to collect at least three identical symbols on the main board. 

1 Reel Reef Demo

The multipliers are different. The lowest paying symbol is an orange star which can give you payouts from x1 to x12 of the placed bet. The next higher-paying symbols are blue fishes. Matching these symbols can raise the winning from x3 to x100 of the stake. The highest paying symbols are seahorses which can activate payouts by x10, x30, x80, x150, and x250 of the stake. 

If you want to try this game but you are still afraid to take a risk, Spinimental offers a great solution. 1 Reel Reef demo mode is available on different online casino web pages. This is the perfect way to play without placing bets or creating an account. 

1 Reel Reef Bonus Game At A Glance

Landing at least three symbols on the reel will activate different bonuses and a higher amount of payouts compared to the regular ones. The 1 Reel Reef slot machine includes progressive wins for each symbol. 

The game becomes more interesting with two special symbols. The pink shell with the pearl inside and the orange crab. The pink shell is the way to get to the next level and land more matched symbols on the main playboard. So this symbol increases the probability of winning whereas the crab symbol resets the bank. If this symbol matches, all collected prizes will reset and you will lose everything.

If you want to get the highest cash prize and win the jackpot with x500 of the stake you need to fill each column with all symbols. After this, your earned amount will be multiplied by x500. 

Wrapping Up

1 Reel Reef is a very interesting and unique game. First of all, the game has a very different structure and makes the gaming process more interesting. Playing with one reel creates more excitement and attractiveness. 

With the realistic symbols and backgrounds, the player gets extra emotions and an unforgettable gaming experience. With the great conditions, low betting ranges, great payouts, and easy rules 1 Reel Reef is one of the greatest slots you can find nowadays.