6 Jewels: Travel With Aliens And Get More Bonuses

August 26, 2022

Do you wonder what it feels like to have a virtual journey with aliens? If you do, this game is perfect for you. The popular provider company Quickfire released a slot machine at the beginning of 2022 called 6 Jewels. This is an impressively designed game with colorful and luxurious symbols that bring us to another galaxy with cute green aliens. With a pretty interesting storyline, the game offers wonderful cash prizes and diverse winning possibilities. This makes 6 Jewels a great choice for beginners too. If you want to get the best gaming experience by playing 6 Jewels real money, we recommend continuing to read this 6 Jewels guide which will describe everything you need to know!

6 Jewels includes 5 reels and 5 rows. This classic structure slot has a medium-high volatility level. For starting playing, you need to place at least 0.50 USD but you can not place more than 50 USD on the account. The RTP level is also high and equals 96.09%. This means that you get 96.09 USD back from a 100 USD bet which is a higher amount than the average in the gambling industry. Also, traveling to space becomes more exciting with high multipliers, free spin features, and wild or scatter bonuses, which will be outlined later, in detail.

6 Jewels Review

You can play this popular and colorful game from different devices. No matter whether you decide to use Android, iOs, or tablet devices, you can enjoy the 6 Jewels mobile version with high-quality graphic visuals. In addition, the provider company suggests testing the game mechanics for free without taking any risk or placing any minimum amount of deposit. 6 Jewels demo mode is available for everyone on some of the online casino platforms. 

A Better Look At 6 Jewels’ Design Aspects

You will enjoy a colorful journey in space with amazing creatures and tons of shining stars. Cartoonish-style animations create a wonderful and positive atmosphere for gaming. It is like traveling in the future with new technologies and alien friends. 

The background of the game is very impressive. It illustrates the space which is full of different colored stars and amazing purple and blue clouds. In front of the magical and deep galaxy space, is the semi-transparent metal frame with green ornaments and neon blue lights. The reels are not divided with specific lines and the symbols include several types of crystal stones with different colors and shapes. When the symbols match on the reel, instead of regularly disappearing, the frame lights start activating and create neon lasers that explode the stones. 

Next to the board is the giant red machine with 6 different parts. On each part are written different bonuses which will be lighted after activating them. On the left side of the board, we can see a cute green baby alien which is inside of the flying rocket and activates the laser on the main playboard. All in all creates a very joyful and unique experience for players.

6 Jewels Mobile

6 Jewels Audio – How Does It Feel?

This journey in space becomes more interesting with high rhythms and wonderful different melodies. This brings more dancing and harmonic vibes to the gameplay. Perfect audio creates a joyful atmosphere, everyone will enjoy it. 

6 Jewels Game Mechanics Explained

6 Jewels suggests classic slot game rules with pretty high regular multipliers. There are 8 different symbols and 2 are special. The lowest symbols are pink, blue, and green heart shepherd stones. They can give you multipliers from x0.50 to x1 250 of the stake if you land a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 of them. 

Yellow and red crystals have higher payouts. Matching 3 of them will give you x0.75 of the stake whereas at maximum you can earn x1 500 of the stake. The white shining diamond symbol includes the highest amount of payouts. You can increase the winning amount by x1.25, x100, x1 000, and x2 000 of the stake. The game also includes a special symbol that acts like a wild and a portal symbol which gives you different bonus features.

6 Jewels Demo

6 Jewels Bonus Game At A Glance

6 Jewels includes different winning possibilities that make this journey more interesting. As we said earlier, there are two main special symbols. One of them is a red rocket with a golden title and acts like a wild. This symbol can increase your winning with a higher payout compared to other symbols. You need to match a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 of them to get payouts from x0.25 to x2 500 of the placed bet.  Another special symbol is the blue portal which gives you 6 Jewels free spins. You will get 8 spins if you collect at least 3 portal symbols. 

As you remember, next to the board is the machine with 6 different suggestions. This bonus feature can give you x2, x3, and x5 multipliers, different numbers of wild symbols, and increased winning possibilities. This is the bonus round which is called Tumbling reels and activates one of the mentioned bonuses. The type of bonuses depends on the collected points. The double multiplier needs 4 points, whereas the x3 payout requires 20 and the x5 multiplier requires 36 coins. If you want to get 2 wilds, you need to have 12 points. 3 wild symbols will be earned after having 28 points whereas mega wild needs 44 points. 

Wrapping Up

Traveling to space, playing with unique alien characters, getting high regular multipliers, and enjoying different variations of bonuses creates the best gaming experience for 6 Jewels players. This is a game with very positive vibes and amazing graphic visuals. A unique storyline with a high variety of bonus features makes winning easier. 

You can get very high payouts from regular matching symbols. Wild and portal bonuses create an enormous winning possibility. The bonus round with 6 different prizes makes the gaming more attractive and interesting. This unique journey is definitely worth trying!