9 Blazing Cashpots Review – Colorful Slot Game With Plenty Bonus Offers

June 29, 2022

9 Blazing Cashpots is a fun and adventurous video slot game from Kalamba Games. The slot was released in April 2022 but already has become very frequently played among the users. The game is themed as a classic slot with a colorful and minimalistic design. The symbols are different letters, numbers, plants, and fruits. The game can be considered as an improved version of the classic slot machine because it is not special with the design but offers every kind of player very comfortable and diverse features that increase the chances of winning dramatically. 

The game structure itself is 6×4 type with 40 paylines in total. We have to mention that for this type of game 40 different ways of winning is a pretty great feature because it proves that the winning chances are pretty high. That is why 9 Blazing Cashpots can be considered a perfect beginning for new users in the gambling industry.

9 Blazing Cashpots Review

9 Blazing Cashpots is special with the RTP ratio. Specifically, RTP for that game is 97.34% which is pretty high compared to the average level of RTP in other slot games. On the other hand, the volatility level is high.  Also, the game has perfect payouts where the maximum is x50 000 the initial stake. So those who want to win the jackpot and other great bonus opportunities, 9 Blazing Cashpots are waiting for you!

With the betting limits, the ranges are pretty low because of the jackpot option. More specifically users can place a bet with a minimum amount of 0.2 USD and with a maximum of 50 USD. That means that, if the player wins the jackpot, he/she will earn 2.5 million USD, which is a great motivator for you to try this game. 

Kalamba Games uses HTML5 technology. That means that for any device user, 9 Blazing Cashpots mobile mode is available without any quality barriers because of the smaller size of the screen. Also, the 9 Blazing Cashpots demo version is the perfect option for players who want to experience this colorful gaming journey without placing bets.

To find out more about this wonderful classic slot game, down below, during the 9 Blazing Cashpots guide, we will describe the key aspects connected to the game, such as bonus offers, gaming mechanism, symbol matching offers, and many more.  

A Better Look At 9 Blazing Cashpots’ Design Aspects

From the first look, 9 Blazing Cashpots looks like a classic slot game that does not have a special theme and graphic designs. But in reality, the game has a very special atmosphere with classic slot-style graphic elements. The background of the slot is very minimalistic with the ornamental dark blue, and with light from the center. After earning different bonuses, such as free spins and multipliers, the color of the background is changing and turns into a golden wall. The golden frames are the main design elements on the board and setting section. Every button and offer is golden framed.

9 Blazing Cashpots Free Spins

When it comes to the symbols, we have different colored Seven’s which give the players a different amount of multipliers, the leaf, bell, and red star which acts as a scatter symbol, and fruit symbols such as watermelon, grape, plum, and cherry. The wild symbols are golden framed 3D texts. All these in total create a very colorful and fun gaming atmosphere with the association of the classic slot game design. 

9 Blazing Cashpots Audio – How Does It Feel?

The slot game is oriented to bring positive energy to the gaming process. That is why the main accent in the graphic design is on the colors. Every symbol is different and the background is also with the sharp, electric golden and blue colors. The soundtrack and button sound effects are also oriented to create positive notes and bring more fun and excitement into the game. The team of the audio creators effectively chose the sounds because it perfectly mixes with the minimalistic but very diverse graphic design. 

9 Blazing Cashpots Demo

9 Blazing Cashpots Game Mechanics Explained

9 Blazing Cashpots has 4 rows and 5 reels. With a total of 50 paylines, it is possible to win or earn bonus features easily. Because the symbols are appearing randomly there is not a specific formula that will guarantee winning but several betting options and many multipliers are increasing the chances dramatically. 

9 Blazing Cashpots includes several types of symbols. The special ones are wild and scatter symbols with high payouts. The scatter symbol stands for the red star in that game. Watermelon, grape, cherries, and plum are medium-paying symbols. For example, if the player matches three identical fruit symbols, he/she will get x0.02 of the total bet. But if players land 6 fruit symbols, they will get x0.3 stake. 

The higher payout has the leaf and the golden bell symbols with the maximum multiplier of x0.5. The highest paying symbols are different colored sevens. The blue and the green seven pay a maximum x1 of the stake whereas the brown pattern will get you an x2.5 multiplier after successfully landing six of them. The highest paying symbol is the red seven with the fire elements. After landing 3 of these symbols, you will get an x0.25 multiplier but after landing 6 of them, brings an x5 the initial stake. 

9 Blazing Cashpots Bonus Game At A Glance

9 Blazing Cashpots is special with a high variety of bonus features. This creates pretty realistic chances of winning the main prize with the multiplier of x50 000 stakes. As we mentioned earlier, the game offers different free spins, selector, and cashpot features to players.

9 Blazing Cashpots Mobile

The wild symbols randomly appear on the playboard and give the users a chance to increase winning amounts by x1, x2, x3, or x10. These multipliers can be earned after symbol matching bonuses which means that they can increase the winning number significantly. Another great option is the HyperBet selector option which allows players to adjust their amounts and select the multiplier wilds type. Here the levels are different and players also can earn 12 free spins.

9 Blazing Cashpots free spin feature is activated after landing at least three scatter symbols on the reel. This will bring the player 3 free spins on each set, so it can be multiplied too. The cashpot bonus feature includes x10 000 payouts after landing 16 cashpot symbols. There are fewer payouts where the player needs to match at least 5 symbols. The final bonus is HyperBonus which gives free spins to players on different levels. There are 16 levels in total which increase winning possibilities dramatically.

Wrapping Up

From the first look, the 9 Blazing Cashpots looks like a non-special slot game that is identical to the classic slot machines. The reality is another because the game has a huge opportunity for any kind of player to increase the great amounts of reward. 

Even new users have a realistic chance to win a huge amount of money. On the other hand, high RTP, acceptable volatility level, and simple but very fun and colorful graphic design create a perfect gaming experience for everyone. So, if you are looking for huge gaming opportunities, do not hesitate and try the 9 Blazing Cashpots slot game.