According To BGaming, There Has Been A Surge In The Usage Of Cryptocurrency In iGaming

December 22, 2021

In the most recent quarter of the financial year, a crypto-friendly igaming provider indicated continued interest in crypto in the gambling sector. According to BGaming, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, however, Litecoin has witnessed a 49 percent surge in use over the last quarter.

Tether came in third place, with USDT gaining 108 percent of its value. This data is based on how many cryptocurrencies were employed in the igaming industry by BGaming’s own products throughout the quarter.

BGaming examined a number of third-quarter gaming trends in order to determine which industry advancements will have the biggest impact now and in the future. As BGaming’s presence in the igaming industry expands, the business is looking into what market trends can be advantageous.

The optimistic crypto market, according to the business, has transferred into the gambling arena, with Bitcoin being employed throughout the whole array of iGaming goods.

BGaming brand team head Bogdan Gres remarked that ss the world’s first igaming service to provide cryptocurrency, they devote special attention to crypto gambling. He also added that they can observe the effects when BGaming expands its network of crypto enterprises. According to Gres, the frequency of explosive gains on crypto ventures has increased dramatically over the last several months.

The rise in crypto adoption has coincided with another fascinating trend in the business. According to BGaming, there appear to be more and more young adults playing now. According to the corporation, the number of young adult viewers has climbed by 6% in the last year. Part of this can be explained by the fact that they are spending most of their time at home and seeking out new ways to occupy themselves.

BGaming executive director Marina Ostrovtsova stated that when writing the road map of their games, they constantly depend on the statistics that the team collects. She also added that they attempt to suit the demands of many generations, but it’s also critical to be adaptable and aware of market developments in a timely manner and as a result, they can observe that demand for distinctive items is increasing.

Ostrovtsova went on to say that BGaming is completely focused on satisfying the requirements and preferences of both new and existing audiences.