According To, 26% of Australians Are Considering Crypto-Related gifts For Christmas

December 21, 2021

With Christmas on the horizon and Mariah Carey’s all-time holiday special playing from every speaker within earshot, Australians are getting into the holiday spirit with crypto-centric presents.

According to a poll conducted by, 26% of all respondents aged 18 to 59 think about giving a crypto-related present to their friends or family.

53 percent of individuals who have opted to use cryptocurrency to fulfill their Christmas present responsibilities stated they would purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum.

However, not all crypto presents must be in digital form; 42 percent of those who indicated they would consider crypto-related gifts may be considering products, such as socks or sweatshirts that have some connection to cryptocurrency.

Some 42% stated they would buy coin coupons, while 35% said they would buy crypto books. Another 29% of those who indicated they would buy cryptocurrency said they were considering buying non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the newest rage in the crypto industry.’s general manager for Asia Pacific Karl Mohan in response to the findings said that Australians are definitely very anxious to accept cryptocurrencies and incorporate their use into day-to-day spending. She also added that the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies by Australians is rapidly expanding.

In a separate poll conducted by Finder in September, the business discovered that one in every six Australians currently holds cryptocurrencies of some kind, valued at $6.02 billion. A total of 1,000 Australians were polled for the study.