Boilin’ Pots Slot Review – Explore Spooky Adventure With Diverse Bonuses

July 19, 2022

Boilin’ Pots is the brand new slot game from Yggdrasil Gaming. This is a very well-known game provider for the unique designed slots with great quality graphic design. Boilin’ Pots is not the exception and offers a magical and adventurous journey to every user during the playing. The game was released in May 2022. The game is different with its great number of betways, high RTP, and most importantly, a high variety of bonuses. So if you are looking for a new slot gaming adventure, do not miss our Boilin’ Pots guide down below. Here we will outline the game principles, the theme elements, and different bonuses that will create high chances of winning for you!

The game has a high volatility level where the minimum betting amount is pretty low and equals 0.01 USD. The maximum bet is 40 USD. Even though the betting amounts are low, the game is oriented to maximize the satisfaction of every player. That is why they are suggesting high payouts with multipliers and other bonuses. With the regular special features, you can increase your winning amount significantly. 

Boilin' Pots Review

Furthermore, the maximum amount of payout is x10 114 of your total stake which means that, with the maximum bet amount you have a high chance to win more than 404 000 USD. So, jackpot lovers, do not miss this opportunity, because Boilin’ Pots is worth your time and attention!

The game includes 5 reels and 5 rows. The maximum number of paylines is 243. This number outlines a high chance of getting winnings. Boilin’ Pots  RTP level is also high and exactly equal to the average standard. More specifically the RTP level for this slot machine is 96.00%.

Yggdrasil Gaming is a user-friendly software provider and tries to maximize comfort during playing. That is why the company uses HTML5 technology in games. Boilin’ Pots mobile mode is available for every user, no matter whether they use a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Also, you can play Boilin’ Pots’ real money on most online casino websites.

A Better Look At Boilin’ Pots’ Design Aspects

As we mentioned before, Yggdrasil Gaming is popular with the different and unique themed slot machines. That’s right! The Boilin’ Pots theme is quite different from other games and it is not inspired by any culture, history, or book. The main aesthetic is magic with the spooky elements. From the title, it is visible that the main inspiration is mystic rituals with symbols such as plants, parts of birds, and others. 

Boilin' Pots Mobile

In the background, you will see a magical, dark, and kind of spooky forest view with giant trees, neon lighting mushrooms, and flowers, spooky owls, mice, and bats. The playboard is impressive and unique.

Here you won’t discover any classic board with golden frames. The board is a giant pot on the fire. You will see spooky symbols on the pot’s background, such as a zombie hand, bats’ wings, a plant, a mystical book, a jar, and an eye. The design quality is impressive and very realistic. During the game, you feel magical excitement and the feeling that you are part of this mystical atmosphere. 

Boilin’ Pots  Audio – How Does It Feel?

The soundtrack plays a significant role in creating a comfortable atmosphere during the game. Boilin’ Pots is special with its theme and graphic elements which means that for great excitement and extreme, it needs relevant and mystic audio in the background.

The team of creators did their job perfectly because Boilin’ Pots’ audio is impressive and completely relevant to the magic theme. It is tense and mystical with low rhythms and great notes. During the gameplay, you feel that you are the witness and part of this mystic ritual in the dark forest with alive trees. 

Boilin’ Pots Game Mechanics Explained

Boilin’ Pots has a wonderful bonus opportunity but with the regular symbol landing, you can enjoy the game with the high multipliers. But to use them effectively, the player needs to know how to play Boilin’ Pots with its rules. Similar to classic slot machines, there are low, medium, and high-paying symbols. The plant, hand, eye, and wing are the regular symbols with low multipliers. Landing three of them will increase your bet with an x0.2 multiplier, whereas landing 5 of them will give you x0.5 of the total stake.

Medium-paying symbol list includes a magic jar, and the green, blue, and orange crystal stones. If you land three of these symbols on the reel, you will get multipliers from x0.2 to x0.7. Landing five of these symbols will activate multipliers from x0.5 to x3 of the bet. The red crystal heart and the magic book are the highest-paying symbols. They will increase your total winning from x1 to x2, with 3 matched symbols whereas 5 of them will give you multipliers from x4 to x10. 

Boilin' Pots Demo

Out of these symbols, Boilin’ Pots includes a red mushroom that acts like a wild, green arrow which is a special symbol and a scatters symbol. In this 5 reel game, the number of rows is changing from 3 to 7, with the 16 807 paylines. 

Even though the risk is low and the winning hit frequency is pretty high, some players want to learn more about the game without placing bets or creating a casino account. That is why the Boilin’ Pots demo mode is available on most casino websites which is the way to try the fun game, without placing any bets or taking risks. 

Boilin’ Pots Bonus Game At A Glance

The diverse options of bonuses include multipliers, respins, bonus rounds, wild bonuses, and others. As we said before the red mushroom symbol acts like a wild symbol that appears randomly and after matching three of these symbols you will activate respins. Another special feature is the neon green arrow, which increases the reels number by one row per symbol. This feature is available for up to 7 rows in total.

After collecting 4 arrow symbols, you will activate the wild respin feature. This gives high chances to use bonus rounds for increasing winning probability.

Another great bonus is the rising reels round which will be activated after matching 3 or 4 scatter symbols. This means getting multipliers from x10 to x100. Also, during the respin round you have a chance to earn some cash prizes with multipliers from x1 to x50. Another specialty is the winning symbol which is featured with high payouts.  It can increase your total winning from x100 to x5 000 multiplier. If you want to increase your bonus opportunities, you can use the bonus buy feature, where you need to pay x50 of the total stake.

Boilin' Pots Real Money

Wrapping up

Boilin’ Pots is a very different and special slot game that is great for new and experienced users. With the great level of RTP, the high number of paylines, and the diverse choice of bonus opportunities, every player has a realistic chance to win bonuses and winnings.

With the unique design theme, the high-quality elements, and audio, the game brings more excitement and emotions to the player. So by playing Boilin’ Pots, you can enjoy a magical atmosphere and diverse bonuses with high payouts. We recommend you to not miss this mystic adventure and start playing Boilin’ Pots as soon as possible.