Book of Helios – Amazing Journey To The Ancient Greece

August 11, 2022

Are you a fan of Greek mythology or ancient civilizations? Then you should definitely try this new slot game from Betsoft which is called Book of Helios. The game was released in June 2022. Before you decide that this is the standard game with symbols of mythological gods symbols and divine backgrounds, stop and take a second. The Book of Helios is not only a ticket to ancient Greece. This is a unique adventure with modern elements and original characters. Here you will meet a young explorer girl who tries to get this legendary book. So the game is very dynamic and exciting.

With the general features, Book of Helios is a 5-reel type slot game with high volatility level and 10 total paylines. The betting requirements are low and affordable. You only need to place a minimum of 0.10 USD and a maximum of 10 USD to start playing Book of Helios real money, which is available on most casino platforms. The highest payout is x20 168 of the stake which gives you the greatest chance to win more than 201 000 USD. The RTP level for this slot machine is 95.58%. 

Book of Helios Demo

This magical adventure becomes more fascinating with bonus-buy, expanding reels, and great multiplier features. The Book of Helios mobile version is available for every device user no matter the type of smartphone, desktop, or tablet. We recommend continuing to get more about this game and our Book of Helios guide will help you!

A Better Look At Book of Helios’s Design Aspects

Book of Helios is a great chance to experience magical and dangerous adventures in the virtual world. This is not the game with the classic view of Greek mythology. This is a different experience with risk, danger, and excitement. The dark aesthetic visuals with the high-quality and realistic animations will bring extra emotions to the gameplay.

Book of Helios Mobile

After starting the game in the background you will see an old, creepy building with dangerous live statues. The dark stone walls with the central sunlight are surrounded by the horse and the warrior statues whose eyes are lighted in red. This view is very realistic and brings real emotions during the game. The buttons are also designed with dark stone-styled ornaments. 

The main playboard is also designed with the same style. It is a semi-transparent board painted in black and framed with stone ornaments. The symbols are very impressive and designed in a Greek style. The classic symbols which include numbers and letters are designed with metal ornaments. With the special symbols, you can play with the whips, bows, and arrows, the main character explorer girl, and the book of helios symbols. 

Book of Helios Audio – How Does It Feel?

Book of Helios is a game with realistic aesthetics and a dangerous storyline that is full of excitement and emotions. To maximize the realistic vibes, the team of creators used a tense soundtrack with the Greek traditional styled melody. These sound effects perfectly merge with the graphic visuals and create an amazing gaming space. You will be impressed with the low rhythms, tensed musical notes, and classic harp sounds. 

Book of Helios Game Mechanics Explained

Book of Helios includes 3 rows and 5 reels. The total number of symbols is 10. With the lowest-paying symbols, payouts are higher compared to most of the competitor slots. That is a very big advantage for players. For example, the classic letters and numbers which are styled with the Greek traditional writing style, are paying the lowest amount of payouts, and landing three of them will raise the winning from x0.14 to x0.70 of the stake. The maximum multipliers from these symbols are from x3.50 to x5.60. 

Book of Helios Review

Whips, bows, and arrows are medium-paying symbols and they will increase your placed bet from x0.35 to x7 of the stake. The next high-paying symbol is the main character, the girl who activates payouts after landing at least two of them. You will be able to increase the winning amount from x0.70 to x10.50 by this symbol. The higher-paying symbol is the golden warrior which protects the book of Helios. This symbol can raise the winning by x1.40, x3.50, x7, and x14 of the total placed bet. 

What is the game without the main symbol, a book? The book acts like a scatter and wild at the same time and activates each bonus the game includes. Before outlining the special features, you need to know that if you want to just try for free, you can play with the Book of Helios demo mode that is available on the majority of online casino web pages. 

Book of Helios Bonus Game At A Glance

The main special symbol in this slot machine is the Book of Helios. This is a scatter symbol that increases the matched winning combinations, as well as payouts and bonus spins. At the same time, this symbol is wild. So it can substitute every symbol on the reel except itself. If you match a minimum of 3 books on the reel, you will get 10 Book of Helios free spins. If you are able to land more book symbols during the free spin round, the player will be able to increase the winning amount from x1 to x5 the initial stake. 

Another special feature of the game is the bonus-buy feature which is the chance to increase the number of free spins. Here we have to mention that bonus-buy has a lower price compared to other slots and you only have to pay x45.85 of your stake. This will give you 10 free spins. So, the game offers diverse ways of getting free spins which is the best alternative to increase your chances of winning. 

Wrapping Up

Book of Helios is a very impressive game with both – visuals and special features. First of all, the game creates a unique space for playing with an original storyline and realistic views as well as unique symbols. This makes a very exciting gaming space and makes the slot more interesting to play.

On the other hand, playing rules are simple, regular multipliers are quite high and acceptable and the player has a wonderful chance to maximize the probability of landing winning combinations on the reel. There are several ways to get free spins that help you get closer to the high cash prize. We think that the Book of Helios is definitely worth giving a try.