Cash of Command: Experience The Dynamic Adventure

August 26, 2022

Dangerous adventure lovers, get ready because Play’n GO has an impressive and newly released slot game for you which is called Cash of Command. This is the game that was released in July 2022 and has already become one of the players’ favorite slot games, which is full of excitement and emotions. Amazing characters, interesting and mystical storylines, and wonderful aesthetics are all you should expect from this game. But not only the visual atmosphere is impressive in Cash of Command. The wonderful winning possibilities, special features, and high payouts will create the best gaming experience ever. Do not forget that Play’n’ GO is a very prestigious company that always provides every type of player with amazing aesthetics as well as conditions for playing. We advise you to not miss this fascinating chance where our Cash of Command guide will explain to you everything that you need to know!

Cash of Command Review

With the structure, this is the game with 9 reels and 9 rows. The payline system is a type of cluster pay and the volatility is high. RTP for that game is changing in different bonuses but in general, it is higher compared to the industry average and equals 96.28%. With the requirements, all you need to do is to place a minimum of 0.10 USD on your account. You can not place more than 100 USD while playing Cash of Command real money. The symbol payouts are quite high where the highest one gives you a chance to win x5 336 of the placed stake. This means that you can win 533 600 USD in total. 

If you use different devices from desktops, do not worry because the high-quality Cash of Command mobile version is available for any device user including smartphones and tablets. You will not feel like losing the visual quality of the game because the provider company uses HTML5 and other high technologies to provide the best level of accessibility. 

A Better Look AT Cash of Command’s Design Aspects

Underwater world, war, dangerous culprits, and pirates. This is the main aesthetic of the Cash of Command. Realistic views and amazingly looking characters will bring more excitement to the gameplay. You feel like you are part of this messy and dangerous conflict between pirates who are looking for treasure in the middle of the deep ocean. 

The background of the game illustrates the view over the ocean. Clouds, moving waves and deep blue water is all you can see in the background. In the corner of the board are two huge tanks that are shooting ships and planes. The main board is semi-transparent and includes pretty minimalistic symbols such as different colored stones and crystal stones. Each button is designed with metal and wood ornaments. Next to the board is the long metal column which is divided into four main sections. On each side, we can see four different characters with specific numbers. These numbers are different numbers of symbols that are needed to collect for bonus system activation. 

Cash of Command Demo

Cash of Command Audio – How Does It Feel?

Because the storyline of the game features dangerous emotions and a tense atmosphere, the audio brings the same vibes to the gameplay. While playing, the atmosphere becomes more realistic with tensed melodies and loud drum rhythms which bring more excitement to the players.

Cash of Command Game Mechanics Explained

This 9×9 type game includes 8 different stone symbols. The payouts from each of them are quite high and raise the winning significantly. The lowest-paying symbols are green, orange, and blue different-shaped stones which have arrow-styled visuals. The minimum payout from them is x0.15 whereas the maximum is x150 of the total stake. 

The pink and purple star-shaped stones are low-paying symbols and they also can give you payouts from x0.15 to x150 of the stake. The crystal diamonds are paying more. The blue one can give you payouts from x1.50 to x750 whereas the green one can give you from x1.80 to x1 500 of the total placed bet. The golden framed red stone is the highest paying symbol which can give you multipliers by x2.50. X12, x150, x750, x1 500, and x7 500 of the stake. 

If you wish to try this dynamic adventure without any requirements, then we have great news for you! Cash of Command demo mode is available on the different casino web pages where you can avoid signing up or placing bets and try the game just for fun. 

Cash of Command Free Spins

Cash of Command Bonus Game At A Glance

This game suggests plenty of different special features. There are many possibilities to get more winning combinations and also, increase the total winning amounts. Let’s start from Baron’s turrets. This is the randomly activated bonus where wild substitutes different regular symbols and gives the player more chance to match winning combinations. Another feature is Naval Heroes. This includes 4 different level bonuses and can be activated by collecting a different number of bonus symbols. 

For example, to get commander wilder which is the guaranteed landed wild symbol, you need to collect 15 winning symbols. The next level is called Captain Verto and gives you different two-set winning combinations where you need to collect 40 symbols. Another is Admiral Magna which gives you 4 mega symbols and increases your winning significantly. This level requires collecting 70 symbols and finally, Baron Fusco which requires having at least 110 symbols on the round which gives you a reel with super winning combinations. While these bonus features will be activated, the ships are moving on the reel and explode the symbols to land more winning combinations. 

Wrapping Up

Cash of Command is a very interesting game with different structures as well as aesthetics. First of all, it gives you real emotions with amazing aesthetics and a great storyline. You are in the war with huge weapons and tanks. The unique characters are creating a more realistic and impressive atmosphere. The great payouts with high RTP give better gaming conditions, and every player will enjoy trying it. 

On the other hand, every special feature is focused to give the player more winning combinations. This is why we can play with different levels of bonus rounds where wild symbols are substituted for the regular ones and give the player more winning combinations on the reel. With this amazing and dynamic adventure, we advise you to try  Cash of Command as soon as possible!