Chat GPT in Sports Betting: How Effective Is This Tool?

June 21, 2023

Sports betting is evolving with the use of artificial intelligence, specifically ChatGPT. Find out how ChatGPT assists in betting and how to use it effectively.

Sports betting is a numbers game, and for avid bettors, picking a winner is only half the battle. By leveraging the mathematical abilities of ChatGPT and its ability to gather data at incredible speed, attention can be turned to this invention for predictions and placing sports bets.

What Is Chat GPT?

Some users still don’t understand what a chat with artificial intelligence entails. ChatGPT is a special interface where you can address a range of questions. AI assists people in various fields, including:

  • Composing poetry;
  • Writing diverse texts;
  • Creating programming code;
  • Casual conversation;
  • Sports match analysis and much more.

Compared to other neural networks, ChatGPT has a set of unique features. For instance, users can engage in conversations and seek advice from AI, receiving well-informed analyses for various areas of activity. 

This chatbot can even provide programming code for different domains. The developers from OpenAI are going to create a specialized interface for programmers, enabling them to work with neural networks in their own projects and platforms.

What Does the ChatGPT Neural Network Know about Sports Betting?

This chatbot does not simply copy information from internet encyclopedias or various portals. Instead, it attempts to provide structured answers based on various sources of information. The bot delivers valuable content to users. Let’s see what answers ChatGPT offers related to sports betting.

Loss-Proof Betting Strategy

When asked about a loss-proof betting strategy, the AI responded that such a scheme does not exist. However, it added that the outcome of match predictions will depend on additional factors, such as pre-match analysis, finding favorable odds, discipline, and proper bankroll management. The bot also emphasized that all bets carry risks, so one cannot guarantee a positive outcome.

In response to the question about sports betting, ChatGPT stated that it involves predicting sports events. The AI mentioned that the winnings depend on the chosen odds and the amount wagered. Additionally, it reminded users that betting is prohibited in some countries, so individuals need to educate themselves about the legalization of gambling in their region.

The neural network provides interesting answers to questions about making money through betting. The bot stated that one can either earn or lose money in betting. Any form of gambling carries risks. Therefore, ChatGPT recommended that all bettors be aware of the risks, act professionally, and analyze sports matches. It also mentioned that betting can be used for entertainment, which is hard to disagree with.

Overall, ChatGPT offers reasonable answers to questions related to betting. It represents significant progress in the field of AI. Just a few years ago, it was difficult to imagine such capabilities. The neural network continues to improve, with new features and possibilities being added. However, users must remember that the predictions and advice provided by the chatbot do not guarantee anything.

Popularizing ChatGPT among bettors

Bettors are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence for assistance. This is understandable, as everyone wants their bets to win and uses all available methods to achieve that.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with the idea of “consulting” with artificial intelligence. On the contrary, the information obtained is quite useful and accurate. But can a neural network create the perfect line?

Let’s start with the terminology: a neural network is a mathematical model capable of solving intellectual tasks. This applies, in particular, to analytical and computational aspects.

One of the most important functions of neural networks is their ability to learn on their own: a person loads them with a certain set of data, which they learn to work with. Ideally, if all the data about a specific sports team or player is provided to the network, it can eventually become an analyst or a tipster.

However, the quality of a neural network’s work still depends on humans, at least at the initial stage: whether the right mathematical models were chosen to use, whether the correct evaluation criteria were selected, and so on.

It is possible to imagine a future where artificial intelligence completely generates the lines in bookmakers’ offices. But when it comes to strong lines, questions arise. After all, a neural network is still a program that, although gradually learning and improving, always needs time to refine all processes.

It is hard not to notice that this direction has been actively developing lately. Therefore, in the near future, betting, like any other field, will increasingly coincide with neural networks. At least, it will be a great experiment. Moreover, besides predicting events, this chat can successfully be used by the bookmaking company itself. For example, lines can be entirely generated by AI.

Can ChatGPT Make Real Sports Predictions?

Bettors have always tried to automate the process of making sports predictions. Initially, special programs or Excel spreadsheets were created. They generated various match outcomes such as the main result, total, double chance, and more. The results were based solely on statistical information and the history of past matches. The accuracy of such predictions was low, and this software quickly lost popularity.

Currently, computational capabilities have reached a new level. AI demonstrates incredible abilities in analyzing and modeling sports matches. However, the ChatGPT itself stated that it cannot accurately predict matches. 

ChatGPT Sports Predictions

It even provided substantial arguments to support its statement:

  • Betting is not a guaranteed source of income, so AI cannot predict future events with absolute accuracy.
  • The outcome of a sports confrontation depends on a large number of factors, such as team tactics, player form, motivation, and more.
  • ChatGPT only has access to statistics of past matches, based on which it makes predictions.

From this, we can conclude that the chatbot can predict match outcomes based on internet information. However, the accuracy of such bets may be low. When asked when the AI will be able to make precise sports predictions in the long run, ChatGPT provided an interesting answer. 

The chatbot stated that it would require access to a vast amount of information, including weather conditions, players’ conditions, and other important details. This will be possible after improving the algorithms and discovering new patterns.

In various internet sources, one can see users testing bets based on predictions from ChatGPT. The results vary, and there are occasional successful streaks. However, this information is based on statistics and the history of past matches, and it does not guarantee success.

How to Use ChatGPT for Sports Analysis

To analyze sports events using ChatGPT, users need to register on the OpenAI platform. After creating an account, they select the desired pricing plan. For example, the Plus version provides access to the latest version of ChatGPT and allows 25 requests every 3 hours. To obtain the desired result, it is important to formulate questions correctly. Bettors should clearly state their questions, such as “How many goals will be scored in the match?” or “Who will win the championship?”

Professionals recommend experimenting and asking different questions. This allows users to obtain the desired answer. In practice, there have been cases where ChatGPT was asked about the outcome of a specific football match, and the chatbot stated that it cannot predict the future. Therefore, questions related to match analysis can be asked.

The neural network performs the following functions:

  • Information gathering: The bot collects and organizes various statistical information about sports events.
  • Data preparation: The obtained information is processed and transformed.
  • Analysis: ChatGPT examines the gathered information and identifies trends and patterns.
  • Predictive modeling: The system creates specialized models based on different types of analysis.

The obtained information can be presented as text or data visualization, such as graphs or charts. As a result, users receive the necessary results in the form of a presentation or report. The bot can offer interactive information display based on the user’s needs. All of this allows for a wide range of functionality in the process of making predictions.

Pros and Cons of Using the ChatGPT Bot for Sports Betting


  • Easy and convenient interaction
  • Instant data processing
  • Universality
  • Time-saving on match analysis


  • No guarantee of precise predictions
  • Continuous learning

Overall, bettors gain the opportunity for convenient and rapid interaction with ChatGPT, which offers advantages such as quick analysis of vast amounts of statistical information, continuous learning, and creative potential. 

However, it’s important to note that the predictions provided are not a guaranteed path to success, but rather a tool that bettors can consider when placing bets on their favorite sports events.