Coba Slot Review – Impressively Exotic Game With Different Bonus Features

July 27, 2022

If you love ancient civilizations or adventurous gaming experiences, Coba is the perfect slot machine for you. This is the new game from ELK Studios with an impressive graphic aesthetic and wonderful payouts. While playing, you will travel through the times following in the Aztec culture’s footsteps. With the tropical vibes and magical symbols, the gaming becomes very attractive and interesting.

Coba is a game with 7 reels and7 rows. With the medium volatility level it is featured with a very high hit frequency level which means that for easy winnings, Coba is the perfect slot. The RTP is a little bit lower compared to the standard ratio and equals 95.0% but this is not a disadvantage. If you wonder why the answer is simple. With the frequent winning level, the maximum payout you can win is x25 000 of your total stake. 

Coba Review

All you need to do is to have at least 0.20 USD on the account to place a minimum required bet. Remember that the maximum amount of betting is 100 USD. Accordingly, Coba gives you an exotic adventure ticket with the possibility to win 2 500 000 USD in total. 

This mystic journey in central America becomes more dangerous and dynamic with the several bonus features that Coba offers. Here you can play for pretty high regular multipliers, X-iter bonus symbol, snake bonus feature, wilds, and scatters. In addition, the game is available for everyone. This means that ELK Studios uses HTML5 and advanced technologies to provide Coba slot mobile accessibility for every device user. So, if you decide to play this impressive game with a smartphone, tablet, or PC device, feel free to play because you can easily have access from your browser. 

Keep reading the Coba slot guide and find out more about Coba slot real money game which is available on most casino pages too. 

A Better Look At Coba’s Design Aspects

With this game, you will travel in the Aztec culture full of magic, treasure, and adventure. In the background, you can see the exotic landscape of jungles. A green misty forest with giant trees and magical green mountains creates a very adventurous aesthetic. In the corner of the background, you will see Aztec statues and the part of the temple entrance which is painted with traditional symbols and hieroglyphs.

Coba Demo

The playboard is very impressive. It is full of gold and green crystal stones as the symbol of Aztec wealth. The board is not divided into reels or rows. It has a different structure and is full of different circular symbols. 

Each symbol is connected to central American culture. Here you will play with red, blue, and green crystal diamonds and different colored stones with tiger, rabbit, and knight face mask paintings. Next to the playboard is the little golden board where the player can see the collected multipliers.

Coba Audio  – How Does It Feel?

Coba audio effects perfectly match the graphic theme and designs. This is a dynamic soundtrack with high rhythms inspired by the traditional music of the Central American people. The natural jungle sounds bring more motion and excitement to the gameplay.

Coba Game Mechanics Explained

The rules of the Coba slot are very simple. Even though the game structure is a little bit different from the classic slot games, the main rules still remain the same. As we said, the game has 7 reels and 7 rows. The minimum multipliers will be activated after matching at least 5 identical symbols on the reel. 

There are three different stone symbols. Green, blue, and pink stones with rabbit, statue heads, and tiger paintings. Landing at least 5 of them will give you multipliers from x0.1 to x0.15 whereas the maximum payouts after matching 15, start from x4 to x10 of the stake. Green, blue, and red circular diamonds are medium-paying symbols. Minimum payouts you can earn from these symbols are from x0.3 to x0.8 of the stake. The maximum multipliers are from x15 to x50 of your total placed bet. The Coba symbol which is the mystic creatures’ golden statue can raise your winning by x1, x5, x10, x50, x150, and x500 of your stake. 

Coba Mobile

If you want to try this adventurous and exotic game without taking the risk, the game provider company allows a free Coba slot demo mode which is available on most casino web pages. This is the perfect way to avoid risks and place bets as well as create the users’ account. 

Coba Bonus Game At A Glance

This impressive journey in the jungles of Central America becomes more exciting and adventurous with great bonus options. ELK Studios provide perfect winning chances for every kind of player. 

Let’s start with snakes. This is a moving cluster on the reels. Its minimum length is five symbols. When the five identical symbols will create a snake, all different symbols get blurred and on the reels, only snake symbols will remain. This snake starts moving and eating similar symbols. The player can get multiplier wilds with double payouts during this bonus feature.

The Coba slot machine offers several types of bonus-buy features as well. The first one and the cheapest one is Pray to Quetzalcoatl. You have to pay x2 of your stake and get 3 different snakes. The next level is Viper active which is x10 of your bet and gives 1 big snake possibility. Boa Constrictor also gives one long snake and this feature costs x25 of the stake. The next is Quetzalcoatl which releases 3 different snakes in two different levels and requires x100 of the placed bet. The most expensive bonus-buy level is Coba which includes 6 snakes during the four levels and costs x500 of your placed bet. 

Wrapping Up

Coba is a unique slot game. It is very different from competitor slots with graphic visuals, audio effects, gaming/playboard structure, and bonus features. This is a fascinating, simple, and adventurous gaming possibility with high multipliers and great conditions. With the high-frequency level, your chances of winning increase more and more. 

The amazing gaming atmosphere with wild nature and wealthy Aztec symbols make the gaming process more exciting. Different special features such as snakes create a wonderful winning possibility with high multipliers. The maximum payout which is the way to win millions of USD makes the game attractive for jackpot lovers. This game provides an unforgettable experience and we definitely recommend trying the Coba slot machine as soon as possible.