Comprehensive Guide to Playing Dice Games in Crypto Casinos

May 24, 2023

Gambling gourmets love games on dice for interesting gameplays which have several variations to choose from high win odds and working strategies, created by experienced players. 

Dice seems to be the eldest casino game, invented before recorded history started. Originally, they were an element of foretelling. The first entertaining games of dice were in Egypt in 3,000-2,500 BCE. The tournament was backgammon-like game, and Mohenjo-Daro craps variation with an almost modern dice design. 

The ancient world also knew dice. Greeks played knucklebones, Romans illegally gambled six-sided dice, Chinese preferred sic-bo. 

In Middle Ages, games of dice were widely played over all of Asia and Europe. Chinese gamblers invented dominoes in about 600-900 CE and the Japanese played ban-sugoroku, a sort of backgammon. England has been gambling hazard since the 14th century. In the next years, the game expanded over Europe and infiltrated America.

In the 18th century, the USA hazard transformed into modern craps. And the last-invented online casino dice was mahjong, created in the 20th century. 

Games of dice are must-have in casino list since launching the first online casinos in the 1990s-2000s and further crypto payment integration in the 2010s-2020s. The dice got up to 5 playing cubes, wider bet selection, and auto and turbo modes.

Understanding Dice Games in Crypto Casinos 

In crypto online casinos, games of dice are the least various and numerous. Kuwaiti online casinos may offer:

  • craps
  • sic bo
  • macao
  • cee-lo (hi-lo)

Craps (also called dice) are obligatory, other games are present on the biggest sites. 

Rules and Gameplay of Games of Dice

The basic dice gameplay is common. The software imitates throwing dice. The points of dice’s top facets are summed and contain a score. A player must predict the score and place an appropriate bet on the layout. The bets vary in risk level and odds, and the win multiplier may contain from 1x to 180x.


Craps is a gambling game played with two dice drops and the player predicts a total score or exact faucet values in the next round or several rounds. The basic bet odds are:

  • 7x for any exact score
  • 4x for the 7 score
  • 10x for 3-3, 4-4
  • 8x for 2-2, 5-5
  • 30x for 1-1, 6-6
  • 15x for 1-2, 5-6

Besides, the craps include numerous specific bets with complex rules:

  • pass line bet with a win for 7, 11 and loss for 2, 3, 12
  • don’t pass line bet with a win for 2, 3, 12 and loss for 7, 11
  • come bet with repeating a pass line bet
  • don’t come bet with repeating a don’t pass line bet respectively
  • field bet with 2x win for 2, 3x win for 12, and 1x win for field numbers, usually 3, 4, 9, 10, 11
  • free odds bet on the chosen number dropping before the next 7, it can be placed only after a pass bet
  • place bet is also a bet on a dropping of a certain score before 7, but it can be placed anytime
  • 2 or 12 bets for the next roll (30x win)
  • 3 or 11 bets for the next few rolls before 7 drops (15x win)

Sic Bo

Sic bo, also known as hi-lo, differs from basic craps by using three dice instead of two, higher maximum risk and odds, and more possible combinations. Sic bo does not include multi-roll bets.

The 3 dice may give a score of 3-18. The odds are:

  • 11x for all double numbers
  • 180x for all triple numbers
  • bet for one exact faucet value with 1x-3x wins
  • big bet with 1x win for a total score of 11-17 without triples
  • small bet with 1x win for a total score of 4-10 without triples
  • odd and even bets with 1x win
  • exact faucet values for two dice with 6x win
  • a four-number combination with 7x odds and a three-number combination with 30x

Also sic bo contains bets for an exact score:

  • 6x for 9, 10, 11, and 12
  • 8x for 8, 13
  • 12x for 7, 14
  • 18x for 6, 15
  • 20x for 5, 16
  • 60x for 4, 17


Macao uses a single die and has multi-roll rounds. A player continues throwing the die and adds the points for each throw to the personal score. If it exceeds a certain number, usually 9, the player loses. A player with the biggest score below the limit wins a bank. In online casinos, a player competes with a digital dealer only and may win 2x without the casino edge.


Cee-lo is also known as hi-lo and the three-dice game. The cee-lo rules and winning combinations vary for different game providers, and there are only 3 common points:

  • 3 dice cubes
  • 4-5-6 is an obligatory winning combination for the first player or everyone who gets it
  • additional rolls to determine a winner among the players

Strategies and Tips for Playing Dice Games 

All casino dice games are games of chance, and their results are determined with the probability theory. Therefore, the strategies, based on the probability theory, also work better than others for dice. The most efficient and reliable are the Martingale, the Fibonacci, and the insurance strategies.

Martingale Strategy

A player places a bet of a certain amount and odds. If the bet loses, the player bets for the previous amount, multiplied by the bet odds, for example, 2x bet for 2:1 odds. If the bet wins, the player places the basic bet again. In a perfect model, the Martingale allows winning after several rounds anyway. But the doubling is limited by minimum and maximum bet sizes in practice.

Fibonacci Strategy

The player places an equivalent of the previous 2 losses until the first win, then goes back to a basic bet again and starts the score from scratch. The Fibonacci is less profitable than the Martingale but offers more possible steps before the win. 

Insurance Strategy

The player combines equal low-risk bets of 2x and high-risk ones of 30x or 180x odds. The low-risk bets must cover the costs of the high-risk ones and keep a balance on the same level. The low-risk bet may be reinforced by the Martingale or Fibonacci strategy. 

Dice Tips and Tricks

The Kuwaiti dice pro players collected several tips and tricks that keep the balance secure from big losses and increase winning chances:

  • Select the game due to your funds and skills. Macao with one dice is perfect for beginners, and sic bo with complex bet set suits pro players
  • Set money and time limits per session
  • Put a part of each big win into the reserve fund
  • Do not place bets of more than 2% of your session deposit
  • Choose the bets with the least casino edges


Dice is an exciting casino entertainment that may be also profitable for a skillful gambler. The online crypto casinos offer much fewer dice than slots or cards, but any player may choose an appropriate game from the 4 main genres. Games of Dice offer odds of up to 180x and bets, exceeding 100 KWD. Dice players may change their lives in several bets by using pro strategies.