Crazy Time – Spin The Wheel To Claim Mad Prizes

April 7, 2022

Crazy Time is a bright, colorful, and entertaining live casino game show presented by one of the most prestigious and reputable gaming companies in the industry: Evolution Gaming. This marvelous game was inspired by Dream Catcher, another popular game show by the same provider.  

The spin-the-wheel game is highly entertaining for the players with its bonus rounds and big prizes. Players over the world can chat with the host in bright, colorful clothes and an energetic attitude. 

crazytime wheel

The game studio is in Latvia, and the interior has suitable and colorful attributes. Although the game has multiple elements, it’s not as confusing as it may seem at first glance. We will explain to you how to play Crazy Time in the following paragraphs. 

The game starts with a big wheel in the main studio. You place your bets – you can bet on several or even all of the sections of the wheel – the host will spin the wheel and a number or one of the bonus rounds will win. The game includes a slot with two reels at the top of the wheel that shows a number and a multiplier. If the wheel stops at the number on the reel, the player who had bet on the number will win the amount multiplied by the number on the multiplier reel. If the stopper ends up on one of the bonus game sections, the game will take a more interesting turn as it will continue in a different location with the bonus round.

The Design And Visuals of Crazy Time

The Crazy Time game show is exactly that – a show and it is absolutely amusing to watch. The presenter is either a man in a green, red, or golden sparkly suit or a woman in a bright-colored dress. 

The energetic host will spin a big wheel with colorful sections on it. It could stop at one of the bonus games, this is when the location of the game changes. The bonus rounds of the betting sector include Pachinko, Cash Hunt, CoinFlip, and the mega-round – Crazy Time bonus round. 

The wheel is placed in the middle of the studio with other boards for the bonus rounds in the background.

crazy time live casino game

The Pachinko bonus game continues at a purple board with multipliers at the bottom and the pins all over the screen. The background of this location is also purple with golden shining lights on it. 

The CoinFlip round continues with a big, golden machine on a golden background. This machine has a red and blue screen with multipliers in red and blue circles on it. 

The Cash Hunt round continues at a green wall with a big screen full of symbols hiding the multipliers on it. The symbols are colorful, but they all turn gray once the game starts. 

As for the Crazy Time round, this is where the visuals and the design gets special. The player would think they are in a dream or have traveled to Disneyland when the game presenter goes through the red door to take us to the land of magic. This is where an enormous wheel stands in the middle of colorful madness. There are animated penguins at the bottom, palm trees, candy, a treasure island, a sea, a castle in the clouds, a train, flamingos, and an air balloon. Notably, when the Crazy Time bonus round wheel sections are doubled (this could happen in the duration of the round) a big, bright explosion happens on the wheel as the numbers on the sections change.

The game is marvelous in its design and captivating visuals, players can only use this Crazy Time guide to learn about the basics of the game. In order to truly appreciate the details of the show, you need to check it out for yourself.

Crazy Time Audio – How Does It Feel?

The game has upbeat background music constantly playing in the background that gives the whole game a feeling of an 80s game show. When the wheel spins a sound effect is added, this happens with all of the bonus games – it sounds just how it feels when you are anticipating a win.

Crazy Time Guide of the Game Mechanics

You have already learned from this Crazy Time review that the game starts at the main wheel with multiple sections and a 2-reel slot at the top. These reels indicate the multiplier – so if the wheel stops at the number that the reel has chosen, the winning will be multiplied by the multiplier number on the second reel of the slot. The sections include 21 betting sector 1s, 13 betting sector 2s, 7 betting sector 5s, and 4 betting sector 10s with the addition of bonus round sections. 

There are 4 sections of CoinFlip on the wheel, two Cash Hunt and Pachinko sectors, and just one Crazy Time bonus round indicator sector. 

crazytime coinflip

The CoinFlip round is played at the machine where two multipliers in different colors – the coin is flipped and the player wins the multiplier in the color of the winning side of the coin. 

Pachinko is played at a board with pins all over it and multipliers at the bottom – the host goes at the top of the board, drops a chip, and wherever it lands, is the winning multiplier, if it lands on a double sign, then the game continues with all of the multipliers on it doubled. You could win up to 20 000 this way. 

As for the Cash Hunt round, this is when the host goes to the board with symbols hiding the multipliers. To mix the symbols up, the presenter pulls the lever. At last, the player chooses a symbol and the prize is revealed.

crazy time cash hunt

The most exciting part of the game for the players is the Crazy Time bonus round – which we will guide you through in detail in this Crazy Time review.

Crazy Time Bonus Game At A Glance

The Crazy Time bonus round section occurs once on the wheel, therefore the chance of experiencing this majestic part of the game is pretty low, however, the expectation is worth it. The readers of this Crazy Time guide already know about the excellent visuals of this bonus game.

crazytime bonus game

This part of the game begins when the presenter takes us through a red door that leads to a whole new location that seems like it belongs in the Mary Poppins movie with small cartoon penguins and flamingos below the large, colorful wheel with big multiplier sectors on it. 

This wheel has three stoppers at the top, the player can choose a pointer of their preferred color before the presenter hits the red button that spins the wheel. Once the wheel stops, the player gets the prize that their chosen stopper has landed on. If one of the stoppers lands on the Double sector, then only the players who have chosen the color of that stopper continue playing and other stoppers will be gone, and after a big explosion, all of the multipliers on the wheel are doubled. This could continue happening until the limit of the payout is reached, which is 20 000x.

Wrapping Up

Crazy Time is a marvelous game show which takes place in a bright-colored studio with multiple locations and an energetic presenter in sparkly clothes. 

The game includes multiple bonus rounds and huge chances of winnings for the players. You could win big prizes in many ways here. The rounds include a double feature and many big multipliers.

As a player of the game, you can even chat with the host to make things even more amusing. The Crazy Time bonus round takes place in a magical land and the quality of the game is extremely high, as you would expect from Evolution Gaming. 

crazytime evolution gaming

In conclusion, Crazy Time is an entertaining and generously rewarding game show that will put you on the edge of your seat.