Employees in Coinbase Get Mandatory 4 Weeks Off in 2022

February 4, 2022

One of the largest crypto exchanges in the world – Coinbase has decided to award its employees with four weeks off in 2022. Basically in every quarter, they will get one week off, which will amount to a total of 1 month. In such a way, employees will be able to fully recharge themselves and better prepare for the work.

The move by Coinbase is a brave decision in a country, where day-offs are rare and people are normally used to working every day except weekends.

L.J. Brock, who is the chief people officer of Coinbase, noted that such a decision is a correct move forward. Otherwise, the company has a crew of employees who are worn out and can barely do the daily tasks.

According to Brock, at the present moment, employees in Coinbase can work more than 40 hours during the week, but the well-being of staff and making sure everyone is doing their job is necessary for the company.

He added that in 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic started, a lot of employees did not have enough time to rest and recharge mainly because they were afraid of falling behind on their work. 

Giving employees four weeks off and the time to recharge will have an impact on the company’s growth potential as well as the productivity of people.

While there have been mainly positive reactions towards this move, a lot of people have criticized the decision, noting that it will become difficult for employees to plan much if the dates for week offs are inconvenient. 

Coinbase is taking an alternative approach and making sure that employees get enough rest. At the same time, it wants to refute the trend, according to which employees must spend more time at work to be productive and beat competitors. 

The Great Resignation in the United States that saw a massive wave of resignation in the country also prompted Coinbase to act in a different way.