European Roulette – Astonishing Live Casino Game By BGaming

April 19, 2022

European Roulette is a well-known live casino game that was launched by a leading software development provider called BGaming. It is probably the most frequently played game among every version of roulette and there are very good reasons behind this. It has offered tremendous possibilities to punters from all over the world ever since its establishment and in this European Roulette review, we are going to provide detailed information regarding every attribute of this game. 

You will see a fascinating and eye-catching gaming interface as soon as you enter the game. The developers at BGaming have worked hard to create high-quality graphics in order to make a unique and memorable playing experience for gamblers. As a result, we are seeing tremendous engagement and the popularity of this live casino game is growing day by day.

Apart from delightful visuals, European Roulette gives every player a chance to win a high amount of money. We want to note that this is the quality that makes this game stand out from the rest of its versions. There are slightly better odds of winning in European Roulette compared to its fellow games and as a result, the majority of punters prefer to play this one. It includes an RTP of 97.30% which is a pretty high number and this game will not disappoint anyone who is playing with high stakes. 

Moreover, you have the opportunity to play the European Roulette demo version online in order to get familiar with it before starting to gamble with real money. This way, you will learn all the features and get ready for the real one. Continue reading our review to find out all the essential information about this game below!

A Better Look At European Roulette Design Aspects

European Roulette live game

As we have said above, the design of European Roulette consists of high-class visuals and you will be assured of this as soon as you enter the game. The background is colored green and the numbers are represented in a standard layout – black and red, whereas the color of zero is light green.

There is a betting area on the bottom of the screen displaying chips with the following amounts – 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100. On the left side, you will see the total amount of your balance and the number of current bets is written on the right bottom side of the game.

 As soon as you choose your bet, three buttons will be displayed on the screen on both sides – “Clear Bet” will be on the left, whereas “New Bets” and “Spin” buttons will appear on the middle right side. The clear bet option will allow you to delete all the existing bets, the new bets button will help you to place new bets, and you will start playing by pressing the spin button.

Furthermore, there are several buttons located on the top right side of the screen that will help you to control the settings of the game. As you can see, the playing interface is extremely straightforward and you will not have any difficulty playing even the European Roulette mobile version since all the necessary buttons are presented clearly. 

European Roulette Audio – How Does It Feel?

European Roulette features a pretty appealing soundtrack in the background that follows the flow of the game excellently. So, you have a chance to listen to pleasing music while you are selecting the numbers that you might think will be winning. In case you want to play in a quiet environment, the game allows you to turn off the soundtrack by pressing the sound button available on the top right side of the screen. 

This aspect is significant for every live casino game since music is one of the main reasons that keeps gamblers engaged in the game. So, creators are trying to establish appealing and ear-catching sound effects that will not bother customers because they are going to play for a long time. 

European Roulette Game Mechanics Explained

European Roulette review

We would like to teach you how to play European Roulette here. The rules are not different compared to other versions, and as we have said above, the first step is to place the bets in order to start playing. On the top left side of the screen, you will encounter the board indicating that the minimum amount of bet you can place is 1 USD, whereas the maximum is – 100 USD. 

European Roulette contains a standard game table of 36 numbers with the zero being 37th. After placing your bets, then it is time to choose a number or numbers that you think will be winning. As soon as you select them, you should press the spin button in order to start playing. 

The spin button will direct you to the spinning wheel where all the numbers are presented and there is a small ball that will drop on a certain number. The main objective of this game is to guess the number where the ball will fall and you will win substantial amounts of money if you predict correctly. 

European Roulette Bonus Game At a Glance

European Roulette real money

We want to note that unlike its fellow games European Roulette does not include any kind of bonus feature. You will come across several beneficial offers in other Roulette versions such as the opportunity to drop lucky numbers, but unfortunately, they are not presented in European Roulette yet.  

However, the majority of crypto casinos include pretty generous bonuses and promotions for newcomers who deposit funds for the first time in European Roulette. You have the possibility to receive 100% welcome bonuses for your first several deposits that will help you to earn considerable amounts of European Roulette real money.   

Wrapping Up 

In this European Roulette guide, we have provided thorough information regarding one of the most famous roulette games in the gambling industry. European Roulette is established by the top software development company called BGaming and it ensures high-quality graphics and enchanting visuals that will be noticeable for newcomers from the first second. The design and music are connected perfectly which will give you tremendous enjoyment.

Moreover, gamblers have the opportunity to win huge amounts in this game since it includes a pretty high RTP – 97.30%. This feature makes European Roulette stand out among the rest of its versions and as a result, the increased winning chances attract a vast number of punters worldwide.