Eye of Cleopatra – Egyptian-Themed Slot By Pragmatic Play

June 30, 2022

Eye of Cleopatra is a product of a high-quality software development company Pragmatic Play. There are a vast number of Egyptian-themed slots on gambling platforms and this one certainly stands out among the rest due to its innovative features. You have the possibility to dive into a world of Pyramids where the queen of Egypt Cleopatra holds all the treasure, as the name suggests itself. 

This is a superb slot for every gambler who is fascinated with Egyptian culture and lifestyle since you will run into all the elements related to this country here. So, if you have ever dreamed of traveling to ancient Egypt where there are shining golds and pyramids around, now is your chance! In this Eye of Cleopatra review, we will explain why this game has gained such a massive engagement of punters from all around the world and describe its attributes thoroughly. 

Eye Of Cleopatra Demo

The main character of this game is none other than Cleopatra herself, who was a queen of Egypt a long time ago, but she is still a highly popular figure nowadays and there are a lot of legends about her beauty. So, it is pretty clear why developers have decided to build the slot around such an amazing and mystic character, and hence, we witness a great number of players choosing this one among every Egyptian-themed game. 

The first thing we want to mention is that you will encounter a layout consisting of 5 reels and 4 rows, whereas 20 paylines will create winning combinations! The minimum amount of bet you can place here is 0.20 EUR and the maximum amount includes 100 EUR. If you gamble in this slot for a long time and your lucky day comes, there is a possibility to win the highest payout of 4.000x your initial stake! Needless to say, this is an extremely lavish offer and players should not miss out on this opportunity! 

Eye of Cleopatra includes an RTP of 96.50% which is a pretty high number, so you have a chance to generate considerable winnings on average here. Moreover, with the help of high volatility, you will be rewarded huge prizes but keep in mind that they will not come very often. So, we recommend every gambler to wait for their opportunities in this slot and the rewards will certainly be enormous at the end of the day! 

There are plenty of Eye of Cleopatra demo versions available on the gambling websites that will help you to better acquire the gaming mechanics and get ready to play with Eye of Cleopatra real money as soon as possible! 

A Better Look At an Eye of Cleopatra’s Design Aspects

Eye Of Cleopatra Guide

The design of the Eye of Cleopatra is constructed with Egyptian elements, as we have mentioned above. The name itself says that we are dealing with a beauty queen of this country who is probably the most famous figure and this is the reason why the creators have developed the playing interface around her. 

You will see the background of the game on the right side of the screen where there is some kind of obelisk. These types of buildings were very common in ancient Egypt, hence it is an accurate representation of their customs. 

When it comes to the symbols, besides standard card icons, you will also run into different types of animal characters, one pharaoh, and a Cleopatra herself. You will notice right away that the yellow color dominates in this game since it represents everything about Egypt – sand, gold, pyramids, buildings, and sculptures. 

So, Eye of Cleopatra gives punters a perfect chance to experience Egyptian-themed gameplay where every symbol is working together to create a mesmerizing and eye-catching atmosphere. So, this slot will engage every newcomer from the very first second and give them enormous satisfaction that will last for a long time! 

What’s more, the developers have established a convenient interface for smartphones as well and you have the possibility to enjoy an Eye of Cleopatra mobile version in the same way. It is very simple to gamble with any device in this game as every necessary information is available on the screen. Simply choose the desired amount of bet in the betting area located at the bottom and start playing by pressing essentially one button! 

Eye of Cleopatra Audio – How Does It Feel?

Eye of Cleopatra features a pretty appealing soundtrack in the background that has an ear-catching effect on every player. You will hear sound pieces that might already be familiar to most people since they are common in Egyptian movies. The music follows gameplay perfectly and it works well with the playing interface in order to give you the most pleasurable experience as you spin the reels. 

Eye of Cleopatra Game Mechanics Explained

Eye Of Cleopatra Mobile

Do you want to know how to play Eye of Cleopatra and win a lot of money? We will teach you about the basic gaming mechanics of this slot here. 

You will see on the right-hand side a device that almost looks like a revolver cylinder at first glance. It consists of a golden circular Eye icon in the middle, surrounded by 8 empty circular positions. The empty positions may light up blue at random times, and if wilds are present when this happens, the adjacent symbols turn wild as well. The adjacent symbols that turn wild correspond to the pattern of lights that turn blue in the device, and if all lights are blue it means all adjacent symbols turn wild.

There is also an Ante Bet feature that does not affect the game’s RTP, but it does double your bonus round chances. The price you pay is 25 % more per spin, and the 5 premium symbols pay 1.25 to 10 x your stake for five of a kind wins. The wild symbol pays the same, and also it has the ability to replace all the other icons in order to form winning combinations!

Eye of Cleopatra Bonus Game At a Glance

Eye Of Cleopatra Review

Eye of Cleopatra contains a relatively unique bonus game compared to the majority of slots. The hit rate of the bonus game is 1 in 224 and it is triggered as soon as you collect 3, 4, or 5 scatters anywhere on the reels, and this will take you to the free spins choice screen.

Here, you have the possibility to choose from four different options of the number of spins and possible wild transforming light patterns. The first one is the 4 light patterns option that awards 10, 20, or 30 free spins for 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols. The second one is six light patterns that will give you 8, 16, or 24 free spins, the third option includes 8 light patterns with 6, 12, or 18 free spins, and the last one is a mystery option that includes a randomized combination of the above-mentioned possibilities. 

The chosen number of lights will be active on every free spin, but the pattern varies per spin unless you choose the 8 lights option. You can retrigger the bonus round by landing 3 scatters on the same free spin, and you get the same number of free spins as you got initially.

Wrapping Up

We have created this Eye of Cleopatra guide in order to show you all the advantages of this popular slot established by Pragmatic Play. It is an Egyptian-themed game that will take you on a journey to ancient times and help you experience beautiful sightseeing in the process. 

Eye of Cleopatra offers massive opportunities in terms of game mechanics since you have a chance to win a significant amount of money with the help of 96.50% RTP. This number is considered very high in the gambling world and you will generate huge prizes in correlation with high volatility as well. 

Start gambling with as low as 0.20 EUR and get up to 100 EUR in case you wish to gamble with big stakes. In return, you have the possibility of obtaining the highest payout in Eye of Cleopatra which is 4.00x your initial bet!