Flower Fortunes Supreme – Exotic Nature With Diverse Bonuses

August 9, 2022

Fantasma Games provides different gaming aesthetics and winning possibilities in the Flower Fortunes Supreme slot machine which was released at the end of June 2022. This newly released game had instant success because of its original theme and the uniqueness of the game mechanism. With this game, you will travel into a tropical forest with impressive plants and nature. The gaming aesthetics are impressive and well-animated. 

Flower Fortunes Supreme is a game with 9 rows and 6 reels. The total number of betting ways is 531 441. With the high number of paylines, the game has a high hit frequency level. The volatility is medium and the RTP is slightly below the golden standard of the RTP ratio in the gambling industry. The RTP for Flower Fortunes Supreme is 95.88% which allows getting back 95.88 USD on average from a 100 USD bet. 

Flower Fortunes Supreme Demo

If you are looking for a great aesthetic game with the 1 000 000 USD cash prize-winning opportunity, then you should definitely try Flower Fortunes Supreme real money which is available on most online casino pages. The maximum amount of payout is x5 000 of the total stake. All you have to do is to create an account and place the minimum required betting amount which is 0.20 USD. The maximum amount you can place is 200 USD. 

Fantasma Games uses HTML5 to maximize the technical accessibility level. So, the Flower Fortunes Supreme mobile version with high-quality visual elements is available for every device user. If you want to know what game rules and bonuses this video slot game has, then continue reading the Flower Fortunes Supreme guide down below!

A Better Look At Flower Fortunes Supreme’s Design Aspects

The design of Flower Fortunes Supreme is quite different and a little bit strange. Let’s start with the main inspiration which is the wild nature of the tropic forests. When playing, you will travel into the jungles and enjoy the impressive sunny landscapes. 

Now let’s move to the unique design part which makes the aesthetic a bit strange. While playing, you are in the green cave which is full of sunflowers.  These sunflowers are opening and closing within the bonus feature activation. Behind the green circular cave, you can see the magical landscape with huge green mountains and impressive fields. 

Flower Fortunes Supreme Mobile

The playboard is designed simply as the buttons. This is the green board with a changeable number of rows. Next to the main playboard, you can see the huge column where on the top is a light and smiling sunflower. This column is divided into three main parts where the first one is respin. Next is wild and the final one is a bonus. As bonuses activate, the sleepy flowers on the field are waking up and start lightning. These unique visual aspects make the gaming process more magical and exciting. 

Flower Fortunes Supreme Audio – How Does It Feel?

Because the game is fully oriented to create a wild, dynamic and exotic aesthetic, for audio effects the creator team uses melody with original jungle sounds and harmonic music notes. The low and calm rhythms with impressive melody make the playing more enjoyable and attractive. 

Flower Fortunes Supreme Game Mechanics Explained

The symbols of the game are pretty strange but unique too. To activate multipliers that are not very high, you need to match at least three and a maximum of six on the reel. There are different rectangular stones. 

The lowest-paying symbols are dark green, gray, black, blue, and pink rectangular. If you match at least three of them, you will be able to raise the amount from x0.1 to x0.2 of the stake. The maximum amount of payouts from these symbols start from x1 to x1.5 of the stake. 

The neon-lightened green, pink, and magenta-colored rectangular are medium-paying symbols. The minimum amount of payouts from these symbols are from x0.3 to x0.5. If you land 6 of these symbols you can add to your total winning multipliers by x2.5, x3, and x5 of the stake. 

Flower Fortunes Supreme Review

The golden stone with the blue diamond in the center pays more. After landing this symbol on the reel, you are able to raise the winning amount by x1, x2, x4, and x10 of the stake. There is a green crystal stone which is the special symbol and a blue diamond with the letter W which acts like wild. We will describe the bonuses connected to these symbols later. 

But before that, if you hesitate to play this game, the provider company offers a free Flower Fortunes Supreme demo mode which is available on the major online casino platforms. This mode allows you to start playing without bets and registration. So you can enjoy gaming risk-free. 

Flower Fortunes Supreme Bonus Game At A Glance

Flower Fortunes Supreme slot machine becomes more interesting to play with the different special features it offers to players. This creates a very adventurous gaming experience for both new and experienced slot players. Let’s start with the Flower Fortunes Supreme free spin feature which can be activated by wild and special symbols. These symbols appear between the second and fifth reel and increase the probability of landing more winning combinations. 

Another special feature is expanding wild which gives the player random payouts from x1 to x9 of the stake. There is another bonus game as well which will be activated after landing  3 bonus symbols. This starts a bonus round with lighted sunflowers. The sunflowers appear randomly and the highest payout will be activated after landing 5 flowers. The player also will get randomly chosen prizes between x0.25 to x100 of the total placed bet. 

All these mentioned bonuses are divided into 5 levels. The zero level includes 5 rows and is the base game. The next level includes 6 rows and unlocks the respin feature. The second level is with 7 rows and unlocks respins as well wild bonuses. The third level includes 8 rows and with the mentioned bonuses unlocks bonus round feature. The final level 4 is with 9 rows and includes the activation of all bonuses. 

Wrapping Up

To conclude, Flower Fortunes Supreme is a very interesting gaming experience and is definitely worth trying! To start with the graphic visuals it is completely different from other slot games and creates very magical, dynamic, and interesting aesthetics with its unique symbols, different structure of the playboard, and other visual elements. With the perfectly chosen audio, the gameplay becomes more enjoyable and adventurous. 

The great gaming conditions and diverse bonuses which are active after reaching different levels make the game more exciting. The free spins, bonus rounds, and great features create easy-winning possibilities for every player.