Foxy Wild Heart – Experience Colorful Game With Diverse Bonuses

June 29, 2022

Foxy Wild Heart is a brand new game from Bgaming provider, which was released at the beginning of May 2022. Despite the short period of launching, it has already become one of the most frequently played slot games among users. During the game, you will enjoy the colorful and dynamic atmosphere with the main character, a fox. The game is a great choice for new users because it is fully oriented to maximize the bonus opportunities. For those who have less knowledge or experience in gaming principles, the Foxy Wild Heart free game is a perfect choice.

On the other hand, already experienced players can get the chance to earn a big amount of money. The game multipliers and payouts are realistic to win because Foxy Wild Heart offers several bonus opportunities and 20 winning ways in total. For that type of slot game, this is a great number of paylines and outlines the realistic probability of winning.

Foxy Wild Heart Review

Also, the game is special with the high RTP ratio too. More specifically, it equals 96.93% which is quite over the average standard of RTP of 96.00%. The game is featured with high volatility where the maximum payout is x2 800 of the total stake. This is a perfect number for winning because the minimum betting amount is 0.2 USD and the maximum number is 100 USD. This means that the user has a realistic chance to win 280 000 USD in total. 

As we mentioned before, Foxy Wild Heart offers several options of bonus features. This great possibility list includes the classic bonus offers such as free spins, multipliers from wild and scatter symbols and special bonuses such as sticky wilds and bonus buy option. 

With the accessibility, we have to mention that Foxy Wild Heart mobile mode is available and any device user can have access to this game by their browser. Also, it is important to know that the Foxy Wild Heart demo version is also possible to try, which is a great chance for those who are new to gaming and want to try the game and learn more about the structure without placing any bet. 

If you want to know more about this beautiful slot game, read our Foxy Wild Heart guide where we will outline the bonuses in detail, describe the wonderful gaming atmosphere that is created by high-quality graphic designs, and other important gaming principles. 

A Better Look At Foxy Wild Heart’s Design Aspects

While playing the Foxy Wild Heart, you will travel into the colorful animated universe which is full of fun, excitement, and positive. The game is special with the high-quality graphic design which is animated in the style of 3D to create a more realistic atmosphere for every user. When you start the game, you see a cityscape in the background in the colors yellow and orange, associated with a Spanish city with the sunset. It creates the association of adventure and brings more excitement. 

Foxy Wild Heart Real Money

The playboard is completely purple with the minimalistic decors with the Spanish architectural elements. From the title, you can already identify that the main character of the game is a fox. You will also discover very colorful and impressive symbols such as a horse, guitar, sombrero, the lady bunny, the beg full of gold, a rose, and a Spanish colorful fan. The game also comes with regular symbols such as letters and numbers. Each symbol is colorful and has a high-quality design. 

Foxy Wild Heart Audio – How Does It Feel?

Everyone will agree that the audio of the game is as important as the quality and theme of graphic design. Both of these create a gaming atmosphere and influence the players’ motivation and emotions. Foxy Wild Heart graphic and audio creator team perfectly knows how to bring positive and fun to every user. 

The audio is very dynamic, positive, and inspired by Spanish culture. The music is not loud and busy so it does not cause any problem with the concentration. Furthermore, it brings more excitement and travels the user to the adventurous Spanish city with colorful and impressive characters. Those who want to play without any sound effects can control this mode easily from the gameboard or setting section. 

Foxy Wild Heart Game Mechanics Explained

As we mentioned before, the game has very diverse options. But the structure itself is simple and general as in other classic slot machines. The main principle is to land at least three of the same symbol on each reel. This will bring the user some kind of bonus. If players match four or five identical symbols, they will get better and higher-paying bonuses. So the winning amount is depending on the number of the matched symbols. 

Let’s start with the lowest paying symbols which are letters and numbers. If you land three of them on the reel, you will get an x0.1 multiplier whereas landing five of them is a way to earn an x1.5 multiplier. Medium paying symbols are roses, a Spanish green fan, a sombrero, a bag of golden coins, a lady bunny, and a Spanish guitar. If you match three of them on the reels you will get an x0.25 multiplier whereas the landing five of them will bring you payouts from x3 to x3.75 of the total bet. 

The higher and special symbols are the fox, the horse which acts like a scatter, and the red heart which plays as a  wild symbol. Landing five of them increases the winning amount five times and three of them only one time. Even matching two of the special symbols, will activate the bonus with the multiplier of x0.05 stake. 

Foxy Wild Heart Bonus Game At A Glance

The game creates wonderful bonus offers for every user. As we saw, the multipliers are pretty great and can be earned by matching with three to five identical symbols. They can increase the winning amount from x0.05 to x15 of the initial stake. 

Foxy Wild Heart Free Spins

Foxy Wild Heart free spins are a great way to increase the winning chances. The free spins can be earned from collecting the scatter symbols too but the user must know that in this game it is not possible to retrigger the rounds. 

Another great feature of this slot game is that the players can purchase bonuses. There are three main options. The first offer costs x50 of the players’ stake and gives free spins and an x1 multiplier. The second alternative costs x120 of the betting amount and gives 2×2 randomly appearing wild symbols. The final, third level costs x400 stake and gives 3×3 wild symbols which will appear randomly during the initial spin. This is a great chance for those who want to experience better bonuses with more excitement.

Wrapping Up

Foxy Wild Heart is a perfect 5×4 type slot game that brings you into the colorful universe of a Spanish city with impressive and adventurous characters. The game is available for every device user from their browser.

The game is impressive and the highest quality graphic design and setting structures create a perfect and amazing gaming atmosphere where the diversity of the bonus offers brings more adventure and excitement. During the game, you can enjoy several types of multipliers and free spins which increases the chances of winning significantly. So, if you are looking for an adventurous and high-quality game experience, Foxy Wild Heart is the perfect choice for you!