Fruit Bonanza Slot Review – Magical Slot By Play’n GO

April 25, 2022

Fruit Bonanza was released by a well-known software development provider called Play’n GO many years ago and it has maintained popularity and engagement until today due to top-quality services. If you wish to enjoy an old classic playing interface along with several added features then this slot was definitely established for you! 

It will take you to the good old days when casino games were still at the stage of development and every slot mainly contained simple elements. They are still pretty famous among punters nowadays, since old slots arouse nostalgic feelings and furnish them with enormous satisfaction. 

This is the reason why well-aged slots are still highly playable today and in this article, we are going to write a Fruit Bonanza guide in order to inform you about all the advantages you will meet here!  

We would like to start by mentioning the basic game mechanics of this game. Fruit Bonanza features an RTP of 95.68% which lies in the average category of the gambling world and you will be able to generate the winning combinations frequently with the help of medium volatility. 

Fruit Bonanza review

However, you should not expect to win huge amounts often, but if you get really lucky there is a possibility to receive a jackpot worth 5.555x your stake which is the highest payout of Fruit Bonanza! 

As for the playing area, you will come across a standard layout of 5 reels and 3 rows, whereas 9 paylines are responsible for creating winning combinations. The minimum amount of bet you can place here is 0.10 GBP and the maximum includes 5 GBP! 

As we have said above, Fruit Bonanza is a representation of an old classic slot since you will run into all the components connected to the first-ever games launched years ago. The most obvious sign indicating classic elements is that every symbol is displayed as various kinds of fruits. 

The overall gaming interface is highly simplified with diverse bright colors and by doing so, Play’n GO made sure to make every visitor travel back to old times and experience an evocative atmosphere!   

We also want to mention that there are a lot of Fruit Bonanza demo versions available online and you should try them if you wish to better acquire all the abilities of this slot. By doing so, you will be ready to gamble with Fruit Bonanza real money very soon! 

A Better Look At Fruit Bonanza Design Aspects

Fruit Bonanza guide

The design of Fruit Bonanza is nothing special and out of the ordinary since it is a classic game that will make every visitor go on an adventure to the old times when slots were still a new thing. So, it is all about fruits such as strawberries, oranges, coconuts, cherries, and leaves, and moreover, there is a horseshoe and a lucky number seven as well. 

Various bright colors represent those icons and they really create a delightful playing atmosphere as you spin the reels. Fruit Bonanza features a simple green-colored background as well with some leaves on both sides. The green background once again underlines the old-fashioned layout since back in those days they mainly used green color to establish slots. 

What’s more, since every detail is simplified in this game, every newcomer will not have any difficulty playing Fruit Bonanza properly. Every essential button and information is presented on the screen and you simply need to choose the amount of bet and press the green circle button located on the right side. 

The developers of Play’n GO made sure to play this slot comfortably for smartphone users as well since they have created a Fruit Bonanza mobile version that provides the same high-quality services. 

Fruit Bonanza Audio – How Does It Feel? 

The audio of Fruit Bonanza feels amazing since it follows the vibe of the game excellently. You will hear pleasing sound effects that mainly feature electronic music as in every old classic slot. One thing making it different from the majority of traditional casino games is that the soundtrack is only played when you make a spin and it stops as soon as all the reels are played. 

It is extremely important for every casino game to include appealing sound effects in the background that will connect to the game design perfectly. It means that every player will be engaged in the game for a long time without getting bored and Play’n GO has created fascinating music for Fruit Bonanza.

Fruit Bonanza Game Mechanics Explained

Fruit Bonanza slot

Do you want to know how to play Fruit Bonanza properly? Then you should read this section carefully. First of all, we want to note that every symbol pays out differently and the highest one is obviously a lucky number seven that will reward you with 3.500x your bet if you catch a five of a kind. 

The somewhat unique attribute of this game is the possibility to gamble with coins. There are several slots that also include this feature and they allow punters to choose the number of coins that will set the amount of bet accordingly depending on the number of playing lines. The value of the coin is 0.10GBP and you are not able to place more than 5 GBP in this game. 

Furthermore, Fruit Bonanza includes a scatter symbol that will give you extra coins depending on the collected amount. It starts with 2x and goes up to 400x in case you catch five scatter icons, so you need to watch out for it since the rewards might be tremendous!

Fruit Bonanza Bonus Game At a Glance

Fruit Bonanza game

We have to highlight that you should not expect Fruit Bonanza free spins in this slot since it does not feature a standard bonus game. However, it includes even better opportunities to win a huge amount of money. As you enter the game you will see four types of jackpots displayed on the top including Super Jackpot, Bonanza Jackpot, Juice Jackpot, and Fruit Jackpot.

You can obtain every offer mentioned above by collecting jackpot symbols on the reels called the horn of plenty. In order to win the fruit jackpot, you need to catch three jackpot icons on any active line, whereas the four jackpot figures will give you the juice jackpot. 

As for the Bonanza and Super jackpots, you will win them by gathering five jackpot symbols. However, for the first one, you need them to be on lines 1 through 8, and the super jackpot needs every symbol to be on line 9. 

When the jackpot is won, the value will reset to the seed value in the jackpot panels. The seed value for the jackpot starts at 25 EUR and goes up to 25.000 EUR for the super jackpot! Also, it is important to note that you can only earn any of the jackpot offers when you play with maximum coins!

As you can tell, despite lacking a bonus game and free spins, Fruit Bonanza includes an enormous possibility to award you huge prizes!  

Wrapping Up

In this Fruit Bonanza review, we have thoroughly described all the characteristics of a popular game that was released by Play’n GO. It has every component that will remind you of the old days when slots were still developing in the gambling world. It will definitely make you feel nostalgic and therefore, Fruit Bonanza is still played today by a vast number of punters from all around the world. Moreover, it includes four types of jackpots and you are able to win 25.000 EUR if you are really lucky!