Gamblelicious Hold and Win Review – Experience Wealthy Game With Jackpot Offers

June 30, 2022

Gamblelicious Hold and Win is a brand new slot video game from Booming Games, which is one of the most popular game providers in the gambling industry. The game was released in April of 2022 but despite that short period, it is already quite popular with the users. An impressive graphic design and diverse bonus opportunities make the Gamblelicious Hold and Win very special compared to other slot machines. For those who like wealthy designs and playing with many free spin or multiplier opportunities, this game is for you!

Gamblelicious Hold and Win itself includes 5 reels and 3 rows. The number of paylines is 25 which is quite high for that type of slot game. That means that on every four spins there is a high probability that the user will get a bonus feature or win a significant amount of reward.  With the volatility, the level is high so with the suggested options, Gamblelicious Hold and Win is perfect for risky and motivated users. 

The game is oriented to suggest the user’s diverse possibilities of winning. That is why Gamblelicious Hold and Win bonus features include several types of free spins, the function of hold and spin, several types of multipliers, respins, bonuses from wild and scatter symbols, and finally, the feature called Lock it Link. The game is all about riches and accordingly, is focused on rewards which are also outlined in the game design full of gold and diamond visual elements.

Gamblelicious Hold And In Review

The characters and symbols mostly include the regular symbols such as letters, numbers, and card symbols, and more paying symbols such as dice, diamonds, golds, and others.  The game has a pretty high RTP level which is 95.90%. Yes, it is a little bit lower than the gold standard RTP ratio which is 96.00% but with diverse bonus options, you still have the chance to get some attractive rewards. The minimum amount is 0.25 GBP whereas the maximum limit is 250 GBP. 

Money-themed slot games are accessible to any device user. With the high compatibility, this is a great chance for mobile, tablet, and desktop users to enjoy this diverse featured game. For high-quality accessibility, the team creators of Gamblelicious Hold and Win use the technology of HTML5 and JS.

For those who want to try this gaming experience without any kind of risk and loss, the Gamblelicious Hold and Win demo version is a perfect fit. Down below we will outline more specific details, game mechanics, and the bonus features for you. Gamblelicious Hold and Win guide will help you to find out more about this wonderful slot game and decide if it is worth trying. 

A Better Look At Gamblelicious Hold and Win’s Design Aspects

Gamblelicious Hold and Win designs are not unique because many slot machines have similar designs which are connected to wealth and money. But the main specialty of this slot game is the quality of visual elements and design. Compared to other slot machines, Gamblelicious Hold and Win creates a really rich atmosphere during the gaming. It is simple, not busy, and wealthy at the same time. 

When a user starts playing, the playground has a pretty simple background. Foggy light red with the mountains of golden coins. The playboard is in dark blue with minimalistic golden details. 

Gamblelicious Hold And In Free Spins

When it comes to the symbol designs, the main focus is to create 3D effects for a realistic gaming atmosphere. The features and visuals are not unique or different but it is relevant to the topic. Here, you can find classic symbols which are mostly regular paying ones such as numbers, letters, card symbols, and special ones. For example, blue diamond dice, big diamonds, and golden coins. Gamblelicious Hold and Win design will travel the users in the world of gold mountains. 

Gamblelicious Hold and Win Audio – How Does It Feel?

Because the main theme is connected to wealth and money, the game soundtrack is focused on dynamic but decent music notes. The quality of the audio is pretty impressive. The slow soundtrack acts as a motivator and the full of gold graphic design elements create the perfect mood for playing. 

From the settings section or from the main screen any user can easily control the sound options. They can increase, mute, or decrease the volume and enjoy the game in a more comfortable way. 

Gamblelicious Hold and Win Game Mechanics Explained

The game is a 5×3 type slot machine which means that for earning some bonuses or winnings, the player needs to match at least three identical symbols on the reel. The frequency of winning and the number of paylines outlines that the winning chances are pretty realistic for new or already experienced users who have more knowledge of game strategies and mechanics. The main principle for Gamblelicious Hold and Win is similar to other classic slot machines. There are several categories of symbols and each of them gives a different amount or type of bonuses to users. The Gamblelicious Hold and Win slot has a pretty diverse bonus feature which means that even matching low-paying regular symbols can be profitable and enough for a significant number of winning. 

The regular symbols are card suits which give only x2 of the total stake. The middle paying symbols are dice that activate higher multipliers. The special symbols which have higher payouts are coins which are also called value symbols, wilds, and free spin symbols which look like a golden coin with the title of ‘Free spins.’ The main symbol is a huge diamond which gives the player an x10 multiplier of the bet. On the other hand, if the player lands at least three special symbols, he/she will get multipliers x2, x3, x4, and x5 of the player’s stake.  

Gamblelicious Hold And Win Real Money

Gamblelicious Hold and Win Bonus Game At A Glance

For those who want to experience gaming with a diverse choice of bonus features, Gamblelicious Hold and Win is perfect for them. As we mentioned before, the game suggests several types of bonus offers such as multipliers, free spins and rounds,  Hold and Spin, Bonus Games, and others. The bonus type depends on the matched symbol. 3 matched regular symbols are not enough for earning free spins or high multipliers but it still gives the way to increasing the amount of winning from  x2 to x10 of the player’s stake. 

Gamblelicious Hold and Win free spins will be activated after the players will land at least three spin symbols on the reel. It will give them 8 free spins. To activate the Hold and Win bonus feature, which includes earning 3 respins, the user needs to match 6 coin symbols on the reel.  This bonus will be finished after filling the entire playing field. The coins that were collected, will be added to the player’s bankroll. 

The game also has the feature called ‘Quick Hit Bonuses’ which includes three types of jackpots. For earning the first and the second type jackpot, the player should match coin symbols in the reel. This jackpot is called mini and major and gives the users multipliers with x25 and x100 of the total state. The main jackpot which is called the Grand will increase the players winning by x1 000 of the total stake. So, the game is the perfect beginning for new users because it is very easy to earn free spins and rounds. 

Wrapping Up

Gamblelicious Hold and Win is a game with diverse options and offers. If we start with the visual effects, it brings the player to the wealthy world which is full of gold and treasure. The very impressive gaming atmosphere becomes more exciting with the high variety of bonus features. The game becomes the perfect option for all kinds of users no matter the device’s accessibility and experience. 

Having 3 types of jackpots, several free spin possibilities, and a chance to win with the matching of regular symbols gives us the chance to recommend this game to every slot lover. Even the low-paying symbols have a higher payout so they can not be considered classic regular symbols. All in all, the game is definitely worth your money, time, and attention.