Gemini Joker Slot Review – Enjoy Gaming With Diverse Bonus Opportunities

July 19, 2022

Gemini Joker is an excellent slot machine from very popular game provider Betsoft. The slot was released in May 2022 and after a short period of release, it has already become one of the most frequently played video slots. Gemini Joker offers you an impressive and enjoyable experience with diverse bonus opportunities and quite high payouts. If you are a bonus lover, during the gameplay, you can enjoy stacked symbols, star bonuses, respins, bonus wheels, and multipliers. So, if you are looking for a fun experience, that is the perfect game for you!

The game includes 5 reels and 3 rows, with 10 paylines. The volatility level for Gemini Joker is average and the RTP is pretty high. Even though it is not over the golden average standard of RTP which equals 96.00%, it is still a great option for players because they can get 95.61 USD back with the 100 USD placed bet. This means that the RTP for Gemini Joker is 95.61%. 

Gemini Joker Review

With Gemini Joker, the bonus game and scatter symbol bonuses are not available. But on the other hand, the game suggests high multipliers and a great opportunity to get high winnings. So, for those, who want to feel the extreme of the high payouts, you can play Gemini Joker for real money and win the x1 700 of your total stake. 

The theme of the slot is fun and different. From the title, it shows that the main characters are two jokers who bring you into their world, full of colors and positive vibes. Betsoft gives you a great possibility to enjoy this magnificent slot game anywhere and anytime. That is why they use HTML5 technology which maximizes the accessibility level of any device. That means that the Gemini Joker mobile version is available for Android and iOS. 

The game is a wonderful start for inexperienced, new players. They have a low-risk level, high RTP ratio, and most importantly, great bonus varieties. Make sure to check out the Gemini Joker guide down below, so you do not miss the main features of the game. 

A Better Look At Gemini Joker’s Design Aspects

Today, there are thousands of different themed slot games where you can find ancient culture, space, bestseller books, and movie elements. But these games do not bring you the emotions and aesthetics that the classical slot games have. That is why classic slot design always will be the best and the most enjoyable design for most players.

Gemini Joker Mobile

For those who want to feel the classic slot design with improved elements and high-quality graphic symbols, Gemini Joker is the perfect option for them. The main theme is simple but very impressive. The game is full of colors and lights where two funny jokers will bring more positive emotions and excitement.

When you start playing, in the background you can see the amazing colorful background with the impressive blue and pink neon lights. The setting sections and buttons are designed simply and framed with golden ornaments. The playboard is impressive, golden framed with joker-themed columns. The color of the board is dark purple which outlines the symbols amazingly. Behind the playboard, you can see the main character of the game, a colorful and funny joker. 

Gemini Joker includes classic slot machine symbols. More specifically, here you can find plum, cherries, watermelon, diamond star, and golden dice. Pink and yellow jokers act like wild symbols. All in all, during the gameplay, you will enjoy impressive visuals that create an exciting space for everyone.

Gemini Joker Audio – How Does It Feel?

Do you know what the classic soundtrack of the slot machines is? If you do not, check out the positive and funny audio from Gemini Joker. Here you will enjoy high rhymes with fun sound notes and energized music which brings more excitement during the game.

The audio is fully relevant to the theme but if you want to enjoy the game without it, from the main page or the settings section, you can easily control the sound volume or use the ‘mute’ button. 

Gemini Joker Demo

Gemini Joker Game Mechanics Explained

Imagine the slot game with classic rules and principles. This is full of multiplier bonuses, where landing at least 3 identical symbols on each reel will give you an increased winning amount. Similar to the other slot machines, the number of multipliers in Gemini Joker depends on how many and what type of symbols will be landed on the reel.

To outline the great multipliers, let’s start with the low-paying symbols. This list includes fruit symbols: cherries, watermelon, and plum. If you land 3 of these symbols, you can increase the total bet from x0.2 to x0.7. If you match 5 of these symbols, the multipliers get higher and increase your winning from x0.5 to x2. 

With the medium-paying symbols, you can increase your bet from x1 to x2 multiplier, if you land at least three golden dice or diamond stars. Whereas landing five of them will increase your winning from x5 to x10. 

The highest-paying symbols are jokers. They act as a wild symbol and landing 3 of them will give you a multiplier of x5. But if you land five of the jokers on the reel, you will get an x25 of the total stake.

In this 5×3 classic slot game, the minimum amount of bet is 0.10 USD and the maximum number is 10 USD. From the first impression, you may think that this low range of bets won’t give you high winnings. However, the highest payout is x1 700 of the total bet and with the mentioned multipliers, you can win more than 17 000 USD.

Gemini Joker Real Money

Gemini Joker Bonus Game At A Glance

Gemini Joker is full of different bonuses. Here you can enjoy multipliers, wild symbol bonuses, respins, and other great opportunities. All of them increase the winning chances and the probability of landing winning combinations. 

Gemini Joker free spins can be earned by matching identical symbols on the first two reels. It will be activated if the matched symbols won’t have winning paylines. Also, there is a multiplier wheel that is the greatest feature for increasing the winning.

It can be activated randomly after landing several symbols. During this feature, the new page will be open where the wheel comes with multipliers from x2 to x10. After the spin, your winning amount can be increased randomly. 

Wrapping Up

Gemini Joker is the perfect choice for every type of player. First of all, this is the improved version of the classic slot machine with a great, impressive, and simple design with wonderful winning possibilities. It is fully oriented to maximize your chances and positive emotions during the playing. Even if you are an inexperienced player, you can easily try this game because it is featured with low risk and a high variety of bonus offers. So, you can easily increase the winning amounts and rewards by multipliers and free spins. 

With the high accessibility and great gaming opportunities, we consider that Gemini Joker is worth your attention because here, you will enjoy the impressive gaming atmosphere and diverse bonus opportunities.