Goal By Spribe – Score a Goal and Win

April 25, 2022

The goal is a simple yet high-class game launched by the industry’s leading software development provider called Spribe. This game is intended for every gambler who is fascinated with football since the gaming mechanism resembles strongly to the football field where you have to score a goal in order to win the match. Here, you also need to reach the finish and score to win a lot of money. As you may have already guessed, the game is named according to this fact.

There is a special interest in Spribe games from punters all around the world due to various factors. First of all, they all consist of a simplified playing interface and easy-to-understand game mechanics. So we are seeing a tremendous engagement in Goal as well. This is the reason we are writing a Goal review where you will learn all the essential characteristics of this highly popular game. 

For starters, we want to mention that Goal features pretty attractive qualities in terms of game mechanics. Just in every Spribe game, you will come across an RTP of 97% here which is a very high number and it is promising to return you substantial amounts on average after gambling. 

This game also includes high volatility which means that Goal does not furnish you with winnings very often, but when it does, you are guaranteed to get enormous prizes. So, it will be a good idea to wait for your chances and in the end, your patience will be credited accordingly. So, as you can tell, despite being a mini-game, it still offers pretty lucrative opportunities! 

As we have noted, Goal was created especially for every football lover and you will be assured of this as soon as you enter the game. Your main objective is to cross the entire playing field in order to reach the end and receive huge prizes. So, it is pretty similar to the rules of football, hence the name Goal. 

Furthermore, we want to highlight that it is quite simple to play this game since the game mechanics were constructed in a straightforward way. If it is your first time playing here, don’t worry, because you only need to press a few buttons in order to get the most benefit out of this game. There is not any further knowledge or skills required, unlike other casino games.  

However, we still recommend testing a Goal demo version first in order to learn all the features thoroughly. There are countless gambling platforms providing them and as a result, you will be able to gamble with Goal real money as soon as possible!  

A Better Look At Goal Design Aspects

Goal guide

When it comes to the design aspects of Goal, you will run into a playing area that resembles a football field drastically. The name itself will prepare you for this and as soon as you open the game you will see everything colored green. The green color is obviously the sign of a football field and it has an eye-catching effect on every visitor as well. 

There is a betting section on the left side of the screen where you have the possibility to place your bets and choose the convenient size of the playing field. Right below this area lies a “Bet” button that helps you to start gambling. 

The right side of the game is taken by the main playing sector which consists of 28 squares at the beginning, but you are able to reduce or increase the number according to your wishes. Below the playing area, you will see a number of multipliers written under every line. 

We encounter a classic layout at the top of the screen that characterizes Spribe games. There is information written on the top left side about provably fair technology and on the right side, there are different options displayed such as animation, volume, bets history, free bets, and so on. 

One of the most attractive features of Spribe is that they offer a suitable playing environment for every device. We have to say that the Goal mobile version is as enjoyable as the real one due to its high-class and enchanting graphics. So, you will not have a hard time playing there either as all the necessary buttons are presented on the screen.

Goal Audio – How Does It Feel?

One more common thing that makes Spribe games stand out among every casino game is that they don’t feature music in the background. You will only hear some kind of sound effects for every button you press and at the time when you choose the squares on the field. Otherwise, there is no soundtrack presented in the background of the game, and we have to say that it does not even bother the majority of visitors! 

Goal Game Mechanics Explained

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We will teach you how to play Goal properly in this section. As we have mentioned above, your main goal is to cross the playing field in order to win the highest amount of money in this game. But first of all, you need to place the bet via the betting area and choose the right size of this field with it. 

There are a total of three options when it comes to the size of the field – a small one that contains 12 squares, a medium one that has 28 squares, and a big field providing 50 squares. Obviously, the number of multipliers increases with the size of the playing arena. Usually, it starts with the medium one but you can change it in the settings.

As soon as you place bets and start playing, you have to open one square on each line and in case you guess correctly, the ball will pop up in that square and you will be advanced to the next round. You have the opportunity to withdraw your money after each successful outcome, but as you continue playing your winnings might increase significantly. 

Take into mind that just like every Spribe game Goal is built with provably fair technology as well. This means that every round will be completely fair and safe, and you are able to check this by yourself. So, there is no need to worry about anything when gambling in this game! 

Wrapping Up

Goal demo

We have created this Goal guide in order to provide detailed information about a famous mini-game. You will run into a high-quality playing interface here due to the fact that it was provided by a top software development company called Spribe. 

Moreover, this game features pretty high RTP and volatility meaning that you have a chance to obtain enormous prizes in case you cross the playing field and reach the end successfully!