Hell Hot 100 Slot Review – Fruit on Fire

April 8, 2022

Hell Hot 100 is a video slot with a classic template presented by the reputable gaming company and provider Endorphina. The game comes with a couple of basic features that the players may find important. 

Players worldwide have the opportunity to play Hell Hot 100 online in 24 languages, which creates a huge convenience for monolingual gamblers. There is the possibility of playing the Hell Hot 100 demo version if you are the type of player who would like to check the game out for free before betting any real money on it. 

The game can be played on mobile and desktop platforms with very high quality. If you are looking for a way to pass the time and claim big wins with a classic type of slot that can be found online at crypto casinos where you can make transactions using digital coins, this game is for you.

The slot has an RTP of exactly 96% – the same as the standard Casio Games’ RTP, and comes with an above-average level of variance, therefore, the winnings may not occur frequently, but when you land a winning combination the payout will be big. Speaking of winnings, with this game you could win up to 1000x the initial bet and the maximum bet can be 100 EUR. 

A Better Look At Hell Hot 100 Visual Aspects

The game has a simple design of a classic video slot. The reels are set on a red background with visible flames and the sparks going up the screen as if something was burning below the slot. 

The symbols of the game are the usual Lucky Seven, and fruit symbols that we are used to from classic Vegas type of slots. However, that’s not all, the symbols have a golden glow – they are lit as the fire. The Wild symbol is just that – a simple illustration of fire.

Hell Hot 100 win

Once the winning line lands on the reels, the symbols catch fire with a jumping golden light presenting the paying combinations.

Altogether the setting of the game truly makes you think of a hot hell where all you would see was red, the game sparks heat with its fiery graphics. You can see the high quality of the visuals on Hell Hot 100 mobile version as well as you would see it on a desktop platform. 

Hell Hot 100 Audio – How Does It Feel?

The slot doesn’t have a specific soundtrack in the form of background music but it does come with sound effects. When you hit the spin button you can hear a click. The reels spin with a machine working sound and each reel stops with another click sound. 

In the case of landing a win, the game celebrates with a classic slot machine sound creating a unique melody for the Hell Hot 100 slot.

Hell Hot 100 Game Mechanics Explained

The game is a classic slot with typical symbols and simple rules, but with modernized mechanics and just a few exciting elements. In case the readers need more information, you don’t need to look any further, this paragraph of the article can be used as your Hell Hot 100 guide. 

Hell Hot 100 has 100 pay lines as you may have already guessed from its name. The 5-reel 4-row game needs to have the regular symbols landing from leftmost on pay lines and the adjacent reels to give a payout. In the case of landing several paying combinations at once, only the highest-paying line will be paid.

Hell Hot 100 wild feature

The game comes with a substituting Wild symbol that may appear stacked on the reels – the symbol pays 10x the bet. The Scatter symbol is also present in the symbols’ list and 5 of it pays 500x the bet. This symbol pays if you land at least three of it anywhere on the reels.

You are also given the opportunity to multiply your winnings and boost your adrenaline with a risky game. 

Hell Hot 100 Bonus Game At A Glance

Hell Hot 100 gives you a chance to double your winnings in this double-or-nothing game. In case you are the type of gamer who likes to take tricky roads for more excitement and the anticipation of double prizes, then this bonus game is for you.

You need to land a winning combination in order to be presented with a little gamble feature button at the bottom of the screen – the button is noticeable because it’s a little red cards symbol. 

The gamble feature presents you with 4 closed and one open card – you may already know the deal – pick one card from the closed cards and if the value is higher of your chosen card than the value of the open card – you have multiplied your winnings by 2x. But if it’s less than the value of the open card, then you have lost your winnings. If you win the risky game, you can continue doubling your prizes – you get 10 attempts, but if you lose then the game is over. 

Hell Hot 100 gamble to win

All closed cards can be higher than the dealer’s card or all of them could be lower than the dealer’s card. The cards could reappear from round to round. 

The card that beats all the others is Joker, the Joker will never be in the dealer’s hands, if you pick a card with the same value as the dealer’s card then the game will end with a draw and nothing will happen to your winnings. 

In case you don’t want to take a risk, hit the take the win button and you will collect whatever you may have won from the risk game and end gambling.

The average RTP of the risk game is 84%, but your chances are different based on the card that the dealer has. 

Wrapping Up

Hell Hot 100 is a video slot with a classic template that may capture the players’ attention with its vibrant design and heated gameplay experience.

The slot has a red background and fiery symbols fitting the hell-hot theme. With 100 pay lines and huge payouts, the players are promised big wins and prizes. The slot offers the players a risky feature that lets you gamble with your winnings and possibly double your prizes. 

The convenience of the game is shown with a mobile version, a demo version, and the opportunity to pick one out of over 20 languages to play the slot with. 

All in all, the Hell Hot 100 is a wonderful experience for the players who wish to play a classic slot with a little twist.