Hilo By Spribe – Guess The Correct Card and Win

April 25, 2022

Hilo is a popular mini-game that was created by one of the top software development companies called Spribe. This game has become famous due to its straightforward playing mechanics and Spribe has also provided some additional attributes in order to make it even more exciting. Just in every Spribe product, you need to have a really good intuition in order to benefit maximally in Hilo, and the rewards might be enormous if it is your lucky day! 

Hilo has been attracting the attention of punters from all over the world ever since its release since there is a chance to generate high winnings in a split second. This is a pretty common characteristic for Spribe games, and that’s why people are choosing to gamble here. In this article, we want to write a Hilo guide where we will explain all the features of this simple yet amazing game. 

For starters, you should know that the playground is built in a straightforward way meaning that all the necessary information is available on the screen. Every player including newbies will not have any difficulty playing it since Hilo is based on pure lack and no specific skills are needed to win in this game. Do you think you have an enviable intuition? If the answer is yes, then Hilo was definitely created for you! 

Compared to the traditional Hilo games, we can see some added elements in the Spribe version. For instance, in standard games, there is only one card displayed on the screen that you have to guess, whereas the Spribe game features three cards in order to make the gambling time even more pleasing!

When it comes to the game mechanics, we want to note that just like every other Spribe game, Hilo also includes appealing qualities. You will meet high volatility here, which means that Hilo will furnish you with big amounts of winnings but not very frequently, so you need to be patient when gambling here! 

Moreover, this mini-game features an RTP of 97% which is considered one of the highest numbers in the gambling world. For those who are not familiar with this term, it means that Hilo will return you 97 USD on average if you decide to wager 100 USD. Needless to say, this is a pretty generous proposal that every player should take advantage of! 

Do you want to play with Hilo real money? Our suggestion would be to try out a Hilo demo version first in order to better acquire all the game mechanics. This is a very convenient way to familiarize yourself with the game before gambling and as a result, you will be ready for the real fun very soon! 

A Better Look At Hilo Design Aspects

Hilo guide

Hilo bears a strong resemblance to every other Spribe game in terms of design aspects. You will encounter different colors in the background of their products and Hilo features a dark yellow layout. The dark theme helps your eyes not to get tired easily and makes an overall pleasing atmosphere.

On the right side of the screen, you will see a betting sector, where you have the possibility to place as many bets as you want to. There are even some of the most frequently used amounts provided such as 1 USD, 3 USD, 5 USD, and 10 USD in order to select easily. Below the betting area, there is a “Bet” button that helps you to start gambling in this game. 

On the left side of the screen, you will come across the main playing section where one card is face-up and the deck of cards is located upside down next to it. The cards have a standard outlook with classic colors, so you will have a pretty easy time identifying them. 

We can see one more characteristic of Spribe by looking at the top right and left sides of the screen. There is information regarding provably fair technology and its working mechanism provided on the left, whereas the right side includes the following options – volume, animations, bets history, free bets, provably fair, and how to play info.

We want to highlight that this high-class game is suitable for smartphones as well since the developers of Spribe have worked hard to establish a Hilo mobile version as well. You will encounter the same quality of performance in terms of game mechanics and playing interface. So, this mini-game is playable on all kinds of devices comfortably! 

Hilo Audio – How Does It Feel? 

When it comes to the audio of Hilo, we have to say that it does not feature traditional music that you hear in slots. This is another sign of Spribe production since they don’t include any kind of soundtrack in all their games. However, a vast number of punters do not even consider this as a drawback and they say that the games are still highly enjoyable. 

On the other hand, you will hear standard sound effects when you press every button. Also, when the cards are dealt on the screen they feature a classic sound that you hear in every card game on the gambling platforms. So, it is not an entirely mute game.

Hilo Game Mechanics Explained

Hilo demo

Do you want to learn how to play Hilo appropriately? We have good news for you, this game is extremely straightforward and the rules are very simple. You are not required to have specific skills or knowledge compared to other casino games as you only need to have an excellent intuition to win in Hilo. 

The first step is choosing the right amount of bet. One card is already in the face-up position as we have mentioned above and as soon as you press the “Bet” button you will see that three cards will pop up in the middle that will be upside down. 

Along with these three cards, two additional buttons will appear indicating “low or same” and “high or same”. Your main goal is to guess correctly whether the next card will have a higher or lower value compared to the face-up card that was dealt in the beginning. 

These buttons will also display the number of winnings in case you predict the card correctly and it will be written right below their names. You need to press one of the buttons, then you will see that those three cards will shine in blue color and you have to select one of them.

If your prediction is correct, then you will earn a payout accordingly that was indicated before, and another three cards will be dealt on the screen and this process will be continued until you lose the round. Take into mind that you are able to withdraw your winnings after each successful result! 

In case you fail to guess the card correctly, the round is lost immediately and with it goes your bet. So, as we have noted above, you need to have a pretty good intuition to choose properly. Furthermore, every player is guaranteed completely fair and safe results in every round with the help of provably fair technology. It allows you to check the result of every round and be assured of fairness. 

Wrapping Up

Hilo mobile

In this Hilo review, you have read all the essential information regarding a well-known game that is played in the majority of casinos. It is one more great production of the industry’s leading software development provider called Spribe that has added some innovative elements in order to make the gambling time more enjoyable for you. Due to high RTP and volatility players are able to earn huge amounts of money in this game, but the most important quality required in this game is obviously intuition!