Hut With Chicken Legs: The Spooky Story With Free Spins

August 26, 2022

Prestigious software company called Spinomenal suggests a very mysterious and interesting virtual journey in the world of Slavic fairy tales. If you were one of those children who were scared of wooden houses with chicken legs, this brand new slot will remind you of the fear of witches and spooky creatures. The impressively designed game with a unique storyline creates a very exciting atmosphere every player will enjoy. You might get a little scared of dangerous and creepy-looking characters such as old women with shining eyes and devil king with green neon eyes. But, all in all, it creates a very impressive aesthetic as well as a unique gaming journey. So if you are looking for a fascinating experience, you should play Hut With Chicken Legs real money that can be played on major online casino websites.

Hut With Chicken Legs is the game with 5 reels and 4 rows. The total number of betting ways is 100. The gaming conditions are pretty great and suggest you high RTP level of 96.00% which is the same as the average ratio in the gambling industry. Also, the volatility level is high and the maximum amount of payout equals x3 000 of the placed stake. The main requirement is to create an account and place a bet between 0.01 USD and 100 USD. This creepy but very attractive aesthetic game gives you an amazing possibility to win 300 000 USD in total. 

Hut With Chicken Legs Demo

Thanks to JS and HTML5 technologies, you should not worry about the accessibility level because the Hut With Chicken Legs mobile version is available for every device user. This fairy tale-based game suggests the players’ different special features which make the winning chances more realistic. Down below, during this Hut With Chicken Legs guide, we will describe everything for you! So continue reading and do not miss any detail!

A Better Look At Hut With Chicken Legs’ Design Aspects

The game’s graphic visual is inspired by the very popular Slavic fairy tale where the main symbol is the old wooden house with giant, creepy chicken legs. The house belongs to the old woman called Kashcei who is a dangerous witch. But Kaschei is not the only creepy symbol you will meet in the gameplay. The whole aesthetic brings a dangerous creepy vibe but also creates a very unique and interesting atmosphere. Realistically designed symbols include a wooden monster with dark hair,  the king with neon green eyes, fiery birds, giant purple moons, and the main symbol, the creepy house with legs. The board also is designed with magical-looking golden ornaments and is painted in black.

Behind the semi-transparent board, you can see a very mystic landscape. A dark forest with giant trees, shadows, shining fireflies, and gray mist. All in all, brings very spooky adventurous vibes and makes the game more special.

Hut With Chicken Legs Audio – How Does It Feel?

To maximize the vibes of mysticism and magic, the team of creators uses pretty tensed melodies with spooky low rhythms, different musical instruments, and calm notes. This slow music is perfect for visual aesthetics and brings the player into the story of this fairy tale.

Hut With Chicken Legs Mobile

Hut With Chicken Legs Game Mechanics Explained 

This 5-reel game includes 8 different regular symbols. Similar to other slots, the symbols with the lowest multipliers are letters and numbers, but on the other hand, their multipliers are pretty high too. For example, after landing the lowest-paying symbols, the minimum payouts you can get are from x10 to x15 of the stake while the highest ones are from x20 to x40. 

The symbols from the fairy tale stories are medium-paying. If you land a wooden witch or king symbol on the reel, you will get multipliers from x20 to x120 of the placed bet. The witch symbol has higher payouts and can increase the winning amount by x60, x200, and x600 of the stake. The highest payouts you can get from the fiery bird symbol. After landing a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 of the bird symbol you will be able to increase your winning by x70, x300, and x1 000 of the total stake. 

Additionally, if you wish to try the game just for fun at first and then start playing for real money prizes, you can play Hut With Chicken Legs demo mode which is available on different online casino websites. You will not be required to place any amount of bet or create a user account. 

Hut With Chicken Legs Review

Hut With Chicken Legs Bonus Game At A Glance

This unique gaming journey is full of different bonus suggestions. This will make your journey more magical and unforgettable. Let’s start with the wild symbol bonus which is the wooden house symbol with the purple forest background. This is a great symbol that helps you to match more winning combinations and also, after landing at least 5 of them, your winning amount will be raised by x3 000 of the stake. The game also includes a stacked wild symbol which only appears during the bonus round and increases the hit frequency of winning combinations.

The giant purple moon is the scatter symbol and helps you to get Hut With Chicken Legs free spins. You need to collect at least 3 of them to get 10 free spins. More scatters mean a higher number of extra spins. For example, 4 scatters will give you 25 spins whereas at least 5 matched moon symbols will give you 100 free spins. 

Wrapping Up

Hut With Chicken Legs is a game with enormous winning possibilities and unique visual aesthetics. The inspiration from this creepy fairy tale creates a perfect and very interesting space for playing, where the realistically designed characters and impressive magical landscapes bring more excitement to the gameplay. The high payouts from the regular matched symbols give every kind of player a wonderful chance to win a high amount of prizes. 

Do not forget the amazing possibility to get 100 free spins and high payouts from special symbols. They are increasing their winning chances significantly. All in all, makes Hut With Chicken Legs a very impressive game that creates an unforgettable journey for everyone. We advise you to start playing Hut With Chicken Legs as soon as possible!