Jet X by SmartSoft Gaming: Overview

October 4, 2022

The JetX game is one of the innovative productions of SmartSoft Gaming, a rapidly growing developer that has attracted players’ attention with its wide range of unique slots. 

This recent one-of-a-kind title has become one of the main players pushing the company’s status and fame as far as it can. 

Jet X is an engaging and intriguing crash game in an arcade-style, with catchy aesthetics, modern audiovisuals, and advanced functions. So, instead of traditional rows, paylines, and reels characteristic of slot machines, here you will find an absolutely different theme and gameplay. To be more precise, SmartSoft’s JetX casino game is based on a single jet that flies as far and as high as possible to reward you with big wins and prizes. And though, on first look, it may seem like a typical video game, the functions and features it owns will take any player’s gambling experience several levels higher. 

Want to try out the game? It’s easy! Discover all the top casinos featuring JetX at our website, pick your favorite, and start playing. 

Jet X Slot

Play Online JetX for Real Money

At almost all well-known online casinos, you can play the JetX betting game both for real money or for free in the demo version. 

If you are new to the gambling industry, especially in casino games, and want to try JetX, you can use the demo mode version. This is a perfect opportunity and good experience for new players to learn the game strategies and rules in practice without worrying about losing real money. In order to make a free JetX bet, just follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the official site of your selected online casino.
  • Choose the JetX game.
  • Find the “Demo Mode” button and click on it to make a free bet.
  • Begin playing without risking or depositing your money.

Once you try out the game’s demo version, master the skills, and test the techniques, you can already switch to real money mode. 

JetX Game Mechanics

Jet X is quite different from regular slot games. It has a random number generator integrated into the game system and takes the shape of a jet that flies higher every time odds increase. As long as this plane rises, your potential wins for that round will increase according to the random multiplier.

Jet X Slot How To Play

To win, you should bet and get out before the plane crashes. No one knows when it will explode, which, in turn, increases the interest in the game. So, your main goal is to get in and stop the flight while you’re still earning. There’s a lot of thrilling feeling involved, and the outcome of the round mainly depends on your luck.

RTP and Volatility 

JetX’s theoretical RTP rate is 96,7%. This is quite a good indicator allowing you to get pretty high wins.

As for the volatility of the game, it is medium, meaning that you can expect to get a decent amount of winnings of medium size.

Maximum Winning

How much you can win purely depends on the amount of your stake, how high the plane flies, and how long it takes. However, the maximum win you can possibly get in JetX is $20,000.

Betting, Prizes, and Bonuses

The minimum betting amount you can stake here is €0,10, while the maximum amount reaches €250. 

In terms of promotions and bonuses, the game is very generous and has a variety of offers for its players. 

  • The First Deposit Bonus: This JetX bonus refers to 100% matching up to $600. It means that if you deposit, for example, $600 into your personal account, the game will match this amount, and you will have $1200 to use on your bets.
  • The Second Deposit Bonus: It’s a 50% matching up to $300. It means that if you deposit, for example, $600 into your personal account, the game will match this amount, and you will have $900 to use on your bets.
  • The Third Deposit Bonus: With this bonus, JetX gives you an opportunity to get an extra $200, matching up to 25%. 

To activate one of these promos, you should make your first deposit, enter the JetX bonus code if available, and start betting. 

JetX: Features and Symbols

Jet X Bets

This game has no icons or unique features since it isn’t set up like a traditional slot machine. There is no paytable as well.

The only symbol in JetX is the jet itself which might explode at any time. 

Three Level Jackpot 

This casino game has a three-level jackpot feature that gathers even more interest around the slot. When the jet progresses, it will travel through three different levels: Space, Galaxy, and Planet. Each of them comes with a random jackpot. No matter your betting amount, if the jackpot successfully triggers, you will surely get your share of the winning.

JetX Mobile Game

Since the game is developed using HTML5 technology, you can easily play this slot on your mobile device. JetX can be accessed for free on a wide range of platforms as they are compatible with iOS, Android, Microsoft, and Mac operating systems. Moreover, you can also install the mobile app and play directly from your phone anytime you want. 

JetX Gambling: How to Play and Win With Jet X?

Jet X Slot Gameplay

Generally, the JetX game is based on the player’s greed. It means that the longer you wait, the higher the bet will fly, and the more your bets will increase. Moreover, the multiplier’s growth is unpredictable: it can be slow at the beginning, then it can eventually quickly grow once past 5x. The main point lies in the fact that the plane crashes at some point in time, and then the multiplier freezes. You should have withdrawn your wins right before that moment to be able to get your placed bet. The next round starts several moments later, giving you enough time to choose your new bets. And so on. 

Winning Strategies

There is no single JetX strategy that will guarantee you an absolute win. However, there are a few tips that you can use to maximize your chances of winning.

  1. Make sure to practice and sharpen your gaming skills by playing the demo version. This will allow you to learn more about the game and how it works.
  2. Always take advantage of the promotions and bonuses that Jet X casino sites offer. This will give you extra funds to play with, leading to more wins.
  3. Set a budget and always stick to it. This will help you to control your funds and avoid losing more money.

Apart from these technical tips, you can also use some practical strategies to succeed in the game. The core ones include:

  • Staking low on a high multiplier and staking high on a low multiplier.
  • Playing volatile and cashing out as soon as possible.
  • Applying the technique of Martingale.

However, you should remember that this is a game for entertainment, and there is no single way of ensuring a 100% winning outcome.

JetX Game Crash Predictor

As there are no proven ways to predict the future crash of JetX, various methods show up, helping to guess when it can happen. One such way is to check the history of crashes, which will give you a general idea of when explosions tend to occur.

Another well-known method is to use the JetX predictor tool. It uses particular algorithms trying to predict the upcoming crash time. 

However, it is important to note that these methods are not fully correct.


Is JetX Legit?

Yes, the game is fully legal.  However, to be sure, it’s essential to check your country’s laws and jurisdictions.

What is the Maximum You Can Win on the JetX by SmartSoft Gaming?

The theoretical maximum winning in JetX can be up to $20.000.

Where Can I Play JetX Online?

You can check out our website for the full list of all the best online casinos with the JetX game. Look through all the options we recommend and select the one satisfying your needs and preferences.

Can I Play JetX on Mobile?

Yes, you can! The game is mobile-friendly that works perfectly on all operating systems. 

How to Withdraw Money from JetX?

Withdrawing funds from your account is quite simple. Navigate to the “Withdraw” section, choose the amount you want to cash out, and get it by your preferred payment method during the next 24 hours.