Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll – Spectacular Slot By Kalamba Games

June 29, 2022

Kalamba Games is a relatively new company that has just entered the gambling industry, so it has yet to prove its abilities. They have certainly shown tremendous skills and qualities by providing a Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll slot that has already rivaled the majority of top-rated games. The developers have decided to revisit a classic theme and add some tremendous gameplay ideas to it that really paid off since we witness a great number of punters playing this game.

The theme of Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll is absolutely classic and it is inspired by classic slot machines, so you have a chance to experience a lot of basic slot symbols. Even though the lack of a real theme means that you can’t expect many fireworks, the production values are still adequate and the game runs extremely smoothly. So, we are writing a Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll guide where you will read about every essential aspect of this popular slot.

Joker Max-Hit ‘n’ Roll Demo

You will come across high volatility here which means that enormous prizes will be provided but not very often as the hit frequency is only 15.10%. On the other hand, the highest payout is an astonishing number – 50.000x your stake which is pretty rare in the majority of games nowadays. As for the betting range, it starts at 0.30 EUR, while the max bet is 60 EUR. 

It’s also worth pointing out that Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll comes with RTP ranges, so you will run into various RTPs on different gambling platforms. The RTP of this slot can be 91%, 93%, 95%, or 96% depending on the website you choose. 

If this game has attracted your attention, we would suggest playing a Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll demo version as it will help you to get familiar with the mechanics easily. As a result, you will be prepared to gamble with Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll real money in the future. 

A Better Look At a Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll Design Aspects

Joker Max Hit ‘n’ Roll Guide

The design of Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll is nothing special and unique as it is not loaded with a lot of elements. It is a pretty straightforward layout both in the background and in the main playing section as well. You will see a standard playground where there are 4 rows and 5 reels.

The background features dark blue and pink colors where rhombus figures are placed everywhere. So, you will not see any kind of sightseeing with buildings or characters in the back as you see in most slots. This one is for punters who enjoy a simple layout!

When it comes to the symbols, we have to note that you will encounter all kinds of stuff here starting from fruits and bells as well as a lucky number seven. It is worth noting that traditional card icons are not presented in this slot.

These symbols certainly work together to create eye-catching and mesmerizing sightseeing as you spin the reels. The diversification of colors is noticeable as well enhancing the pleasing vibes for every visitor. 

The gambling process will be very easy for players since every essential button is available on the screen. What’s more, Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll mobile version is as exciting as the original one since it provides the same quality of performance. So, you have a chance to enjoy this game on every device. 

Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll Audio – How Does It Feel?

Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll includes highly enchanting music in the background that follows the game flow perfectly. You will hear repetitive sound effects that are well connected to a playing interface and as a result, you will get the best gambling experience here! 

Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll Game Mechanics Explained 

Joker Max Hit ‘n’ Roll Mobile

Do you want to know how to play Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll? Then we will explain everything below. We’ve already mentioned that the slot draws inspiration from classic slot machines. That’s quite evident from its line-up of symbols, which starts with cherries, plums, grapes, and melons. These symbols aren’t all that valuable, as they pay only 0.6x your bet at most. 

Also, there are four-leaf clovers and bells, which will give you your stake back for a five-of-a-kind combination. Next, you will see BAR symbols, sevens, and jokers. Jokers are the most valuable symbols among the rest and they actually double as Wilds. This means that they can replace all the other figures in order to create winning combinations and they are worth up to 33.3x your bet.

It’s also important to note that Jokers can also come in 2x, 3x, and 5x variants. These are multiplier wilds that can get involved in wins and multiply them by their associated win multiplier.

Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll Bonus Game At a Glance

Joker Max Hit ‘n’ Roll Review

You have the opportunity to unlock the bonus game here as soon as you land three or more 

bonus icons. If you manage that you’ll get a spin on a wheel that will determine your prize. There are 3 types of prizes that you can win – Cashpots, free spins, and cash prizes.

The cashpot meter of the game is increased as you spin the reels and It is grown with all your bets, and you can generate it by collecting on the right segment during this feature. After that, it will reset back to its initial value. 

The same goes for the Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll free spins since the free spins Meter is right next to the cashpot meter and it works in the same way. On the other hand, you are able to receive free spins with either 2x Multiplier Wilds, 3x Multiplier Wilds, or 5x Multiplier Wilds, so the triggers can be rather different.

There is also a HyperBonus option in this slot where you can win a cash prize or free spins for a set prize. The cash prize option costs more since it has the possibility to award you a 50.000x payout. 

Wrapping Up

In this Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll review, we have provided detailed info about a simple yet fascinating slot that was launched by Kalamba Games. There are tremendous possibilities to win extremely high amounts here, and no player should miss out on this opportunity! 

Even though the RTP of Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll fluctuates depending on the gambling platform, it features an average number of 96% that will return you substantial amounts after gambling. What’s more, the minimum possible bet players can provide here is 0.30 EUR, whereas the maximum amount is 60 EUR. 

Due to high volatility, you have the opportunity to get rewarded with tremendous prizes but not very frequently. However, in case you get lucky, the highest payout of this slot is an amazing number – 50.000x your initial bet! Needless to say, this is an extremely generous proposal!