Joker’s Jewels – Enjoy The Marvelous Game By Pragmatic Play

August 9, 2022

Joker’s Jewels is an excellent creation of the industry’s leading software development organization called Pragmatic Play. If you are familiar with this provider then you will know that its products consist of high-class characteristics in terms of both design and gameplay. We have to highlight that Joker’s Jewels is no exception as well and you will come across enormous possibilities in this game. Anyone who loves straightforward classic gameplay should certainly try gambling here and we promise that you will be left with a memorable experience. 

This is a jester-themed slot that provides plenty of bright colors in order to create an eye-catching playing atmosphere. The name itself indicates that we are dealing with an entertaining character called Joker and he is trying to create a delightful show for every visitor. So, if you love watching these kinds of shows, then you will have a highly enjoyable playground in Joker’s Jewels as well! Most importantly, it includes elements from the old classic slot machines as well as some modern looks. 

Joker's Jewels Demo

For starters, we want to point out the gaming attributes of this slot. Pragmatic Play products are known for their specific structure as they significantly resemble each other. However, we are seeing a little improvement in this case since the main playground contains 5 reels and 3 rows. The number of paylines is 5 as well. The minimum possible bet you can place in Joker’s Jewels includes 0.5 EUR which is an excellent opportunity for newbies. If you love to provide huge stakes, then you have a chance to gamble with as high as 100 EUR here. 

The RTP of Joker’s Jewels comes in above the industry average, sitting at a respectable 96.5%. This is a great return that players should be happy to see since you will earn decent amounts on average after wagering here. The variance is set to medium-high, which means the wins are bigger, but you won’t see them rolling in thick and fast. Because of this, you will need to wait for your opportunities and make sure you are always staying within your budget. In return, you might get rewarded tremendously and even earn the highest payout which includes 1.040x your bet. 

Lastly, we want to note that every newbie should take advantage of a Joker’s Jewels demo version in order to acquire all the essential gaming attributes. This is a perfect opportunity to get ready for Joker’s Jewels real money gambling in the future! Continue reading this Joker’s Jewels review in order to find out about every feature here! 

A Better Look At a Joker’s Jewels Design Aspects

When it comes to the playing interface of Pragmatic Play products, we have to say that they include pretty much the same elements. This is true for Joker’s Jewels as well since it consists of a simple design where all the essential buttons are presented on the screen in order to facilitate the gambling process for visitors. You will have no difficulty playing here, simply choose the desired amount of bet and press the circle button located on the bottom right side. 

As we have noted above, this is a jester-themed slot meaning that tons of excitement are waiting for you there. A jester is a professional joker or ‘fool’ at a medieval court, usually wearing a cap with bells on it and carrying a mock scepter. The main character in this game is depicted in pretty much a similar outfit, so you will experience real-life feelings here. 

Joker's Jewels Guide

As for the other figures, you will come across guitars, bowling pins, and nice-looking shoes that are pretty common among jokers. All these items are utilized by them in order to create a fascinating show and satisfy people as they perform different tricks. Also, there are various colored diamonds that really enhance the overall fascinating playing atmosphere as you spin the reels. Note that you will not encounter traditional card symbols in this slot. 

There is nothing depicted in the background of the Joker’s Jewels. You will only see an animated section right above the main playing area where there are all the symbols located and they include the exact number of payouts you will get when gambling with a certain bet. The betting area is placed right below the playground as usual where you can select the desired amount of bet and start playing by pushing the circle button on the right. 

As you can see, it is very easy to play this slot since all the necessary buttons are presented on the screen. What’s more, you can enjoy comfortable gambling here even with your smartphones since the developers have released a Joker’s Jewels mobile version as well that contains an appealing playground.

Joker’s Jewels Audio – How Does It Feel?

The audio of Joker’s Jewels is as pleasing and engaging as the playing interface. You will hear sound effects that are very similar to the old classic slots so they will certainly make you travel to old times. It is well connected to gameplay and creates an overall ear-catching atmosphere. 

This is a crucial aspect of every casino game since when gamblers don’t enjoy particular music, they will quickly get bored and eventually, leave the game. 

Joker’s Jewels Game Mechanics Explained

We are going to teach you how to play Joker’s Jewels in this part. Choose your bet by clicking on the plus and minus buttons on either side of the spin button. It will increase or decrease your bet, which is shown in the bottom right corner, and then, you have to press spin in order to start spinning the reels once for your chosen bet amount. 

Joker's Jewels Mobile

For every spin, players have the chance of winning prizes from the reels as long as they can land matching symbols across the reels in groups of threes, fours, and fives. It is worth noting that the blue circle gem symbol also pays out for landing two-of-a-kind. Down below, you will find out about the exact payouts that these symbols provide in Joker’s Jewels. 

We want to start with the highest paying icon which is the joker himself and he will award you a 1.000x payout if you collect five of them on a payline. Next comes the bonus icon that will give you 250x more money, a guitar and bowling pins will furnish you with 200x more money, and shoes and diamonds will reward you with a 40x payout.

As you can tell, you need to pay attention to the highest winning figures in this game in order to win a lot of money. Given the fact that Joker’s Jewels include a high RTP, you will have a chance to generate winnings relatively often. 

Joker’s Jewels Bonus Game At a Glance

There is not much to say about the bonus round here since Joker’s Jewels does not feature any. There is only one bonus feature available in Joker’s Jewels, and even this can’t really be considered to be a bonus feature as well. 

Joker's Jewels Review

The bonus symbol can land on the reels and pay out in any position, even if it isn’t sitting in an adjacent position to a matching symbol. This has more winning potential for players but is not great in terms of bonus features for those players who enjoy winning free spins and other goodies. 

Wrapping Up

Joker’s Jewels guide has shown you that this simple game includes tremendous possibilities to win a lot of money. If you wish to experience gambling with jokers and generate large payouts, then you should certainly visit this slot!