Lightning Roulette – Thrilling Live Casino Game

April 11, 2022

Lightning Roulette is a fascinating live casino game established by one of the well-known software developers called Evolution Gaming in 2018. It is an extremely popular game among punters all over the world due to several reasons, and in this Lightning Roulette guide, we would like to describe every characteristic of this game. 

According to the creators of Lightning Roulette, it is a unique and one-of-a-kind game that no other versions can compare. This is because it features innovative and exceptional services along with a delightful gaming interface that attracts the majority of gamblers. Besides amazing visuals, you are able to win substantial amounts in this game. 

Lightning Roulette live

We want to highlight that Lightning Roulette includes a pretty high RTP of 97.3% which is considered way above average in the gambling world. So, you have the possibility to get back a lot of money on average in case you wager in this game. Moreover, the maximum payout players can earn is 500x their bet.

As for the gameplay, you will encounter a standard roulette wheel with 37 pockets divided into three parts – Red, Black, and Green represents zero. However, what makes this game different from others is the speed and ability to provide lucky numbers in order to increase your winnings.  

We have to mention that the Lightning Roulette demo version is not available online anywhere, so you can’t play it for free. But if you are willing to play Lightning Roulette real money then this game is promising to give you enormous satisfaction and high winnings in case you get lucky!

A Better Look At Lightning Roulette Design Aspects

Lightning Roulette guide

You will be assured of a high-quality game interface as soon as you open the Lightning Roulette. There is a host – either a man or a woman dressed elegantly who is leading the game in the live regime and you will have a chance to experience this platform in HD. However, there is also an opportunity to reduce the video quality in case your internet connection is not strong enough. 

On the bottom part of the game, you will see a betting area with the traditional layout and also an added racetrack that allows you to place special bets. We want to note that the gaming design is developed for gamblers to understand every aspect effortlessly and there are all the necessary buttons for you to play Lightning Roulette easily.

Furthermore, you will come across a chat room on the left side of the screen which allows you to interact with dealers as well as other players. There are several buttons on the top right side of the game indicating game settings, history menu, and help section that gives punters the possibility to learn all the rules, payouts, RTP, bet types, and so on. 

We want to emphasize that the Lightning Roulette mobile version is available for every customer and it contains all the attributes in terms of gameplay. So, you have a chance to enjoy this game on any device!

Lightning Roulette Audio – How Does It Feel?

Lightning Roulette live casino game includes a pleasing and ear-catching soundtrack in the background that is perfectly in sync with the dealer’s voice. The sound of the music does not interrupt dealers and players are able to enjoy this game by listening to both voices. 

However, there are some people who do not want to hear either a game soundtrack or the dealer’s voice and developers have taken this fact into mind when creating Lightning Roulette. The game allows everyone to select hearing either the game music or dealer’s voice only with the help of buttons located on the top right corner. 

It is extremely important for every casino game to include pleasing and enchanting music in the background since it is one of the major resources to keep gamblers engaged for a long time. If the soundtrack is not enjoyable players might get bored and lose interest in the game, so Evolution Gaming understands this fact very well and they have developed appealing music for Lightning Roulette. 

Lightning Roulette Game Mechanics Explained

Lightning Roulette game

We will provide brief information in order to teach you how to play Lightning Roulette effortlessly. As we have said, the first thing you need to do is place the bet via the betting area located at the bottom of the screen. The minimum bet is 0.2$ whereas the maximum amount you can place is 2000$. 

Also, the table consists of the racetrack that gives players the opportunity to provide neighbor bets such as Voisins du Zero, Orphelins a Cheval, Tiers du Cylindre, and Jeu Zero. As for the bet options, there are several possibilities – Split, Straight Up, Line, Street, Corner, Dozen, Column, Even/Odd, Red/Black, and 1-18/19-36 bets.

Unlike the European version, Lightning Roulette includes smaller straight-up payouts of 29:1 without the multiplier. This means that if you bet 1$ on every number then the worst you can win is 30$ and the best earning might go up to 501$ in case you get a 500x multiplier. 

Lightning Roulette Bonus Game At a Glance

Lightning Roulette real money

As we have noted above, Lightning Roulette provides lucky numbers in order to help you increase your winnings. This is a unique and innovative feature that makes this game stand out among the rest. 

Every game round from one to five lightning will hit lucky numbers and it will induce grown payouts. These numbers are selected randomly and multipliers are in the range of 50x-500x. For instance, if players place a Straight Up bet on the lucky number then they will get lucky payouts if the ball lands on it. 

Wrapping Up 

In this Lightning Roulette review, we have thoroughly explained the characteristics of this game and taught you how to play it properly. It is provided by one of the best software development companies called Evolution Gaming, and thus, it ensures the highest quality of gaming atmosphere. Moreover, you have a chance to win considerable amounts due to high RTP.