Mayan Riches Rockways – Experience Unique Gameplay

June 30, 2022

Mayan Riches Rockways has been released by a famous iGaming software development company called Mascot Gaming. They have definitely offered completely new possibilities by exploring innovative gaming mechanics in this slot compared to other products and as a result, we are seeing a great number of punters playing Mayan Riches Rockways actively. The uniqueness of this game is represented not only in the mechanics but in the playing interface as well. 

As you may have already guessed by the name, this slot will take you on a journey to the ancient times when the Maya civilization was ruling the world. There are a lot of facts about the Mayans and even nowadays, the majority of historians are studying their culture and inventions. So, if you are fascinated with their lifestyle and would like to experience marvelous gameplay, then this game is promising to give you enormous satisfaction. In this Mayan Riches Rockways guide, we will describe every attribute in terms of design and playing mechanism.

Mayan Riches Rockways Review

For starters, we want to say that you will encounter pretty appealing gaming attributes since Mayan Riches Rockways includes an RTP of 95.01% which lies in the average category of the gambling industry. Also, due to medium volatility players are able to generate winning combinations fairly often, but you should not expect huge winnings every time. So, as the famous saying goes, patience will pay off in the end.

The playing area contains 6 reels and 6 rows, so it is a relatively large layout compared to the majority of slots. You have the possibility to start gambling with 0.25 EUR and the maximum bet you can place here includes 50 EUR. The total number of paylines is 46.656 which is one of the highest numbers you can come across. Hence, there are enormous possibilities in the base game alone and you have a chance to generate extremely high payouts every now and then.

If you are willing to play this slot, it will be a good idea to try out a Mayan Riches Rockways demo version first in order to get familiar with the gaming mechanism. There is a vast number of online gambling platforms featuring demo slots and by doing so, you will be better prepared to gamble with Mayan Riches Rockways real money very soon. Down below, you will read all the necessary information about this popular game that will help you to make a decision, so continue reading! 

A Better Look At a Mayan Riches Rockways Design Aspects

Mayan Riches Rockways Guide

Mayan Riches Rockways, as the name suggests itself, is promising to take you on an adventure to ancient times and explore the Maya civilization. So, if you have ever wondered what their culture and lifestyle were like, you have a good chance to experience all of this in this game. 

You will see beautiful sightseeing in the background as the story takes place outdoors. There is grass, different animated plants, and various pyramid-like buildings that were very common during those times. Mayans were building them on their own and they were pretty convenient for living. 

The main playing area is displayed as a big pyramid figure where all the treasure is hidden and your main goal is to find it as you spin the reels. So, it creates an impression as if you are exploring ancient riches in this slot. 

When it comes to the symbols, you will also run into all the elements connected to the Maya culture. There are various colored figures and monuments that people have found when exploring places where Mayans lived and the developers of Mascot have revived them in Mayan Riches Rockways.

All these icons work together to create an eye-catching playing atmosphere for every player and the diverse bright colors will make your gambling experience here pretty unique and memorable. Moreover, the developers have established a straightforward and easy-to-understand design where every essential button is presented in order to facilitate the playing process for you. 

Do you like playing slots with your smartphone? Then we have some good news since Mayan Riches Rockways mobile version is as exciting as the original one and it includes all the high-class qualities that will give you the same kind of delightful experience all the time. Hence, you will have a chance to enjoy the fascinating looks of the Mayan monuments and buildings on every device.  

Mayan Riches Rockways Audio – How Does It Feel?

The audio of Mayan Riches Rockways is perfectly in sync with the playing environment and it follows the flow of the game very well. You will hear calm and repetitive sound pieces, kind of one that is convenient for a nature-themed slot. So, it definitely enhances the feeling of being somewhere outdoors in ancient times surrounded by Mayan civilization and creates an ear-catching effect as you spin the reels. 

Apart from the beautiful design, it is also significant for every slot to provide a pleasing soundtrack in the background. By doing so, the developers ensure to give players an enjoyable playground even for a long period of time, and Mayan Riches Rockways certainly includes enchanting music.

Mayan Riches Rockways Game Mechanics Explained

Mayan Riches Rockways Mobile

We will teach you how to play Mayan Riches Rockways appropriately here. Every symbol that you find in this slot will award you different amounts of payouts and the highest one is a pink icon that will give you 20x your bet in case you catch six of them on the reels. 

This slot includes some innovative and exceptional features that will furnish you with huge winnings if you get lucky. For instance, as the name says itself, it contains a rockways feature that has the ability to alter the number of paylines as you make spins. There are up to 6 active symbols and 4 blocker icons during this feature, therefore, it is able to change the number of paylines – from 64 to 46.656. In order to take part in the winning combination, you need to land the identical symbols on the adjacent reels from left to right. 

Apart from the rockways, you will also run into a rockfall feature, which means that every time you collect a winning combination on the reels, the symbols will disappear and new ones will fall from the top. By doing so, there are more and more chances to land winning lines, and also, this feature applies multipliers up to x5 during the base game. 

Mayan Riches Rockways Bonus Game At a Glance

Mayan Riches Rockways Demo

Mayan Riches Rockways includes a fairly standard bonus game where you have the opportunity to earn a lot of money. You need to collect at least five scatter figures in order to unlock the free spins feature and as a result, you will be rewarded with 25 Mayan Riches Rockways free spins. 

During the bonus game, when at least one scatter icon is dropped, you will get additional 5 spins. The most exciting part is that the multipliers that we have mentioned above are tripled during this feature. So, it means you will win three times more money here! What’s more, there is a possibility to buy the bonus game if you are willing to pay a certain amount for it! 

Wrapping Up

We have created a Mayan Riches Rockways review where we have thoroughly explained all the characteristics in terms of playing interface and gaming mechanism. You have a chance to dive into ancient Mayan culture in this slot and experience unique gameplay where tremendous opportunities are waiting for you! 

What’s more, there are pretty attractive offers in terms of game mechanics here. You will run into 95.1% RTP which is roughly in the average category of the gambling industry, but it will still return you significant amounts of money after wagering. 

Due to medium volatility, players have a chance to generate winning combinations but don’t expect to get huge amounts all the time. The number of paylines includes 46.656 which is considered one of the biggest in the whole gambling world and you have the perfect possibility to get rich in this slot if it is your lucky day!