Mehen Slot Review – Experience Orbital Reel Game With High Payouts

July 20, 2022

Mehen was released in  February 2021 by Evoplay. This is a top game provider with a high-quality game portfolio. Because of the provider status, Mehen is special with the impressively themed designs and wonderful game features that create a unique experience for every user. 

The structure of this Egyptian-themed game is very different. It is a roll-and-move type game, where the different symbols are moving around the Mehen snake. During the game, players should avoid different barriers and traps to get multipliers and other winnings. 

The RTP for Mehen equals 95.80%. It is below the average RTP ratio which equals 96.00%. This means that users will get 95.80 USD back on average after placing the bet of 100 USD. The volatility level is medium and with the special features, Mehen only includes multipliers. 

You can play Mehen real money on the major online casino websites where Mehen demo mode is available too. This mode is great to find out more about the rules and try the game without placing a bet or creating an account. 

Mehen Review

Evoplay, as one of the top game providers company, uses HTML5 technology. This is an impressive method that maximizes the high-quality accessibility for every device user. Mehen mobile mode is available for tablet, PC, iOS, and Android users. 

To try this orbital-reels game, you should place a minimum of 0.10 USD as a betting amount. The maximum amount is 100 USD. The game includes 8 reels and the maximum win is x5 000 of the total stake. The game does not include any progressive jackpots or megaways, but with the highest payouts, you can win 40 000 USD.

Mehen guide will outline everything you should know before starting the playing. So make sure to check out it!

A Better Look At Mehen’s Design Aspects

The design of Mehen is pretty different but simple. The game is inspired by the ancient Egyptian gameboard. Mehen is the name of a snake that is divided into rectangular spaces. Each space includes different playing pieces and symbols. 

Mehen Demo

The main aesthetic is dark. In the background, you will see the rocky wall with a single, grey dice. The player will roll the dice to start the playing. The snake is brown colored with different spaces.

So the design is very simple and impressive, which brings more interest and an adventurous vibe to the gaming process. 

Mehen Audio – How Does It Feel?

During the playing, you will get more excitement with the impressive Egyptian-styled music. The audio of Mehen is calm with mixed music notes and dynamic rhythms. The soundtrack is completely relevant to the theme and creates a wonderful atmosphere for every player. 

Mehen Game Mechanics Explained

As we said earlier, the game has an unusual structure and includes orbital reels. The main symbol – the Mehen snake is divided into several parts. Each part has a different meaning and accordingly, earns different payouts. The number of payouts is written on each part. To get the highest payout, the player should be close to the snake head. If you reach the head, you will get an extra x50 of the total bet.

Mehen Mobile

The gamer moves on the snake with a green stone which has an eye in the middle. Rolling the dice means that the stone moves forward. The closer the green stone will be to the snake’s head, the more player is going to win.  

During the game, you are playing against the bot. The bot acts like a trap that tries to beat you. The blue stone symbol is a bot. Both of you can land each other in the trap part. You and the bot are playing in a sequence.  

You start playing by rolling the dice. The number of dots means to move forward with the same number of parts. If 6 dots appear on the dice, the player is allowed to roll the dice twice. 

Stripes are different. It includes green, golden, and beige spaces. The beige trap holds the stone during the next roll. The green trap moves you back with a random number of parts. The golden stripe returns the stone to the start. 

Mehen Bonus Game At A Glance

Mehen has a different structure and gaming rules. It does not include any popular bonus features such as Mehen free spins, or special rounds. All you have to get is different multipliers, which are higher if the divided part is close to the snake’s head. As we said earlier, if you reach the head, your winning amount will be increased by an x50 multiplier. 

Wrapping Up

To conclude, Mehen is the best board game for those who are bored with classic games and want to experience something new and different. This is the perfect game with simple rules and acceptable RTP and volatility levels.

Furthermore, if you love to play with low risks and great payouts, Mehen gives you a wonderful chance to win thousands of dollars. So, do not miss this unique gaming experience.