Money Minter: Explore The Money World With High Payouts

August 26, 2022

Are you looking for an exciting game with high cash prizes? Then we have got a great game for you! Money Minter is a very popular game from the leading company Evoplay. This slot machine will bring you into the world of money which is full of gold bars and other luxurious symbols. Simple design with high cash prizes brings more excitement to the gameplay because with the simple gaming process, everyone has a chance to win different levels of prizes. So, get ready because in this Money Minter guide we will discuss everything you have to know!

Money Minter is the classic slot machine with 5 reels and 3 rows. The number of paylines equals 20. With the conditions, it perfectly creates a comfortable playing space for new and already experienced users. With the high volatility level, the game suggests an RTP of 96.13%, which is slightly over the standard level. The game includes different bonus rounds where the highest payout equals x5 000 of the placed stake. Remember that for playing Money Minter real money, you need to place at least 0.10 USD on your account. You are not allowed to place more than 75 USD on the game. 

Money Minter Review

This incredible game gives you a chance to win 375 000 USD. The journey to the luxurious world becomes more comfortable by using high-quality technologies which makes Money Minter mobile version available for everyone. You can enjoy the game from any device. 

A Better Look At Money Minter’s Design Aspects

The game is mostly oriented to create an atmosphere that is full of winning possibilities. That is why the main focus is not on games’ visual aesthetics but still, you will enjoy the simple and high-quality designed visual elements.

After starting the playing, you can see a very simple background. The deep brown cover with the black shadows makes the space more deep and vast. The golden framed board is put on the golden circular table. The main board is painted in dark green and designed with small golden lights. Each symbol except the classic ones, such as numbers and letters is relevant to the main theme of the game which is money. So in gameplay, you will see different amounts of green dollars, pyramids of gold bars, bags full of golden coins, and others.

Next to the table is another green and golden framed 8 different, little boards where specific numbers of needed coins and relevant amounts of cash prizes. So during the playing the gamer always stays motivated because of the permanently remaining high prizes.

Money Minter Free Spins

Money Minter Audio – How Does It Feel?

To bring more positive vibes to the gameplay, the audio is focused on busy rhythms, different flute, drum sounds, and dancing music notes that perfectly merge with the main theme of the slot machine. 

Money Minter Game Mechanics Explained

This money-themed game includes 10 different symbols and each of them is featured with pretty high payouts. As in other classic games, in Money Minter, you can play with different colored letters and numbers. Their minimum payouts are from x0.5 to x1 of the stake where the maximum of these symbols can give you multipliers from x10 to x15. Green dollars and gold bars have higher payouts. After landing them, you will earn from x1.5 to x60 of the placed bet. 

On the other hand, the brown bag full of golden coins can increase the winning by x3, x25, and x100 of the stake. This is the highest-paying regular symbol. Additionally, the game has special symbols, the golden letter W which acts like a wild and circular golden coin that is scattered. Remember that, if you want to play the game without any requirements, you can use the Money Minter demo mode which is available on different casino websites.

Money Minter Demo

Money Minter Bonus Game At A Glance

As said, Money Minter includes only two special symbols which act like a wild and scatter. The wild symbol can give you the highest payouts after landing at least three of them. You can earn x10, x50, and x200 of the total bet. The wild substitutes regular symbols which means you can get increased winning chances. Also, there is a scatter golden coin which gives the players Money Minter free spins. To earn them, you have to collect a minimum of 3 scatters on the same reel. If you want to get more spins there is an additional symbol which is a golden framed symbol with the title of ‘+1 Spin.’ if you land this symbol on the reel, you will get an extra spin. 

The high cash prizes will be activated after collecting the different numbers of scatter coins. It is a progressive jackpot level with different options. For example, collecting at least 7 and a maximum of 10 scatters will give you multipliers from x200 to x1 500 of the stake. If you have landed scatters from 11 to 14, you can get x2 000, x3 500, x7 000, and x12 000 of the stake. The highest prize which is x50 000 of the placed bet will be earned after collecting at least 15 scatters. 

Wrapping Up

To conclude, Money Minter is a great choice, if you want to experience gaming with a high amount of payouts. The main focus is on the winning possibilities where wilds, scatters and bonus symbols will help you to maximize your satisfaction as well as the amount of the winning prize. The regular symbol multipliers are quite high and different from their competitor slots. 

Also, the 15-level jackpot option makes the gaming process more enjoyable for inexperienced players because as slot fans, beginners easily can get great cash prizes too. Do not forget that with these wonderful opportunities, you will also enjoy the simple but well-designed graphic artwork and high accessibility level. All these features make Money Minter the game which is worth your attention as well as time and money!