Multihand Blackjack – Innovative Live Game By BGaming

April 25, 2022

Multihand Blackjack is an exciting game that has been established by the industry’s leading software development company called BGaming. It is definitely a dream destination for every Blackjack enthusiast since you have a chance to gamble here multiple hands of Blackjack at the same time against the casino. 

So, if one table is not enough for you to be satisfied with this game, Multihand Blackjack makes it possible for you to play up to three hands simultaneously in order to increase the winning chances. 

Obviously, this is a pretty attractive feature and the majority of punters became interested in this game ever since its launch. Due to the fact that there are a lot of questions about this topic, we have decided to write a Multihand Blackjack review, where we will provide all the necessary information. 

For starters, we want to note that the game rules have not changed for this version and it features classic blackjack rules, so you don’t need to have further knowledge or skills to play Multihand Blackjack. Hence, your main objective is to have a hand with a points value closer to 21 in order to defeat the house, but remember that if you exceed 21 the hand will be busted and you will lose the round. 

The game rules are extremely simple and even newcomers will acquire them easily. More experienced players even know some basic strategies in order to get the most benefit out of this game. We want to highlight that Multihand Blackjack features an RTP of 99.33% which is considered one of the highest numbers in the gambling industry, and as a result, it is able to return substantial amounts of money after wagering. 

When it comes to the playing interface of Multihand Blackjack, we want you to know that it is very easy to gamble in this game since all the essential buttons are available on the screen. The playground is classic and it is pretty much what you encounter in every Blackjack game.

Even though we will describe all the details of the design below, you should know that every visitor is fascinated with the delightful graphics and enchanting visuals of Multihand Blackjack. So, it is no surprise this game has earned a pretty reputable name and engaged a tremendous audience! 

Furthermore, if you want to test it out for free, we would recommend playing a Multihand Blackjack demo version first as there are plenty of them on gambling platforms. You will be able to get familiar with the gaming mechanism and start gambling with Multihand Blackjack real money in the near future. 

A Better Look At Multihand Blackjack Design Aspects

Multihand Blackjack mobile game

As we have mentioned above, the design of Multihand Blackjack is not something different and unique from the interface you see in every version. The only distinctive attribute of this game is that it includes three seats as you can only gamble with three hands at the same time. 

As for the background, Multihand Blackjack contains a classic green-colored layout. On the top, you will see all kinds of chips in various colors in order to enhance the effect of the visual side and make it more beautiful. The bottom side of the game is taken completely by the betting area – there is a number of the total balance on the left, different amounts of chips in the middle to place your bet, and the amount of provided bet is indicated on the right side.

As soon as you place your bets you are able to start playing by pressing the deal button located on the right side of the screen. During the round, several additional buttons will appear such as hit, stand, and split. They are standard elements of the Blackjack game and you have to make a decision by choosing one of them.  

The top right corner features various buttons where you are able to control the sound settings, open the game in full view, and read the rules of Multihand Blackjack. As you can tell, the whole playing interface is highly straightforward, making it easy for every newcomer to enjoy this game without any difficulties. 

What’s more, there is also a Multihand Blackjack mobile version available for every smartphone user and it includes the same high-class gaming environment. 

Multihand Blackjack Audio – How Does It Feel?

The audio of Multihand Blackjack is quite simple and pleasing. The calm and repeated sound effects have a positive effect on every visitor and it makes their playing experience highly enjoyable. Moreover, you will hear the voice of a lady every time the cards are dealt and she will announce the total value of every card. Also, she will let you know whether your hand is busted or won! 

With the help of the appealing soundtrack, Multihand Blackjack has managed to engage a vast number of players. It is one of the most essential attributes of every casino game since boring music will make every visitor lose interest and eventually leave the game. So, BGaming creators have established extremely enjoyable sound effects for you. 

Multihand Blackjack Game Mechanics Explained

Multihand Blackjack mobile

In this section, we want to teach you how to play Multihand Blackjack appropriately. As we have said in the beginning, this game features the classic Blackjack rules, so it is nothing different. The unique feature of Multihand Blackjack is that you are playing alone on three seats at the same time against the house! 

For starters, we want to highlight that players are able to place the minimum bet of 1 USD, whereas the maximum possible amount includes 100 USD. When you place the bet you have to start playing by pushing the deal button. The next step is dealing the cards – you will get two cards on every seat where you provide bets, and the dealer will also get two cards with one of them faced down. 

Then you have to decide what you will do with your cards as you have three options – hit, stand, and split in case both cards are the same. If you press the hit, another card will be added to your hand and if it exceeds 21, your cards will be busted. 

However, if the total value will be within 21, then you have to push the stand button. Then, the dealer’s second card will be revealed and some additional cards will be added to them as well. The winner will be determined by comparing the total value of every card if they don’t exceed 21 and you will double your bet in case you win the round. 

As you can see, the rules of this game are very simple and you will get familiar with them in a few minutes. Moreover, our suggestion would be to learn some basic strategies that were developed in order to get the most benefit out of every Blackjack version. It includes a list of actions showing you what to do in certain situations! 

Wrapping Up

Multihand Blackjack demo

We are hoping that this Multihand Blackjack guide was informative enough to teach you all the essential features of a popular game. It was launched by a well-known provider called BGaming that offered a pretty high-quality playing interface with enchanting visuals. We have to highlight again that the RTP of 99.33% is one of the highest in the gambling world. The straightforward design consisting of every necessary button will allow every player to beat the house not only with one but three hands at the same time!