Ninja – Marvelous Slot By Endorphina

June 30, 2022

Ninja is a fascinating slot established by one of the top software development providers called Endorphina. This company is famous for its innovative and high-class games and this one does not disappoint gamblers as well. Ninja is a unique slot that includes completely new features in terms of playing interface and gaming mechanics, therefore we witness an enormous engagement of punters from all over the world. 

We assume that everyone was fascinated with ninjas in their childhood since there were many cartoons and movies about these mercenaries. Ninjas are associated with Japanese culture, but they are extremely famous in other parts of the world as well, and that’s why the developers have created this game. As a result, we are seeing a vast number of players showing interest in this slot and we are writing a Ninja review in order to inform you regarding every characteristic. 

Ninja Review

The first thing we want to mention is that Ninja gives every player the possibility to earn substantial winnings with the help of appealing game mechanics. For instance, it features an RTP of 96% which lies in the above-average category and you can get back a lot of money on average after gambling here. 

The playground consists of standard components – 5 reels and 3 rows, whereas 20 paylines are responsible for creating winning combinations! As for the minimum possible bet you can provide here, it is 0.20 EUR, and the maximum bet includes 200 EUR. 

Moreover, you will come across medium-high volatility in this game. For those who are not familiar with this term, it means that players will generate winning combinations relatively often, but you should not expect to receive huge prizes. We want to note that this is not a downside by any means and you still have a chance to earn a lot of money here! 

The playing interface of this slot is something amazing since you will be fascinated with various vivid colors from the very first second here. They are an accurate representation of Ninjas since their uniforms were made using different colors, and hence we witness such diversity. Enormous satisfaction is waiting for you in this game if you are a fan of Ninja Turtles and Japanese customs in general. 

Also, our recommendation would be to try out a Ninja demo version first in order to learn everything about the gaming mechanism. There are plenty of them available on the gambling platforms and at the end of the day, you will be able to gamble with Ninja real money! Down below, you will see all the attributes of this slot in terms of design and playing mechanics. 

A Better Look At a Ninja Design Aspects

Ninja Guide

As soon as you open this slot you will see that it is quite different compared to the majority of games. The first thing you will notice is that there are no traditional card symbols presented here which is pretty rare since more than 90% of slots include them. The reel is full of ninja figures and all the elements connected to them. 

The background of the Ninja looks fabulous as well as it is portrayed by a slightly dark theme. You will see mountains in the back, different monuments, and a river in the middle. However, the most noticeable components are dragon statues on the right and left sides of the screen which is one more sign of Japanese culture since dragons hold a significant part in this country. 

When it comes to symbols, we have already mentioned that you will encounter various colored ninjas. They are displayed in red, blue, yellow, and black colors and create an eye-catching effect as you spin the reels. As for the other icons, you will run into all kinds of weapons and fighting items that were utilized by ninjas, so you will fully experience their characteristics.

What’s more, the developers have established a Ninja mobile version that contains the same kind of high-class playing interface, so you have a chance to enjoy this slot with your smartphones as well. It is pretty easy to play this slot since all the necessary buttons and information are presented on the screen, and you can start playing by pushing only one button. 

Ninja Audio – How Does It Feel?

Ninja includes ear-catching audio in the background that follows the flow of the game excellently and allows players to get a pleasing gambling experience. Apart from pleasing and calm repeated sound pieces, you will also hear sounds of fighting, sword swings, and wounded people screaming in the back. So, it is once again an accurate depiction of Ninjas.  

It is very important for every slot to provide enchanting music in the background in order to give gamblers an enjoyable playing experience. Otherwise, they might get bored very quickly and no longer continue to play there. Therefore, Endorphina creators have established an extremely appealing soundtrack for Ninja that will make your time memorable here! 

Ninja Game Mechanics Explained

Ninja Demo

Do you want to know how to play Ninja? Then we will teach you about every aspect in terms of game mechanics here. There are various types of Ninjas as symbols in this game and they all offer different amounts of payouts. The highest paying icon is a blue ninja that will give you 250x your bet in case you catch five of them on the reels. As we have noted, there are no standard card symbols and they are replaced by various fighting items that include relatively the same kinds of payouts as cards. 

The wild symbol is portrayed as a black ninja and it has the ability to substitute all the other figures. It can land on any reel in the base game and when it appears, the corresponding number of wild symbols is accumulated on the special meter for later use in free games. 

For instance, 2 black ninjas accumulate 2 wild symbols, 3 black ninjas – 5 wilds, 4 black ninjas – 30 wilds, whereas 5 black ninjas will accumulate 100 wild symbols. So, as you can tell, you need to collect at least 2 black ninjas as the one on the reels does not accumulate wild symbols.

The wild accumulator is refilled during the main game. Wild symbols accumulated during the games with different total bets are counted separately and can’t be summed up. The special meter shows the number of Wild symbols accumulated for the current total bet. If you change the amount of the total bet, the number on the meter also changes to show the number of Wild symbols previously accumulated for the displayed total bet. 

Ninja Bonus Game At a Glance

Ninja Mobile

You have the opportunity to receive the bonus game in this slot by collecting at least three black ninja figures and they will trigger Ninja free spins with accumulated wild symbols draws. Ninja appears and breaks open wild symbols on the second, third, and fourth reels. 

If a black ninja hits over a weapon icon, a regular wild symbol appears instead, and in case it hits over a ninja icon, it is replaced with a wild multiplier x2. If black ninja uncovers several multipliers, all of them are applied. This feature continues until there are no more accumulated wild symbols. 

Wrapping Up

In this Ninja guide, you have learned about every essential characteristic of a popular slot that was released by Endorphina. You will get enormous satisfaction here if you love ninjas and Japanese culture in general. Moreover, there are tremendous possibilities to win a lot of money!