Online casinos vs crypto casinos

March 28, 2022

The beginning of the pandemic took the world by storm which led to drastic changes in our everyday lives. For instance, the entertainment industry, or more particularly, the casino industry made a drastic shift, resulting in a digital transformation. The current situation in the world also largely affected our daily routines in the form of inflation. Having this in mind, it’s easy to notice that online casinos aren’t the only players on the casino scene – there’s also crypto casinos. But how are they different? Let’s take a closer look at the two. 

Online casinos 

Regular online casinos provide a true Las Vegas experience but in an online setting. This way, you can enjoy playing your favorite online casino games from the comforts of your humble abode. Online casinos are known for their flexibility and doing whatever they can to ensure the best possible playing experience. Of course, this also includes various types of payments, including cryptocurrency. 

But not all online casinos are what we call crypto-friendly, so make sure you check out, just to make sure your preferred casino accepts payment in crypto.

Crypto casinos

Essentially, regular casinos and crypto casinos are very similar. There are, however, several differences between the two. Since cryptocurrency is involved, the security level is taken up a notch. Transaction speed is also increased,  so payments are processed within minutes. 

What’s the difference between crypto casinos and online casinos?

Still confused about the difference between the two? That’s okay, we’ll get straight to the point. Let’s put it this way, the most obvious way the two casino types differ from each other is, in fact, payment. 

So, while there are crypto-friendly online casinos, crypto casinos exclusively accept payment in crypto. On the other hand, regular casinos’ main payment type is fiat currencies. Moreover, not all regular online casinos accept payment in crypto. 

Final thoughts on online casinos and crypto casinos

To sum up, online casinos and crypto casinos are pretty similar. The only difference is the main payment type. Meaning, if you pay with crypto exclusively, crypto casinos are right up your alley. If your main type of payment is fiat currency, but you’d still like to have the option of paying in crypto, there are plenty of crypto-friendly casino options out there. Either way, make sure you do thorough research on your desired casino before you make your decision.