OWL Games: VIP Service & Holiday Bonuses

March 24, 2022

OWL Games was established in 2021 by Cyber Galaxy B.V. The website cooperates with prestigious gambling companies like Evolution and Pragmatic Play. The website is certified by Curacao. The website gives its users multiple digital coin options. The online casino even has its own $OWL tokens. You may use BTC, USDT, OWL, USDO, and many more. 

The website offers 2272 games and the list keeps growing. OWL Games has a ton of entertaining features. You can enjoy live casino games, blackjack, poker, and different types of slots in this crypto casino. Check out the latest winnings and jackpots as well as promotions on the front page of the website!

OWL games

Weekly Giveaway to OWL Players

Players love a welcome bonus, and even though OWL Games doesn’t provide it to their players, it gives us a fun opportunity to win bonuses by participating in weekly races.

Every now and then the casino has a holiday bonus, the amount may not always be the same. During this Valentine’s Day airdrop was 4 000 000$! The players would just have to take four steps. The first step would be connecting to their wallets, second – estimating the reward, third – initiating the claim, and the fourth – Depositing their USDO to play to win USDT on owl.games.

OWL bonus

Every week the players of OWL Games will get a chance to win a 500 USDT prize pool by playing games and joining the weekly race. The users who have the highest wager count will end up in the top ten players of the race. The player who finishes the first race wins 125 USDT, the player who finishes the second race becomes the winner of 90 USDT, by finishing the third race, the player gets 30 USDT.

OWL Games also has a VIP players feature. If you have an account at OWL Games, you have automatically become a VIP player. Wager a total of $80 and you will start making your way to OWL rewards! This is when you unlock level 2, so you are qualified for another bonus. Daily rake backs will be given to you by the website based on your activities the day before. 

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