Rise of Gods: Reckoning – Play With Greek Gods With Bonus Features

June 30, 2022

Rise of Gods: Reckoning is a very popular slot game from Play’N Go that brings the players into another reality. During the gameplay, you are traveling in the parallel world of Greek mythology with the great Greek gods, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. While playing, you have a high opportunity of bonus options which makes this experience more exciting and profitable. So, for those who want to experience a very different and unique game experience and are a fan of bonuses or Greek mythology, Rise of Gods: Reckoning is perfect for them. 

The game structure itself is similar to other classic slot machines. Rise of Gods: Reckoning includes 3 rows and 5 reels and you have 20 different ways to win. For this structure of game 20 paylines means that there is quite a realistic probability to win a good amount of reward or at least earn the bonus features which helps the player to increase the winning chances. The game is also very special with its high RTP level which is another advantage feature for players because higher RTP means less amount of losses and risks. The RTP for Rising of Gods: Reckoning is 96.20% which is good because it is over the average level of RTP which equals 96.20%. 

Rise Of God Reckoning Demo

On the other hand, Rise of Gods: Reckoning includes several impressive symbols. They have different meanings and give the users different bonus offers. With the  Rise of Gods: Reckoning slot, you can get bonuses such as several types of multipliers from collecting the wild or scatter symbols. Also, you can get synchronized reels and most importantly several types of free spins or rounds which is another great way to increase the possibility of winning. 

When it comes to video slot characters we have to mention the unique symbols you will meet here such as the gods Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. They have a higher meaning because they include higher amounts of payouts. But also, Rise of Gods: Reckoning includes classic symbols which are low-paying symbols such as numbers from 1 to 10 and several letters. 

With this game, players can earn a maximum x10 000 of their bet amount which gives a pretty high reward with real money. So, if you want an unforgettable and unique gaming experience, Rise of Gods: Reckoning is waiting for you!

During the Rise of Gods: Reckoning review we will outline several key aspects, so if you are hesitating to try the game, follow our Rise of Gods: Reckoning guide. 

A Better Look At Rise of Gods: Reckoning Design Aspects

Rise of Gods: Reckoning is very special with its theme and graphic design. From the title, you can already guess that the game is inspired by mythology. 

Rise Of God Reckoning Review

The total symbols and background are creating a very impressive and realistic atmosphere during the game. Here, the players meet the main characters Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus with modern human looks. The sons of god Cronus are imprisoned and trying to start living on the earth planet, with mortals. During the effective and successful game, the players are helping gods in this adventure. 

When you start the gaming you will see an amazing background that gives more magic and excitement to the game. The background is changing. Firstly, the foggy and mystic cityscape brings more magic and excitement during the game. The dark blue and night background changes into the red mystic background which brings us to the hell of Hades. With the background, the visuals of the characters are also impressive. 

The design is oriented to make realistic visuals and appearances of Greek gods. In total the high-quality graphics elements are creating an unforgettable atmosphere during the game for every user.

Rise of Gods: Reckoning Audio – How Does It Feel?

With the graphic design, the game is oriented to bring the user to another parallel universe and make a gaming atmosphere full of the divine of greek mythology. The audio is also impressive and minimalistic. It brings unforgettable and exciting emotions to the player and makes the gaming journey very exciting.  

We can truly say that the team of Rise of Gods: Reckoning game creators effectively worked and spent time on the visuals and audio systems because the effect of the game plays a significant role in the players’ motivation. The rhythm and the sounds are not too loud and do not make barriers to concentration. It just perfectly brings emotions. 

We have to mention that the user can control sound effects and the ‘Setting’ section can mute or control the volume of the sound. This is a pretty great option to make the most comfortable gaming experience and enjoy the journey with the greek gods.

Rise of Gods: Reckoning Game Mechanics Explained

As we already mentioned, Rise of Gods: Reckoning game has 20 paylines in total. To say realistically this is a quite great number of ways of winning because, with this kind of slot game structure, the paylines number is enough to have a realistic chance of winning. The minimum amount of bet is 0.2 USD whereas the maximum amount is 100 USD. The maximum payout which equals x10 000 of stake, gives every player a great chance to win 1 000 000 USD with this game. 

Rise Of God Reckining Free Spins

The main principles that every player should know are connected to wild and scatter symbols. More specifically, all the symbols can be replaced by wild symbols. If a player matches three gods on the reel it will increase the bet with +1. We need to say that which symbol of god will it be, it does not matter. Accordingly, the maximum multiplier with matching one of the gods’ symbols is x6 of bet. 

Rise of Gods: Reckoning Game At A Glance

The Rise of Gods: Reckoning slot game includes several types of bonus features. More specifically, the user can increase the chances of winning with free spins, synchronized reels, wild symbols, which we have described already, and full-stack symbols. Each of them has a different amount of winning and is not very hard to earn. As we said, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon are playing as wild symbols, and matching three of the same god symbols will bring the player multipliers from x2 to x6. 

Another special feature is the Full Stack Symbol where the multiplier is x1 and on each level increases by x1. The player can use this bonus feature if each new spin will be reset within the base game. It is important to know that if the game is on the bonus round, the full-stack symbol won’t be active and will stay during the other spins. The multiplier won’t be lost and will be applied to other winnings. When it comes to synchronized reels, as we have said there are two reels with matched symbols and high payout winning chances. These two will appear randomly.

The main and most profitable bonuses are free spins. The player can earn Rise of Gods: Reckoning free spins by matching the scatter symbols. This will bring them free spins from 1 to 5. 

Rise Of God Reckining Guide

Wrapping Up

The question is, ‘is Rise of Gods: Reckoning for you?’. The answer is definitely yes! The game is fully oriented to create an amazing atmosphere and gaming experience for any kind of user. That is why the graphic design and setting structure is unique and very suitable for players. It brings users to another universe and creates a realistic adventurous gaming process. 

On the other hand, the game has great bonus features which increase winning chances very realistically. Free spins, and wild and scatter symbols are giving more and more chances to every player. Rise of Gods: Reckoning mobile version is also available which increases the level of accessibility. We have to mention that during playing with a mobile device, the quality and excitement of graphics are not lost, so any device user can enjoy the game. Rise of Gods: Reckoning real money playing gives more payout possibilities to every player with the jackpot of 1 million USD. 

So, if you are looking for an impressive game with the great bonus features Rise of Gods: Reckoning is for you. The Rise of Gods: Reckoning demo version is available and gives new or interested players a great illustration of what kind of magical journey this game offers to you!