Sizzling Eggs™ Review – Diverse Bonus Slot Game From Wazdan

June 30, 2022

Sizzling Eggs™ is a brand new slot video game from one of the well-known game providers called Wazdan. The game was released in 2022 and despite the short period of launching, it has already become very popular among the players. The game is special with several bonus offers which make the gaming experience more exciting. 

According to the title, the game seems very dynamic. That association is true. Sizzling Eggs™ creates a high-temperature gaming atmosphere with a lot of excitement and dynamics. The volcano theme exactly illustrates the rhythm and the emotions of the game. With the great tense soundtrack, every player will enjoy the audio of Sizzling Eggs™. Because the game theme is inspired by the Phoenix bird and the main symbols are birds’ eggs which should be saved in the volcano area, the player goes into the role and enjoys a very exciting adventurous gaming journey. 

Sizzling Eggs Review

With high-quality visual elements and presentation, the game is oriented to increase the chances of winning for all kinds of players, no matter the level of experience.  Here, you will find several unique symbols with different bonus features. More specifically, the game suggests scatter and wild symbols, free spins, cash collector, several types of multipliers, bonus game features, and attractive symbols. As you can see, the list of suggested bonuses is pretty diverse which again outlines the realistic chances of winning for every user.

Sizzling Eggs™ includes 3 rows and 5 reels and has 5 paylines in total. The number of betways is quite great because, with the consideration of bonus feature diversity, the game is giving good chances of winning a significant amount of money. When it comes to the amounts of bets, the minimum is pretty affordable and equals 0.1 USD whereas the maximum limit is pretty high compared to most of the slot machines and equals 10 000 USD. The maximum payout of the game is x2 500 of the players’ stake. Sizzling Eggs™ RTP is pretty high and equals 96.14%. This is higher than the gold standard in the gambling industry which equals 96.00%. 

The game is also perfect for those who want to try to win the jackpot. The game features are very diverse and oriented to maximize the satisfaction of all users. The same goes for the level of volatility which is adjustable, thanks to one of the Unique Wazdan Features, which is called Volatility Levels™. Because the game has not been released for too long, the Sizzling Eggs™ mobile version is not accessible to users. But this will be solved soon because the team of the Sizzling Eggs™ creators is already implementing the HTML5 system to increase the availability of any devices. 

To learn more about the game specifics and features or how to play Sizzling Eggs™, down below, during the Sizzling Eggs™ guide, we will outline the main aspects, advantages, and other opportunities of this wonderful slot game. 

A Better Look At Sizzling Eggs™ Design Aspects

The theme and quality of graphic design play an important role in creating the users’ experience because it illustrates the gaming atmosphere and has an influence on the players’ emotions and motivations. So this is very significant to have a unique and high-quality designed game. When it comes to video slot games because of the huge number of types, it is quite difficult to create something unique but the Sizzling Eggs™ team has done it successfully.

Sizzling Eggs Real Money

The game is inspired by the Phoenix bird which is a mythological character. The main space is a cave with the birds’ eggs. The main mission is to save eggs from the fire. When players start playing, they go into the dark and rocky space with caves and mountains. The background is foggy and creates a magic atmosphere. 

When it comes to the symbols, players can see classic symbols such as fruits, numbers, and letters. The letters are designed in the rocky style and with the special symbols, we can see golden coins and eggs with a fire. So in total, the Sizzling Eggs™ design creates a very adventurous and realistic atmosphere during the game.

Sizzling Eggs™ Audio – How Does It Feel?

With the graphic visuals, the audio plays a big role in creating the emotions and atmosphere during the game. Sizzling Eggs™ audio is very relevant to the game theme and is tense and dynamic. The sound effects on the buttons and setting sections are very sketchy and relevant. We have to mention that the music rhythm is not too loud or busy so it does not make any trouble with the players’ concentration. It just perfectly merges the design aspects and creates a wonderful atmosphere. 

Those who don’t want to play with the soundtrack mode, can control the volume or turn off the sound easily from the playboard. 

Sizzling Eggs™ Game Mechanism Explained

The main principle of the game is similar to the classic slot machines. The player needs to land at least three identical symbols on the reel. The higher payouts and bonuses will be activated with five identical symbols. As we mentioned earlier, the Sizzling Eggs™ are a 5×3 type game and have 5 winning ways in total. This is a quite good option because the probability of winning or earning some bonuses is realistically high.

Sizzling Eggs Demo

The top symbols are golden coins and eggs which play as wild and scatter. You will also discover fruit symbols as a medium one and matching at least 3 of them gives the player different bonuses. The lowest paying symbols are letters and numbers which play as a regular one and give players smaller rewards.

The main symbol is an egg which appears randomly and gives players cash rewards and jackpot bonuses. There are also cash symbols that give players the multipliers from x1 to x10 stake. Jackpot symbols with the highest payouts give the user a chance to increase the winning by x20, x50, x100, and x200 of the total bet. Collector multiplier symbols are giving you multipliers from x2 to x10. 

We have to mention the volatility selection feature which gives the player the possibility to play with different levels of volatility. Those who want more excitement during the playing can purchase the top extreme volatility bonus game. 

New users can try the Sizzling Eggs™ demo version to find out the features and gaming mechanics in detail. 

Sizzling Eggs™ Bonus Game At A Glance

Sizzling Eggs™ bonus features are pretty impressive and diverse. By matching any kind of symbol, the user can get various bonuses such as free spins, multipliers, bonus rounds, and others. The amount of the winning is depending on which type of symbol will be landed on the reel. For example, the highest paying symbols give player multipliers from x1.5 to x50 stake. For the x50 payout, the player needs to match 5 identical premium symbols, which act as wild symbols. The wild symbols can appear on any reel.

Sizzling Eggs Free Spins

The bonus round will be activated after matching 3, 4, or five scatter symbols. According to the number of symbols, the player can get 10, 20, and 30 free spins. Sizzling Eggs™ free spin bonus can be retriggered. The regular low-paying symbols are also giving the player different bonuses. 

Another special feature is to purchase different types of bonus rounds. This feature is available for non-UK players and includes the following types of rounds: 

  • Round with the low volatility and includes 10 free spins and one collector egg. The player should pay x50 of the stake for this bonus round.
  • Round with the standard volatility that gives 20 free spins and 2 collector egg symbols and costs x80 of the total stake.
  • Round with high volatility that gives the player 20 free spins and one egg collector. The user should pay x150 of the stake.
  • Round with the ultra volatility that includes 20 free spins and 2 infinity egg symbols which costs x300 of the total stake.
  • Round with the extreme volatility that gives users 30 free spins, 3 infinity egg symbols, and costs x600 of the players’ stake. 

Wrapping up

Sizzling Eggs™ is a perfect game that is oriented to create a very exciting and adventurous experience for every gamer. It suggests the players’ unique themed game with a very impressive and dynamic soundtrack. High-quality graphic elements, with a mystical, and tense atmosphere bring more emotions and make the gaming journey unforgettable. Also, the game suggests various types of bonus features. Most of them are multipliers and they increase the chance of winning significant amounts. 

Sizzling Eggs™ free spins which are quite easy to earn give players bonus chances to win the mega jackpot with a very high payout. And most importantly, if the suggested bonuses are not enough for you, you can easily purchase the five type bonus rounds from the amount of the total bet and enjoy the better possibilities.