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August 30, 2022

Truelab Games are one of the most innovative-driven studios in the gambling market, with their highly popular slot machines. And it seems they don’t intend to stop releasing new and refreshing slots even after firming an unshakable place in the gaming industry. 

One such sight to behold is Truelab’s Street Muse, which managed to gain the attention of gaming enthusiasts right after the first days of its release. All in all, Street Muse Truelab is a unique online slot that provides a completely fresh experience to players who do like stepping out of their comfort zone. It’s all about muses: depicted as ladies of all kinds who come out right after the nighttime. 

When playing at Street Muse by Truelab, you can access various bonus programs and promotions and take advantage of them. Here are some core benefits of Street Muse:

  • Unique visuals and gameplay.
  • 96.33 % RTP rate.
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced players.
  • Possibility to receive a Street Muse big win that can exceed the bet by 10,000 times.
  • Certified software.
  • Runs on the Provably Fair algorithm.Street Muse Slot Game

So, if you are a gambling fan and like to explore unique and unpredictable slots, check the review below and play Street Muse at one of the top online casinos recommended on our website.

Play Online Street Muse For Real Money

Feel free to play Street Muse for real money or in demo mode. If you are new to the gambling industry and particularly in slots, you can try Street Muse for free first. This is a great opportunity for novice players to gain some experience and learn all the ins and outs of Street Muse before switching to a real money version.

After practicing enough and mastering all essential skills and techniques, you can already move on to playing it for money. Just select a site, go through a registration process, set up your account, and make your first deposit.

Street Muse Game Mechanics

Street Muse is an immensely fast-paced and bold fashion slot machine highlighting cool and refreshing features inspired by the big city rhythm along with high multipliers that are up to x100.

Street Muse Multipliers

Street Muse is a provably fair slot game that you can play without worrying about scamming mechanisms. The blockchain-based Provably Fair algorithm allows you to manually check the fairness of game rounds. In a nutshell, it generates a hash every time you spin the reels, and you can access it to verify the game’s outcome.

Street Muse by Truelab has eight reels. Five of them are standard reels, where normally multipliers can land, as well as three extra reels, where only bonus features can land. The multiplication of regular reels values award wins unless one of the multipliers is x0. So, every time when a Big Multiplier is landed on the extra reel, the outcome of a regular reel multiplication value is increased by the respective number. 

Street Muse by Truelab has a menu bar at the bottom of the screen with a bet level to the right side and a spin button. The paytable, along with other essential settings, can be found at the left of the reels. 

Random Number Generator

The slot runs on the random number generator integrated into the play system. Basically, the RNG determines the outcome of the game after you push the “Spin” button. It provides an extra layer of security to players due to its random nature and makes it quite difficult to rig the game mechanism. 

Return to Player (RTP)

When looking at the RTP for Street Muse, we can see that it has a pretty good money return of 96.37%. In simple words, it means that depending on the amount of wagering, the predicted long-term return is about 96.33% of the total sum you bet in the game. Street Muse easily beats many well-known slot machines that have comparably lower Return to Player rates. It once again shows and proves that the game result is totally fair, which means third-party apps can’t interfere with its game mechanisms and system.


The volatility of Truelab’s Street Muse is medium-high, and it can actually be unexpectedly grindy.

Maximum Winning

In terms of the maximum winning, players will not be disappointed with this slot game. If you get lucky, you can win up to 10,000x of your placed bet just in one go, which is huge for an online slot and is considered above average. What’s more, the betting range is mainly geared towards low rollers.

Betting and Prizes

Just choose the bet, and you can begin playing Truelab’s Street Muse for real money or for free. The betting range is from $0.10 to $10.

As we know, there is always a certain limit to how much a given slot machine will pay. In the case of Street Muse, this limit is at 10.000x the wager the player used. Considering the available wagers, a jackpot of $100,000 is the estimated best outcome possible. 

Street Muse Features and How They Work

Street Muse slots have no regular symbols. Instead, there are multipliers. It means that the symbols appearing on the reels do not have locked values, as on each spin, multipliers change randomly. For example, one character can have an x1 multiplier on one reel and an x2 multiplier on the next. Regular multipliers normally range between x1 and x10 but also can reach x100 with the extra bonus features. 

Street Muse Slot

Street Muse has eight reels, the three of which (furthest to the right) are locked at the beginning of the play. So, payouts are given only when five reels fall on a spin without any of them being an x0 multiplier because, in this case, your multiplier value equals zero. Therefore, if no x0 multiplier drops into play, then the regular five multipliers shown on each reel will be added together in order to multiply the gambler’s original bet and give the payout. 

The remaining three reels to the right can randomly give out unique features to increase the winning potential, with up to three special features able to occur at the same time. 


A player can randomly activate this feature in any losing combination with one x0 multiplier, turning it into an x1 multiplier and completing a payout during the process. 


The bump feature can be used to enhance an already successful combination by adding one to each multiplier’s value along the reels. 


The next feature is Freeze. It takes your highest multiplier reel and then locks it in position for the following three spins. 


The Strike feature adds the sixth multiplier on top of the five standard reels. You can use it to boost prizes from the first five reels. 

Street Muse Mobile Slot

The convenient experience of players is the first priority for most top online casinos and legal gambling sites. And Truelab Games Studios is among their first rows. 

To make Street Muse available to all users and players interested in it, the slot is customized and supports all possible devices and operating systems. It perfectly works not only on Windows and Mac PCs but is also compatible with Android and iOS smartphones of various sizes. So, no matter what device you own or prefer for gaming, you can easily play Street Muse directly from your phone. 

Play & Win With Street Muse

Street Muse by Truelab Studios is a slot game mainly for enjoyment. Moreover, there is no single trick or tip guaranteeing absolute winning. But however, you can maximize your winning chances by carefully checking several factors. Some of the essential things to consider before playing Street Muse are the following:

  • Carefully review the RTP (Return to Player) level in your selected online casino.
  • Only play at stakes you are sure you can afford.
  • Follow all the bonus programs and extra benefits and take advantage of them. 

When starting to play Street Muse online, you can notice that there are no well-defined symbols in the game. Instead, you can find five symbol positions on which only stake multipliers can land, plus three special extra positions designed for bonus symbols. These special symbols trigger different features, while the key five symbol positions are there for regular payouts. 

In order to win a regular payout, you will need to get a setup in which you can easily multiply your five symbol positions. Simply put, you should get five bet multipliers without any multiplier with 0x. If you get a 0x bet multiplier, it can ruin the payout potential, as they mainly work like blockers. 

How to Start Playing Street Muse by Truelab  

To get started with the Street Muse game, you first need to create an account at one of the recommended online casinos. The procedure is mostly the same for all sites and takes just several minutes. All users over the age of 18 can easily log in, register an account, and play games at top gambling sites. Just go to the official website of your chosen online casino and follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the main page of the casino and click on the “Register” button.
  2. Choose from the registration options ( email address or mobile phone) and enter your password.
  3. Confirm your filled details by entering the verification code or the confirmation link sent to your provided contact address.

It’s also important to note that you don’t need a verified account to play casino games and enjoy your entertainment time. However, verification may be required for the withdrawal of the winnings. So, if you receive the appropriate request, just fill in the details to confirm your identity, including a scan of your ID or any other licensed document. If your provided information matches all the data, you will be verified during 1-3 days. 


In this section, you can find the answers to some of the most common questions regarding the Street Muse (Truelab) slot game and its features. So, let’s look through it.

What is the RTP of Street Muse?

The highest RTP rate of Street Muse is 96.37%.

Where Can I Play at Demo Street Muse Slot?

If you want to play Street Muse by Trulab for free, you can try out the demo versions available in most top online casinos. On our website, you can find the list of all popular casinos offering the Demo Street Muse slot version. 

What is the Maximum You Can Win on the Street Muse Slot by Trulab?

In the Street Muse, the top winning bet can be 10,000x your stake. It means that if you play for a $10 maximum bet, you can win up to $100,000 in one game. 

How Does the Bump Feature Work in Street Muse?

The bump feature in Street Muse can be used to enhance an already successful combination by adding one to each multiplier’s value along the reels. 

Where Can I Play Street Muse Slots Online?

We have a rating of popular online casinos with top slot games on our website. Just check it out, and pick the best offer from all the options offering a Street Muse slot. 

Can I Play at Street Muse on Mobile?

Yes, you can! Truelab’s Street Muse is optimized for both Android and iOS devices. So, you can easily play this slot for real money or for fun on your mobile phone or tablet. 

What Other Games Can I Play Similar to the Street Muse Slot from Truelab?

Truelab Studios has many innovative and unique slot machines you can try out. Some of the most popular ones include Victoria Wild, Sun Strike, Startup Valley, Mining Factory, Robby the Illusionist, and Day and Night.