Take The Kingdom Slot Review – Marvelous Slot By Betsoft

April 22, 2022

Take The Kingdom is a captivating slot created by Betsoft, which is considered one of the highest-quality software providers on the market. Punters were fascinated by the unique and innovative features of this game that had a revolutionary effect on the whole gambling industry. It was one of the first slots of animated visuals and it has influenced a lot of creators to see completely new possibilities. 

We have to say that the results have been tremendous and we witness the colossal engagement of gamblers from all around the world in this game. Therefore, we are writing a Take The Kingdom guide in order to provide detailed information about every attribute. 

Take The Kingdom online slot

The name of this slot itself is extremely intriguing as it encourages you to conquer a kingdom in order to obtain all the benefits. It was one of the first games that showcased animated visuals and an amazing view is displayed in front of you as you enter the game. This is a dragon-themed slot featuring every element connected to the dragon and battlefield. 

So, you will have an impression as if you are fighting against a strong beast who is protecting a kingdom and your main goal is to defeat it in order to receive huge prizes! So, it is a pretty unique metaphor that has gained enormous attention from gamblers worldwide. 

When it comes to the game mechanics of Take The Kingdom, we have to note that you will run into pretty attractive possibilities. The playing area is standard since it consists of 5 reels and 5 rows, whereas there are 100 paylines providing winning combinations. By looking at an RTP of 96.53% we can say that players are able to get back considerable amounts on average. 

Moreover, the highest payout of this game includes 3.640x your stake that you can earn relatively frequently due to medium volatility. So, as you can tell, tremendous chances are waiting for you in this game that you should not miss out on! 

In case you wish to play it for free, there are a lot of Take The Kingdom demo versions available online and they will help you better acquire all the game mechanics. As a result, you will be able to gamble with Take The Kingdom real money pretty soon.

A Better Look At Take The Kingdom Design Aspects

Take The Kingdom guide

The design of Take The Kingdom is the major reason why players get so engaged in the slot. The first thing you will see upon entering the game will be a red dragon that has his hands on the main playing area. So, it seems like he is protecting something valuable from intruders and your goal is to defeat this beast. 

There are houses and trees in the background where flame effects are moving constantly which is a representation of dragons. So, you will see these flame effects in the game itself as you spin the reels and if you collect a winning combination, then this dragon will spit an enormous fire that creates magical sightseeing. 

Also, on the left and right sides of the screen, we encounter warriors marching toward this dragon as if they will start fighting. As for the symbols, you will come across different kinds of weapons and soldiers built with delightful visuals. Hence, this slot is for everyone who enjoys battles and all the things related to them.  

What’s more, the developers of Betsoft have made sure to establish a Take The Kingdom mobile version that is as fascinating as the original one. So, you will not have any difficulty playing either of them. 

Take The Kingdom Audio – How Does It Feel?

The audio of Take The Kingdom feels pretty much like what you expect from a battle-related game. You will hear appealing sound effects that give every visitor huge adrenaline and enhance the feeling of being on the battleground with warriors fighting against strong enemies. 

So, music and design are connected to each other excellently, which is an extremely important aspect of every slot game. Hence, you will have the possibility to enjoy this game for several hours without getting bored. 

Take The Kingdom Game Mechanics Explained

Take The Kingdom slot game

If you want to know how to play Take The Kingdom, we will give you a pretty clear picture here. We have to note that standard symbols do not provide huge payouts, so you have to rely on the unique features of this slot in order to win high. 

There are fireball wilds in this game and they explode every 7 spins. After every seven spins, dragon icons will turn into wild figures that will remain in position until the fireball countdown timer reaches 0. As soon as it reaches zero, all wild symbols will detonate for even larger possible wins!

Then it will reset to 7 and clear all wilds on the following spin. These wild icons are able to replace every other symbol except for scatter and dragon in order to contribute to the winnings significantly! So, as you can tell, this slot includes several innovative characteristics that will help you to get the most enjoyable time here! 

Take The Kingdom Bonus Game At a Glance

Take The Kingdom slot

The bonus game of Take The Kingdom is fairly standard and easy to understand even for newbies. You need to collect at least three scatter symbols in order to unlock a bonus round consisting of 12 Take The Kingdom free spins. 

In this case, the fireball countdown timer will be stopped and the free spins round will start. It is played with six, nine, or twelve wild figures scattered anywhere on the reels, and on every spin, they will move to another location. 

It is important to note that scatter symbols only appear on the second, third, and fourth reels and free spins do not advance the fireball countdown timer! The bonus game of Take The Kingdom is a perfect opportunity to obtain the highest payout which is 3.640x your initial stake in case it is your lucky day! 

Wrapping Up

We have written this Take The Kingdom review in order to show you all the features that this amazing slot includes. First of all, it contains a captivating playing interface with animated visuals and you will encounter a dragon surrounding the main playing area of the game. Your main objective is to defeat this dragon in order to get huge prizes since Take The Kingdom consists of tremendous game mechanics!