The Ankh Protector Slot Review – Magical Journey With 100 Free Spins Opportunities

July 25, 2022

The Ankh Protector is an impressively designed slot machine that brings you to the ancient Egyptian civilization. The game is from a top leading provider called Spinomenal which is players’ favorite software company with realistic aesthetics and great winning possibilities. Here, you will enjoy very diverse and different aesthetics with the charming queen of Egypt and the golden Pyramids. The slot machine was revealed in June 2022 and had instant success because of its realistic gaming experience.

The gaming conditions are also very good but when we are talking about the Spinomenal provider company, we definitely should expect high-quality graphic artworks and great features such as good payouts, nice bonuses, and comfortable rules. To prove that The Ankh Protector is really worth trying, let’s take a look at the main features. 

The Ankh Protector Demo

The RTP level of The Ankh Protector equals 96.04%. The total number of betting ways is 100. To start playing, you should place 0.1 USD as the minimum amount and 100 USD as the maximum amount of the bet. In The Ankh Protector real money, the maximum payout you can earn is x3 000 of your total stake. 

With the bonus features, the gameplay becomes more enjoyable with free spins, a bonus-buy option, some wild and scatter bonuses, and regular multipliers. To find out more about this impressive gaming journey, keep reading our The Ankh Protector guide, and make sure to not miss any detail!

A Better Look At The Ankh Protector’s Design Aspects

If you are familiar with Egyptian culture, you would definitely understand the origin of the title ‘Ankh.’ The game is inspired by ancient Egyptian culture but not in a boring way. This slot’s aesthetics are not similar to others and provide a very different view of this wealthy ancient civilization and its culture. The realistic gaming space feels like you are a part of this impressive country.

The Ankh Protector Real Money

The background is a very exciting and realistic view of the Nile. Beautiful oasis with different desert plants and palms with a view of great pyramids. The playboard is designed impressively with Golden frames with minimalistic Egyptian ornaments with the semi-transparent board. The symbols include the regular as well as special ones. The letters and numbers are designed with the golden statues of birds and snakes. The special symbols are different religious characters such as Anubis, Ankh, and others. The main character is the queen of Egypt. 

The Ankh Protector Audio – How Does It Feel?

It will not be a surprise if we say that the audio of The Ankh Protector is inspired by Egyptian music culture. While playing you will enjoy the calm Arabic-styled music which brings more vibes and emotions to gameplay.

The Ankh Protector Game Mechanics Explained

The gaming process in The Ankh Protector is pretty simple. If you are not new to slot games then you should expect classic rules and simple structure. The game includes 3 rows and 5 reels. The multipliers are different according to the symbol type. The lowest paying symbols are numbers and letters. You will get multipliers from x10 to x40 if you land at least three and a maximum of 5 of them on the reel.

The Ankh Protector Review

Different golden statues of religious figures are the medium symbols. If you match the statue with the eagle face or with the free neon eyers, you will raise your total bet from x20 to x120. The heart-shaped bird face and the Anubis statue are higher-paying symbols. After landing 3 of them, you will activate multipliers from x60 to x70. The highest payouts you can get from them are from x600 to x1 000. 

Keep in mind that The Ankh Protector demo version is available on most casino web pages which is the greatest way to play the game for free without placing bets. 

The Ankh Protector Bonus Game At A Glance

As we said earlier, The Ankh Protector is a pretty great game for bonus lovers. This game offers you high winning chances which makes the game process easier even for beginners. 

Let’s start with the wild symbol bonuses which is the queen symbol. This is the way to earn The Ankh Protector free spins. The player needs to match at least 5 wilds on the reel to get free spins and multiplier – x3 000 of the stake. The higher multipliers come with the stacked wild symbols which is the same queen symbol with the full view. 

The Ankh Protector free spin symbols act like a scatter and activate a different type of bonus. To activate this symbol you need to land at least three of them. With scatter symbols you can earn random 3-25 free spins. With the random choice, you also have the chance to win 100 free spins. The winning chances with free spins are increasing significantly. 

Wrapping Up

The Ankh Protector is a very interesting slot to try. It provides an adventurous and impressively beautiful gaming experience for every kind of player. With the realistic Egyptian views and great unique characters, the game becomes more attractive and exciting.

The game also comes with great payouts and high RTP level, and the gaming conditions are providing comfortable and enjoyable gameplay. With the diverse choice of The Ankh Protector bonus features, you can raise your winning chances importantly and get closer to the main cash prize. So, do not miss this great gaming journey opportunity – The Ankh Protector is definitely worth your time, money, and attention.