TikTok’s CryptoWendyO and crypto trading is simpler terms

July 15, 2021

Cryptocurrencies have become something that many got interested in over the past few years. In addition to its technological significance, social media is also a huge player in its popularity. Numerous people are using different types of social media to further increase the knowledge of the crypto market among people of all walks. 

Sharing ideas, providing explanations, giving advice – these are just a part of what you will see by taking a look at CryptoWendyO, a hugely popular TikTok influencer, spreading the word about the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. Having hundreds of thousands of viewers, the main goal of this influencer is to make the market more popular among the masses. She is one of the many other influencers who are explaining the wild turns of global markets in simpler terms. 

Spreading the word

That said, CryptoWendyO is also discussing the challenges of being a woman influencer in this very much male-dominated bubble. While officials around the world as well as well-known investors remain skeptical of cryptocurrencies, people like CryptoWendyO are spreading the word about not only the benefits of the market but the possible risks associated with it as well. In just three years, CyrptoWendyO has gathered hundreds of thousands of followers on numerous social media platforms, including Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, and many others. Her videos include tutorials on how to trade, store, and sell cryptocurrencies, how different types of events influence the possible price movements and different types of trading techniques in the market. By explaining difficult technical tools in simpler terms, Wendy is giving beginners and newcomers the chance to be part of the market. In addition, Wendy also has a daily news show, during which, she discusses the biggest highlights of the day and talks about the possible influence these events can have on the financial markets. 

Crypto Popularity Globally

There are many things affecting the popularity of the cryptocurrency market around the world. Because the majority of the people investing in cryptocurrencies are tech-savvy newer generations, social media plays a huge role in its popularity. We have all seen how the posts of Elon Musk on Twitter can send the market up or down in just a matter of seconds. The main reason for this is that a huge majority of traders in the market are following social media posts very closely, making decisions according to the people’s reactions to different types of things. Another contributor to crypto popularity is how easy it has become in recent years to invest in this market. All you traders need to do is to open an account with one of the online exchanges and start buying, selling, as well as storing cryptocurrencies from one place. In addition, people like Wendy are helping the newer generation of traders to find the best ways to invest in the market. 

As of now, even those who simply do not have enough time to analyze the market, or even invest in the market, for that matter, can become an active part of the crypto trading market thanks to the trading automation. If you are one of those people avoiding the crypto trading market because you do not have enough time to analyze the market and start trading, you can simply use an automated trading bot that is capable of trading cryptocurrencies on its own without traders spending much time analyzing the market. Because the market is becoming so easily accessible, the interest from larger masses increases very fast. With more people investing in cryptos, the buzz around it is growing as well.

Impact of Influencers

The impact of influencers on the popularization of cryptocurrencies as well as crypto-trading around the world is undeniable. Videos on Tik Tok as well as on YouTube are seen by hundreds of thousands of people every single day. Influencers like Wendy are making the market a lot easier to access for everyone. These influencers are explaining everything in easier terms, which means that everyone from different backgrounds gets the chance to learn more about the ways to invest in the market and grow their investments. CryptoWendyO says that she makes money through trading, investing, and consulting work. She says that depending on the market, she is able to make five to six figures per year. But, she is not the only one who is offering beginners a fresh start in the crypto trading market. There are many like her on social media. Thanks to this, anyone can learn and grow in the crypto trading market without spending money on different types of courses and trading classes. Although there are some negative developments around the crypto trading market, its popularity still continues to increase. The main contributor to the increasing popularity is how easy it has become to access the market. Anyone with any level of knowledge and experience can start trading cryptocurrencies, and people like Wendy are making this process even easier.